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November 17th, 2014  |  Leave a comment ( 13 ) Shawn Christian and Kassie DePaiva Interview – Day of DAYS 2014

Days of our Lives stars Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Kassie DePaiva (Eve) sat down with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2014! During their chat, Kassie reveals her reaction and thoughts on finding out Eve was going to sleep with the much younger JJ (Casey Moss), her daughter’s boyfriend no less, and the upcoming ramifications of the storyline! Meanwhile, Shawn weighs-in on Dr. Daniel’s latest romantic life where it seems now that all roads leads to Nicole (Arianne Zucker), and we dish on Daniel and Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson) twisted relationship, and the return of Daniel’s on-screen daughter Melanie (Molly Burnett).

  1. Farrah says:

    Love Kassie


  2. Majnoona says:

    Love it! Very entertaining! KDP is so adorable!!!


  3. Karim El Masri says:

    I am loving each episode with Eve and Daniel in addition to Mellissa Archer who is on her way back to town. I just hope with all respect that OLTL will come back with Kassie and Melissa when the time comes. Im sure I will love them in Days but they will never out rate the brilliance of OLTL’s characters NAtalie and Blair


    4ever DAYS replied

    I hate to burst your bubble, but all contracts were null and void with each death of One Life to Live.

    If OLTL were to come back, said actresses would be able to choose to go back if they wanted to as long as they aren’t contractually bound to Days of our Lives.

    With the turmoil surrounding the short lived reboot of OLTL, I would have to say they would choose DAYS over OLTL.


    Karim El Masri replied

    Considering the fact that OLTL is very wanting, I would say its very possible that they’d go back to OLTL much like how EIleen Davidson returned to Young and the Restless after two years of being away.
    And besides nothing is what it seems meaning you could be surprised.

    4ever DAYS replied

    Had to reply here.

    But Eileen can’t stay away from DAYS. Not even a contract with Y&R can keep her away from DAYS!

    OLTL is dead and buried and owes money to their performers. A resurrection would be nice, but the performers will undoubtedly be very cautious.

    Days of our Lives is here and now and Kassie DePaiva is having a blast…(Eve)ry bit of the way!!!


    Karim El Masri replied

    Perhaps I enjoy DOOL but I think we both know that Blair Cramer Manning is more wanting than Eve Donavon as for the performers well they can be cautious as much as they want thats the whole point of doing business to keep your eyes open for anything. The Fans will fight for OLTL till it comes back and its not dead just in limbo much like how Jason Morgan was for two years till he came back. Michael Fairman himself would agree with me since his website doesn’t say OLTL and AMC are cancelled like ATWT and GL have been for 4-5 years.

    I believe OLTL and AMC will come back because ABC needs them. And I for one believe “True Brilliance must not be forgotten or buried, they must continue to live on even after our time.”

  4. Claudette says:

    Tired of Daniel sleeping with everyone on Day’s. Was glad he was with Jennifer but we the older fans do not seem to matter any more . This is trying to attract the young and in doing so will loose all of us who have watched for years.
    We liked having Marlana & John – Kayla & Patch – Hope & Bo.


    dusty replied

    i agree claudette i wanna see daniel with jen they r great together daniel has some issues but he is basically a good guy but him and nicole getting all lovey dovey ick sorry but i don’t see it everybody knows what a train wreck nicole is he belongs back with jen they should get married and they can still have drama hell look at all the crap they threw at john n marlena and they still managed to have a life and i love that melanie told nicole off and that she doesn’t accept that it’s over for dan and jen neither do alot of us


  5. Gmbenet says:

    I agree with Kassie that the Eve-JJ affair is a train wreck. It is not bad because it is an older woman and a young man. It is bad because Eve had an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend. I hope there are not many people who consider doing that.


  6. Natalie says:

    Funny…someone should remind them Daniel romanced Chelsea and Kate


  7. melissarmurray says:

    Love this interview ,Kassie and Shawn are both Great actors on Days and their past soaps ! I enjoyed the interview and banter between them and Michael ! I hope they would not have Daniel be with Paige ( I’m sure they were joking) ! We know what kind of woman Eve is but Daniel would have more scruples and sense about him !


  8. Patrick says:

    I swear !!!!!

    this is the FIRST time : I’ve seen the actor… Shawn Christian reel his person

    I’m delighted… he’s hot

    i’ll be the debbie downer : why doesn’t this transfer to his onscreen character

    Kassie DePaiva : beautiful, good looking… exist

    we know this

    I am so glad she belongs in Salem

    could it be JJ / Justin / Eric ??? she’ll on fire with


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