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November 15th, 2013  |  Leave a comment ( 13 ) Wally Kurth and Meredith Scott Lynn Interview – Day of DAYS 2013

Days of our Lives Wally Kurth (Justin) and Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne) chat with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2013! Meredith shares how she landed the role of mean Anne Milbauer and how she is shocked she has stayed on DAYS so long! Wally previews to look forward to the DAYS Christmas episodes, and how much he enjoys playing Justin in the courtroom. Plus, he discusses being soap opera’s accepting dad to a his on-screen gay son, Sonny (Freddie Smith). Meanwhile, Meredith wonders if Anne could be Jewish?

  1. ethel says:

    i so love wally kurth & have since he was on gh – meredith scott lynn is just as annoying as her character is……………….smh


    meredith lynn replied

    i love that you find me annoying. I find me annoying too at the end of a very long day of these interviews as well. i can barely watch me. we try and stay awake and have something to say. but being annoying to people like you who give people like me this much energy, is sort of fun. i can’t explain it. but it’s like i want to annoy you even more now.
    happy new year.


    ethel replied

    thank you for your reply – have a happy new year meredith!

  2. miscrambler says:

    Wally is always a treat to watch and it’s great to see him as always so accepting of Sonny, however, he’s not the first truly accepting dad on soaps. Jon Hensley as Holden Snyder on ATWT always gets short shrift, I think. Granted, he was not Luke’s natural father, but when Luke came out, it was Holden who was a rock and continually at his side.

    Even though it was only six years ago, the writing and the general attitudes have made such astonishing leaps forward that Justin and Sonny as far more compelling and realistic than anything we’ve seen before. Much of that is in the talent that Wally and Freddie Smith bring to the table, but we’d be remiss not to recognize Jon Hensley and Van Hansis who blazed this trail.

    PS – All these videos have been a lot of fun!


  3. bettyrj says:

    Michael – great interview with Wally and Meredith. He’s great and she’s funny! Love the fact that Justin was so accepting of Sonny and Will’s relationship. Can’t wait until we get to see all of these exciting storylines.

    I have watched all of your interviews and loved them all!!! Surprised to hear that you grew up In Miwaukee. I live 35 miles south. Yay for the Midwest!


  4. Kelly says:

    What a great interview with Wally and Meredith!!! I have seen Wally interviewed before and not surprised how nice and funny he is, but Meredith is hilarious!! Could listen to her for hours!! She is so witty and just a riot. Thanks so much, Michael, you are so great for the world of soap lovers!!


  5. Samantha says:

    Loved this interview with Wally Kurth! Wally is an amazing actor and Justin has always been my fav character on Days. I really hope Days gives some great stuff to do in 2014! Thanks for doing this interview :)


  6. juju says:

    ‘One take Wally’ interview, i love Meredith’s voice, i just hope they will flesh out her character Ann, right now she is too one-note, too nasty for no good reason imho..but her character and Meredith acting is fun and good so i am all for her to stay on Days..just make the character more fleshed out. Justin, i want more screentime and stories for him. I would love a real friendship to be built between Ej and Justin and to see them working together, they would make a great and fun team of lawyers..take note writers !


  7. heidi says:

    Love Wally and so wish he would come back and visit Port Charles as Ned!!! He should be able to do both.


  8. Diane Schroeder says:

    I love to watch Meredith but she does need to stop talking and interrupting when someone else is talking in the interviews. It is very distracting and makes some people feel negative toward HER, not her character. It’s just not polite. Love the interviews, tho.


    meredith lynn replied

    sorry diane… i’ll try and do better next time.


    Diane Schroeder replied

    We all have problems in that area at times. Some other shows are worse and that’s why I don’t watch them.

  9. Sandra says:

    I love me Meredith! People either love her or love to hate her character. I for one absolutely love her! She’s as cool in real life as she is on the show. I think her character is freaking hilarious and gets to say what we are all thinking. Like Jennifer is never really working or that she gets special treatment cause she a Horton and I’m like yes tell her off! Love when Ann goes off on someone I’m like laughing so dang hard. I totally get her character and she’s not mean just to be mean she just finds certain people annoying and I love it! Def would love to see more ethnic groups represented on the show. Would love for her character to be given a back story! Btw Wally is still sexy and he’s the reason I started watching general hospital when he went and worked on that show!


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