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June 28th, 2012  |  Leave a comment ( 5 ) Finola Hughes Interview – General Hospital – 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet

General Hospital’s Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) talks with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards about her return to the series, being put on contract, missing her on-screen daughter Kimberly McCullough who played Robin, and what’s next for Anna! Will she fall deeper in love with Luke? And, figure out what Todd and Heather have been up to? We try to get some answers.

  1. DigitalPropeht11 says:

    We love GH


  2. david says:

    Finola, please eat more and gain a little weight.


    barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1 replied

    david, I thought the same thing she is way to thin, and that’s not always healthy.


  3. dominicsmythe says:

    finola and kimberly have great chemistry. people often talk about man-woman or couples’ chemistry, but fin & kimber’s screen time is always so so real. LOVE THEM. really hope limber comes back.


  4. Doe says:

    Love Finola. You are so fortunate, Michael to be able to interview all the stars. Most of them are my favorites. I hope Finola will be on GH for a long time and be the one to figure out the Todd-Heather connection. It probably will be John McBain, though. He should get back to his own life or bring his wife and son to GH.


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