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March 25th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 9 ) General Hospital On-Set Video Interviews

Maurice Benard, Nancy Lee Grahn and Lexi Ainsworth, Jonathan Jackson and Rebecca Herbst, and Dominic Zamprogna and Julie Berman chat with Michael Fairman from the set of General Hospital, about their current storylines.

  1. EMILY says:

    i like your interviews but video is very faulty fyi maybe can fix?


    Michael Fairman replied

    The video interviews play very smooth on most computers. These were shot in hi-def so the files size are bit larger. It could perhaps be the internet connection you are using or it’s speed. After the video loads start it at the beginning and push play again and it should play all the way through.


  2. Katy says:

    Thank you so much for the interview with Dominic Zamprogna. Love him on GH!


  3. Mae says:

    I love Maurice Benard!
    Thanks for this great interview.


    Faye replied

    I find it even more interesting that the GH writers directly take s/l ideas from the biggest MB/Sonny hater board ever:! If you go there you’ll see that the same discussions on verbal abuse & etc…thus his likely hood to actually beat a woman were held weeks ago. :rolleyes: The posters frequently complain that their ideas were taken without due credit! Interesting that the mods for the SC board help those same posters target MB/Sonny fans, fans of all of his pairings (including Sexis) & even have them banned. I have the emails to prove it! Again, clearly GH never appeases haters when it comes to Luke, Jason or now even Johnny! I have long agreed that the reeee-writing for Sonny’s character has crossed the line, but now it’s to a point of being way beyond racially stereotypical or offensive!

    I am please to see that the voting has elevated his status to #1 in terms of his acting! However, I feel that GH is working to appease the glass ceiling by not choosing to write well for MB, an actor who has contributed so much to soaps, and now Alexis! This is just a continuation of the industry’s disingenuous agreement with diversity! Clearly MB wouldn’t have been invited to read for a doctor, lawyer, husband/father or even cop on the show! So MB took what little they offered him & made the s/l so successful that they were able to use it to add/prop additional characters! The other actors (including T. Geary) credit MB with being the center or magnet for the show! So why then is the character of a…. veteran….award-winning actor being written so poorly in stark contrast to even the newcomers on this show? The later is familiar story with most successful minority artists/actors! It is no surprise that the wishes of Sonny or Alexis fans are the least considered by Abc/Disney or that we are the only groups asked to lower our expectations! In terms of diversity: a character that is written poorly is as much a step backward as the exclusion of diversity.


  4. kyla says:

    Michael is right its all about the computer, on my HP mini the videos play very smooth but on my older computer they are choppy all i had to do was pause for a minute and then it was fine:] Thanks so much for uploading Michael, also i was wondering your thoughts on Drew Garretts firing?? whats going on there i have never seen that before were they get rid of such a talented actor, whats the reason?


  5. Kaya says:

    Thank you Michael for Dom and Julie’s interview. Dom is the best thing that’s happened to GH. He is truly an amazingly talented actor. I hope he wins an Emmy next year. He deserves it! He and Julie bring out the best in each other. Their chemistry is off the charts. I love my Lante. They’re the best couple on the show!


    Maria replied

    I couldn’t agree more. Dominic is a fantastic addition to a high profile Soap Opera and he has brought the right amount of drama, emotional turmoil, sexiness and humbleness to the show. I have never been more hooked to any TV character as I am with Dominic. I hope he is around for a long time and that Dom & Julie remain the steadfast couple I feel they should be!


  6. sharyn j says:

    Bravo GH writers and directors!!! Finally, a character with soul! Dante, played by Dominic Z. is a brilliant stroke of casting and writing. His chemistry with Lulu harkens back to the magic of Luke of Laura. What is most compelling about these two is that they are relatable, real. Uh-huh. We viewers finally can watch soap actors who we can relate to. Their on-screen circumstances are believable (for the most part). Lulu has a job that’s believable, so does Dante. She has inner turmoil that’s believable, having had a teen pregnancy. He is the son of a single mom…lots of good fodder that keeps them relevant. I hope that GH writers don’t mess up the magic now. The beauty of DAnte and Lulu is that they are more real than many Soap characters and their circumstances are ones we can identify with. Keep us watching by keeoping the plot realistic. Trash the Brooke Ashton interference. It’s an unnecessary layer that gets in the way.


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