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June 29th, 2012  |  Leave a comment ( 11 ) Kelly Sullivan & Julie Marie Berman Interview – General Hospital – 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet

General Hospital’s Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) and Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) chatted with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Kelly discussed the challenges of playing Kate/Connie, but how she is relishing her story, as Michael says an Emmy nom may be in her future. Julie reveals that Lante’s lack of story is hard on their fans when she has such a good chemistry with Dominic Zamprogna (Dante). She also recalls what it was like winning her Daytime Emmys!

  1. Annalee says:

    Michael–this is THE cutest interview ever! You are so genuinely excited and the ladies are just themselves with you! Thanks for being you!


  2. susan M. says:

    Michael great interview………They are both so sweet…


  3. sheryl says:

    Great interview again thanks we appreciate your hard work and enjoy everything you do.


  4. Doe says:

    What a fun quick interview, Michael. Julie and Kelly were so cute with you and very natural. You always bring out the best in the stars, and they enjoy you as well. I liked Kelly’s dress also.


  5. Em says:

    “Kelly just said an inappropriate word?” At the Emmys? Really? If this tacky, self-centered, ditzy wench gets an Emmy, it’ll be as much of a joke as when Wright got hers. Most of it is based on brown-nosing anyway, and Sullivan certainly does enough of that, as evidenced in this video and elsewhere.

    This nobody doesn’t deserve further publicity. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag, yet her ego is big enough to swallow the entire cast of GH whole. Enough pimping already! It’s not going to make those of us with taste accept this debacle, and the show’s consistently low ratings prove that people aren’t.

    I’m all for saving soaps, but that doesn’t mean I have to swallow subpar acting. Maurice Benard doesn’t deserve this crappy storyline, or to be co-starring opposite someone who hasn’t got a flipping clue what she’s doing and only weighs him down.


    Allison replied

    Are you NUTS? KeSu has had an incredible role with Kate/Connie and she’s done a helluva job with it! GH is, and always has been the superior soap, which is why IT IS STILL ON.


    Em replied

    What I am is entitled to my opinion, and it really doesn’t matter to me whether you or anyone else agrees with it or not. GH won’t be on for long if they keep this arrogant *itch on. Ratings don’t lie, and GH’s should be much higher if Sullivan is as great as you claim she is.

    Brandy replied

    So a person is nuts if they think KSu sucks? Ever think that people think that anyone who likes Kelly’s acting is NUTS? Soaps have always and will always be a hot bed of opinions and Em happened to share hers rather politely. GH may have always been the superior soap but it sinking fast with KSu at the helm, despite Ron and Frank’s “magic”.

  6. Christi says:

    I love this interview!! Julie Marie and Kelly and so funny and cute..and they are both so amazing. It will be Kelly S and Kelly M next year, how to choose between those 2.. I really really hope we will get more Lulu and Dante SOON!!!! (MISS them!!!!)


  7. April says:

    i love Kelly Sullivans acting. i think she does a wonderful job. She has done an amazing job as Kate/Connie and deserves everything she works so hard to accomplish. she is doing this for the fans and not for herself. she really loves her fans and her job. she worked so hard to get were she is and to be doing what she loves. anyone that driven gets an A in my book.
    i also love Julie been watching her since she started on GH and she does an amazing job as well. they could not have casted a better person to play LuLu.
    It takes an entire cast to make a show not just 2 people. The cast and crew are wonderful and work so hard to keep the fans coming back for more.

    great interview Michael!


  8. DomSmythe says:

    kelly sullivan seems like a sweet person. i really wanted to like her acting and in the beginning, i thought she was solid. as soon as the D.I.D. storyline started, she just wasn’t cutting it for me. it was so damn unbelievable and i realize some of this is the subject matter itself. however, she just wasn’t rising to the mark the way, say, erika slezak did so effortlessly on OLTL. i wasn’t comparing, either. but i can’t help but think kelly’s just too green to tackle such a heavy storyline.

    sonny was so watchable around other characters, but when stuck in this ConKate storyline he’s boring as hell. i hope the story wraps and kelly can move on to other things.


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