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May 18th, 2011  |  Leave a comment ( 14 ) Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson Interview – General Hospital

General Hospital’s Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson chatted with Michael Fairman about the current state of the relationship of Patrick and Robin and their future! Plus, will Lisa’s ultimate plan to destroy the duo succeed? Check out this special video with two of daytime’s greatest performers and perhaps, find out!

  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you Michael for doing this interview with these amazing actors Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson. I have never been so attached to a couple, like Scrubs, and that is because of Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson. I have and continue to follow them even when the story should have ended & the focus should have been on the couple not the FA psycho. Their is a realness and naturalness to Scrubs. They are so relatable & special.. The chemistry between Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson is undeniable and the best on all of daytime. I am so ready for Scrubs to move on from the psycho. I totally disagree with them about Brianna Brown making the story. Most people I know, feel as I do, Robin and Patrick (KMC & JT) made the story. When the reveal scenes happened on all the boards, even non Scrub fans, were talking about Robin & Patrick, not Lisa. Lisa was the add on.. That is what made the story the couple. It could be any interloper but Robin & Patrick (KMc & JT) made and make the story. GH lost viewers when it didn’t give up the FA ending. People are beyond ready for Scrubs to reunite and get Lisa to die which we now know won’t happen and fans didn’t get the ending they wanted and deserved. I totally agree that Kimberly was snubbed. Jason Thompson as Patrick said was reacting off of Robin, and Kimberly doesn’t get the nom. Just tells me the Emmys are turning into a joke, especially with so many other talents missing from other soaps.


    Clint replied

    I totally agree with Jason Thompson and Kimberly about their ideal roles in GH. They know what they’re doing and they a very clear picture on future scenes/episodes on GH.
    They are the true characters of Pat and Robin which to my opinion make the show (GH) what it is today.
    Jason I totally love ya. You’re one of my all time favorite actors who I admire the most. You’re my inspiration which is why I chose to go into acting myself.


  2. Webbie says:

    Yay, Jason and Kimberly!! They are so adorable. You can tell they are true friends and really have each other’s backs. I’ll be watching!


  3. Doe says:

    Loved watching and hearing this interview, Michael. Everyone loves this couple and we are very protective of our Robin. So, I can’t wait to see how this will play out in the next few weeks or month. They did hint at some possibilities that I caught. But I won’t reveal until that happens..can’t wait….


  4. Cathy says:

    What a great interview…agree that Kimberly was the way the both support each other and obvious there is love respect that not only comes on screen but when you meet them in person. Will be thrilled when Jason wins this emmy not only for him but for Kimberly as well. Truly one of daytimes all time best couple!! Thanks Michael.


  5. Connie says:

    Thanks Michael for this fantastic interview. So happy for Jason and agree that Kimberly was robbed. Like JT said without Kimberly in those scenes there would be no nomination. Love the support and respect they have for each other. The way they feel about each other shines on and off screen. Well done.


  6. Lauri says:

    Such a cute couple – Jason & Kimberly, and therefore Patrick and Robin. I sure am rooting for them as a couple. This was a fun interview and cheers to Jason Thompson for the emmy nomination- he deserves to win it!


  7. Sophia says:

    Awesome interview ( i have to say Michael you always give the best interviews and always look forward to them !!!) and just adore Jason and Kimberly they definitely made the story for me personally and no one else ! I am soo happy for Jason and can’t wait to root him on June 15th, though i am sad Kimberly did not get one I know Jason will represent our couple well !! Patrick and Robin and their relationship are what keep me watching a show the really gives me no other joy and that is all attributed to the awesomeness that is Jason and Kimberly !!


  8. Sandra says:

    Thank you Michael for this wondeful interview! GH had it all right when they cast Jason as Patrick, and from the first scene in Dec/05..Robin & Patrick have been the love story to watch & cheer!
    Six years later….this couple is more love & adored than ever despite their lack of storylines& airtimes at times. Fans believed & when GH got it…we got Night Shift 2 (#1 was a gong show of the headwriter’s mind….horrible writing wherein the Mob should not have been involved). But NS2 was absolute perfect from start to end…Scrubs shone as did the Scorpio family ties….too bad it hadn’t continued. No couple can hold fans’ interest with nothing but cute bantering or silliness as does Patrick & Robin…fans want to see every facet of their life, including their marriage counselling sessions. Again writers don’t get it…FANS LOVE SCRUBS!
    Jason & Kimberly share such a connection & chemistry…akin to the famous big screen couples of days past…Gable & Lomard or Bacall & Bogart.
    Hoping under the new headwriter, GH brings back the hospital & all its drama with a Drs. Drake & Scorpio-Drake right in the middle of it…whether it be working on a big medical case or just bantering at the desk….gotta love Scrubs…anytime..anywhere! Hopefully for a long time to come…nothing better than Scrubs Love & of course Kimberly & Jason fan adoration & love<3!
    Thanks Michael for all your great interviews & daytime scoops…you're the BEST!


  9. sus says:

    Great interview. Thanks! How about Genie Francis next! ;-)


  10. Lala says:

    I loved the interview…Jason is so tired, he forgot her name…Haha, but they are the couple to watch, hope he wins that Emmy!!!


  11. John says:

    Sorry, I’m not a big fan of the duo Pat & Rob, I don’t see the chemistry between the two. I think Jason is a good actor, but I’m not feeling Kimberly’s acting abilities. Too bad they are getting rid of Lisa’s character, she and Patrick have great chemistry.


  12. Ivette says:

    Love the interview. I am a big fan of Scrubs. And I have been from day one. Love them. They are the only reason I watch GH. Love their chemistry and how they respect and support each other on screen and off.


  13. Christine says:

    I love this interview with Jason & Kimberly!!! Thank you so much Michael! You always have great interviews! I love Scrubs! I have had my fav couples on GH over the years, but never was I so invested in a couple as I am with Scrubs! Jason & Kimberly have the BEST chemistry, connection & relationship! It totally shows on screen & off! They are so real! It is about time they get the spotlight! I love them! They are funny & cute! I disagree that Brianna made the storyline though! Scrubs did! I hope with the new head writer Garin Wolf that Scrubs will get a front burner story with more airtime!!! Congrats to Jason on his Emmy nomination. He deserves it! I wish Kimberly though got one as she deserves it as well!


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