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6 January 19th, 2010 Love Crimes- Lucky finds out and Jonathan Jackson delivers!


We all knew with the return of General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson after the sad dismissal of Greg Vaughan in the role of Lucky Spencer, that for this Daytime Emmy winner to come  back to the daytime fold, that he would have to have major story fireworks.  Since October of last year, with Jackson’s return, we have witnessed the set-up of the dreamer Lucky pursuing his fair Elizabeth to once again marry him and make a family for the boys.   We have witnessed Luke finding out about the clandestine affair between Elizabeth and Lucky’s half-brother, Nikolas, and we have watched Liz and Nikolas unable to control themselves, even thought they say their affair has to stop.   Well finally on yesterday’s air show, a blind-sided Lucky walks in on his gal Liz and bro’ Nik, half-naked and in the throes of passion.   So what does he do?  He leaves the scene…site unseen! Then, goes back to the Spencer house and demolishes the place!  Liz walks in and Lucky feigns that Luke must have gone on a tirade.   And so it begins…

GH has wisely tantalized viewers with the shift in Lucky (a vengeful one), and Jonathan Jackson is and will play this for all it’s worth.  Jackson’s performance resonated with hurt, portrayal, and that  everything and everyone he believed in shattered in just that one sickening moment.   The fact that Lucky is not letting on to Liz and Nikolas that he knows they have been mutually carrying on an illicit affair and lying to him for months, is a great twist.


High Five to Jackson for today’s airport scene where he asks his brother, Nikolas to stay in Port Charles, all the while hating his guts!   Remember,  Lucky packed his pistol, and then went to Luke’s club, and alone recalled the moment that rocked his world…Nikolas and Elizabeth “doing it”….and what comes next for a recovering addict? Drowning your pain in booze. Kudos to Jackson for showing us the complexities of a man whose entire foundation has come tumbling down around him.   Soap fans and pundits, I am sure will agree, that you can’t wait to see Jackson’s upcoming performances as Lucky hits rock bottom and then has to crawl all the way back to the top.   And, of course, and more delicious then all of that is that we can’t wait to see how Lucky is going to make his brother and his lady love pay for their love crimes.

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  1. JJLuckyFan says:

    I had no doubts that Jonathan would be anything but fabulous! He has rejuvenated Lucky Spencer and I’m so glad he has come “home”. He truly has a gift and I can’t wait to see what he does next!!


  2. Amy says:

    Lucky Spencer is back folks! JJ is absolutely great and his ability to layer the complexities of who Lucky Spencer is, is just fascinating to watch. We are very “lucky” (pun intended) to have him back. Watch out Elizabeth and Nikolas, Lucky isa comin’! JJ will rock those scenes as well!


  3. Doe says:

    Bravo Jonathan! You are showing once again how talented an actor you are. The emotional range shown this week by you had me in tears. I was feeling everything you were feeling as Lucky. Welcome back to the role that is exclusively yours. Can’t wait to see how you get your revenge on Liz and Nicolas……


  4. Reema says:

    Someone can just HAND JJ his fourth Emmy right about now!


  5. Doe says:

    This is Monday’s take on Jonathan Jackson. He absolutely kicked it out of the park with a performance unlike anything I have ever seen over the years. He ran the gamut of emotions and revealed everything I would have said and more to Elisabeth. I hope he can get custody of his boys. That depends how low he goes into despair. As an actor there is no one who can touch him right now. Great writing and even greater performance Bravo! Bravo!


  6. Dee says:

    Welcome back, Jonathan! There can be absolutely no question that he has rejuvenated the ailing Lucky Spencer. The character had all but disappeared from our screens except in name only and then on October 27, 2009, he returned in full glory. Jonathan hasn’t missed a beat. He slipped back into this role easily because it was, quite simply, made for him. He has re-affirmed with each new performance that he IS Lucky Spencer. No one gets this character like he does. No one can bring this character to life like he does!

    Thank God, he’s home. May he NEVER leave again!


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