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May 5th, 2016  |  Leave a comment ( 8 ) Matt Cohen Interview – General Hospital – 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

General Hospital’s Matt Cohen chats with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys. Matt tells Michael about screentesting with Emme Rylan and Finola Hughes, working with the incomporable Hughes, finding out he was going to be Duke’s son, and that there are plenty of bombshells coming viewers way as they learn more about neurosurgeon, Dr. Griffin Munro!

  1. Soaphound says:

    Matt Cohen is one of the best recent hires. Looks aside, he’s a natural, sensitive actor and he and Finola Hughes really click. Not sure if they’re going to be a couple or just friends, but I’m fine either way. I also love knowing he and Billy Miller are friends. Now THAT is a friendship I’d like to be part of!


  2. Rebecca1 says:

    Nice interview! Matt’s well spoken, personable and charming! Looks a bit like Ian Somerholder and/or Rob Lowe…with a touch of John York! Lol…all good looking albeit different. His demeanor is much more assertive than the mellow, laid back one he conveys on GH. I for one am not of the Griifin is Claudette fans. And as I said before it’d be silly if Nathan didn’t recognize his face if that was the situation…

    Either way, great addition to the show.


    SiteAdvocate61 replied

    I completely see the likeness to John J. York. He would be great at playing Mac’s son also.


    rebecca1 replied

    Yes, he actually looks more like Mac’s son than Duke’s, though there’s enough similarity to Duke to still be belevable. Unfortunately they totally discarded Mac. Very unfair to John York who was on the show forever, and to us, his fans.

  3. LL2 says:

    I like Matt Cohen and his chemistry with Finola Hughes. Makes me so confused. It is wrong to want them paired as a couple?


  4. aria says:

    love matt cohen, hope he’s paired w/ liz, as for this awful rumor of the character being “claudette” it makes no sense, i’m not buying it, i feel it would of been better it the character was anna and roberts offspring, but it is what it is. regardless, i’m a matt cohen fan…


  5. Melissa says:

    Have loved Matt ever since he was on Supernatural. Such a treat to have him on GH now.


  6. SiteAdvocate61 says:

    I have to admit that I never saw any of his Primetime roles but so grateful to see him on Daytime. Griffin Munroe is one of new favorites on General Hospital.


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