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May 6th, 2017  |  Leave a comment ( 8 ) Nancy Lee Grahn Interview – General Hospital – 44th Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), a nominee for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series chats with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmys. Nancy discusses: her Emmy-nominated reel, being an ABC daytime soap opera viewer growing up and then becoming friends later in life with Tony Geary (Luke, GH), if she prepared a speech for Emmy night, and that as she jokes, she would like Michael to produce an Emmy “tribute” to her 30 years from now.

  1. lansmom45 says:

    Nancy is the greatest and is always a winner to me!


  2. nancy dillingham says:

    Michael, please “put a bug in Nancy’s ear”–from one Nancy to another–please tell her to get over Julian and get on with her life–like “Jordan” said. LOL!


    rebecca1 replied

    ohhhh…Nancy. I still love Julian. Can’t help it…kinda like Alexiis! :)


  3. nancy dillingham says:

    Hey, Rebecca, I’ve never “warmed” to the Julian character nor the actor–he, like his character, seems rather “cold” and distant. I liked Alexis when she was strong; I hate to see her be so used and so weak–and drunk–ugh.:)


    rebecca1 replied

    LOL…I know we differ on this. I’ve loved Julian from the start…was dismayed that they had him do a 180…but I buy the reasoning they gave that it was all an act to protect his family and dupe Olivia. As always, of course I wouldn’t see it the same way if this were real life, but as far as the show I’ve bought so many twists and turns I allow myself that indulgence when I like a character. Unless, he becomes obnoxious. I like his personality…smart, mellow, genuine (about those he loves), charismatic, etc. And Alexis, still one of my favorites. She’s just in a slump. :) She’s strong; she’s endured a lot and is still standing.


    Alice replied

    Rebecca, I agree with you one hundred percent on Julian.

    rebecca1 replied

    Thanks, Alice! I just hope we haven’t seen the last of the character/actor. From what I’ve read he’s starting a wine show (I think that’s what I read) and is involved in some other projects. So…it may be that they put him away until /if he’s ready to commit to the show? Sigh…so many characters leaving….

  4. Patrick says:

    Nancy Lee deserves prop…

    her chops rose to the “challenge” as it were… and there are a lot of them

    FIRST and foremost… how she ??? lamely kowtows to her daughters opinion . LOL

    her eldest daughter “Sam” really drags down the davis girls. I hate that Sam doles out her advice, or threats of more sam.. or whatever… it’s just enough already

    ring any bells Carly and Sam w/Michael ? ENOUGH PLEASE

    2ndly : NLG choice to keep her hair forever the same… at least bun it ( loosely with strands out )… you can do that with maturity and pull it off… UP ! stop with the youngish looking hair… may as well feather it and Farrah faucet all the way. you are middle age plus. with the way your character is written.. so by the book… uptight moral and virtue intact… yet freely bed Julian like it’s your first time… and /or neverending. I don’t know.. watching her physically… mentally .. emotionally.. there should be some balance somewhere… just bouncing all over the place with your rack. LOL OK… just grow up some…

    3rdly : William DeVry is ooh la la.. and dare I say.. if he’s to be paired with you… is your lucky leading man… so show his character some slack… acceptance… LIGHTEN UP Alexis… geez’us . what a lucky lady Alexis is… woah on the .. be a better man Julian. geez’us. wouldn’t want to distract from Sonny now would we ? Julian presence is top draw. along .. with Valentin / Dante / Griffin / etc…. I’ve mentioned every other male actor OUTSIDE OF : Sonny / Jason / Finn and Michael who are dull.

    I haven’t seen her in a long long time… forever and a day… I know some or most of her fans.. just want her to have fun… be herself… OR NOT… loosen UP. hang out with Diane… and YES.. I would much prefer Alexis to be the functioning addict, Finn lacks so much .. and party with her bottles of wine. than watch an even more odd , who cares, because now that Tracy is gone… his only contact is Hayden… ugh! so let Alexis party and play . Julian is a keeper.

    so yes… Nancy Lee Grahn.. DESERVES this nomination


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