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February 18th, 2011  |  Leave a comment ( 12 ) Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo & Maurice Benard Interview – General Hospital

General Hospital’s Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) chat with Michael Fairman to discuss the wedding day of Sonny and Brenda and the fallout. Plus, Vanessa reveals if she had a clause in her contract that the fictional couple had to actually make it past the “I do’s”. Then, the actors discuss their mutual admiration for working with each other.

  1. rebecca thibeaux says:

    one life to live is one of the best soap operas !


  2. Maryann Clark says:

    Will brenda & sonnylive happily ever after?it would awesome if they had a baby together & lived In port charles


    Patty Lo replied

    I sure do hope there is a happily ever after for them!! I think the baby Brenda has wit Dante is actually Alexander’s baby!


    Alz431 replied

    I certainly hope they do. I really like them as a


  3. Brigette says:

    Eeeee I love Maurice and Vanessa! Their enthusiasm for their characters and their coupling are appreciated so much by their fans. You can tell how much they adore each other and we S&B fans adore them!!! Great interview!


  4. Doe says:

    This was not just another interview, but we got to see the wonderful video of the two stars as they spoke. I loved their mutual admiraton. I wish they could have been on longer, but we have to take what we can get. This was a great treat, Michael. You did it once again. Kudos!….Looking forward to the wedding and what will happen……..


  5. semaj says:

    can’t to see sonny and brenda finallly get married sonny and brenda endgame


  6. heidi says:

    Great interview… wish it could have been longer! You ask great questions!


  7. WynterGale says:

    Great interview. Love them and have been waiting nearly 20 years for this event.


  8. Denise says:

    what happen to Adam in All My Children?


  9. sylvia says:

    I absolutely love the chemistry between Maurice and Vanessa. They have to get it right this time.. We have waited long enough for Sonny and Brenda to finally be happy.. ( regardless of Carly, The balkan and Franco!


  10. Shyronda says:

    I agree it is time for them to be happy. I want them to have a kid and be this loving couple forever. I hope Vanessa stays. I like Rebbeca, but love Vanessa. Carly needs to move because she has kept her from love on several occasions.


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