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0 August 21st, 2009 Guiding Light video from Paley Center on Otalia storyline!

At Wednesday night’s Paley Center event honoring Guiding Light, one of the most heartfelt and touching moments of the evening came when a woman named Trish addressed the panel of Jill Lorie Hurst, Ellen Wheeler, Kim Zimmer, Grant Aleksander, Liz Keifer, Michael O’Leary and others about how the same-sex storyline of Otalia affected her, and how it made her want to watch other stories on the show. Jill Lorie Hurst came forward and said to the attendees that, ‘it was executive producer, Ellen Wheeler, who came up with the storyline, during last year’s writers strike.’ Ellen went onto say that she was trying to tell a “love story” no matter if it was man-woman, woman-woman, friends, etc. Check out the video below!

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