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Red Carpet Video

By Michael Fairman

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Video Interviews

Exclusive Video

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman was on the wild and the wholly, the sinful and the sexy, Las Vegas Daytime Emmys red carpet this past Sunday night. During the fast-paced frenzy of your favorite stars in daytime parading down the casino based red carpet, Fairman caught up with some of the nominees, presenters, and soap star attendees, for some candid web gems that we hope you will enjoy.

*To view our special Emmy red carpet video presentation, check out our video gallery that allows you to scroll for through some 25 video clips by hitting the “Next Group” icon to the right of the + sign.

From As the World Turns: Austin Peck, Terri Colombino, Colleen Zenk and Jon and Kelley Menighan Hensley, to All My Children’s: Bobbie Eakes and Susan Lucci, to General Hospital’s: Bradford Anderson and Drew Garrett, to Guiding Light nominees: Beth Chamberlin, and Crystal Chappell, to Days of our Lives: James Scott, Galen Gering, Peter Reckell and Louise Sorel, Chandler Massey and Gabriella Rodriguez, Lindsay Hartley, Shelley Hennig, Judi Evans, and Mark Hapka, to One Life to Live’s: Mark Lawson, to The Young and the Restless: Greg Rikaart, Eden Riegel, Clementine Ford, Paul Rauch, John Driscoll to The Bold and the Beautiful’s: Kim Matula with special guests, The Blue Man Group, and Brandon Beemer with DAYS Nadia Bjorlin, find out what these beautiful women and handsome men had to say about Emmy night jitters, what’s next for their characters, fun little tidbits, and we had some very unexpected emotional moments.

Let us know your favorite video interview by clicking on the comment button and who you enjoyed seeing and hearing from the most. It’s hard to believe the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys have come and gone, but let these videos be something a little extra, for faithful On-Air On-Soaps visitors, since we know this year there was not an “official” designated red carpet pre-show to see your favorites strut their stuff!

  1. toptim says:

    can’t wait to see your great interviews michael


    Hilda replied

    James Scott was my favourite interviewee! Intelligent, humorous, modest, honest, and gorgeous! Love him, hate that he lost :(

    Also can’t wait to see the upcoming EJ & Sami stuff!


    Valerie replied

    I agree!

    Mercedes replied

    I am thrilled with the forthcoming 8 weeks !!However in the back of my mind.Will it be short lived ?As with any past Ejami pairing , so intense so glorious when they reunite and then so abruptly ripped apart ! : ( If 8 weeks is all we are going to get so be it ( I WILL BE WATCHING ) !!But come labour day if the tide turns as was stated in KC ‘s interview .I will not be able to stand and watch the “SAFE” reunion. I think as an ardent Ejami supporter for the last 4 years i’ll be done watching .

    SAFErocks replied

    Thanks for the great Galen interview…he is so honest and down to earth! I can’t wait for Ejami to get off my screen so I can enjoy SAFE once again. Thank you for once again giving us a time to enjoy Galen!


  2. Michael Jenkins says:

    I am anxious for the interviews.


  3. Heidi says:

    Hope they are here soon! Yours are the best! Your website is awesome! Thank you!


  4. thegee says:

    Love, love, the James Scott red carpet interview Michael, thanks


  5. Cindy says:

    I always love your interviews Michael. The Red Carpet ones are no exception. Thanks for making sure we heard from James Scott. He is just a bit shy about camera time outside of his work. You put him at ease on a very stressful night. I wish more people had your enthusiasm for the soap genre.

    Thank you!


  6. Michelle says:

    Loved the interview with Terri and Austin.


  7. mags says:

    James Scott looked so HOT! He was your best interview. I just love him. He got robbed that night for the emmy.


  8. kelltwomyn says:

    Thank you, Michael, for posting these interviews! It is just a sin and a shame that there was no red carpet pre-show on television. Crystal Chappell is such a class act; she definitely deserved that Emmy! Nadia and Brandon are charming and gorgeous and Judi Evans was simply stunning. It’s really sad that “Days” is wasting the talents of Judi and Crystal right now.

    Enjoyed all of the interviews. Keep up the great work!


  9. Scarlett says:

    Loved the interviews, Michael, and yes, we do love James Scott!


  10. Deborah Kallus says:

    Michael, thank you so much for all the interviews. Of course, my favorite was the one with James Scott. He is by far the nicest most humble man and is so appreciated by his fans. Some actors (like GG) would have a big head (GG does) if they received the attention that James does but James just remains so grounded. I look forward to many years of watching James and Sami being together with their family.


  11. Jen says:

    Those were great! Loved the EJ fan shout out! We are an enormous bunch!


  12. Rita says:

    Michael, you are a pure gentleman and a born interviewer! Fabulous interview with Crystal. She put her heart and soul into the Otalia storyline and so deserved the recognition on the night. As you said yourself on the Spirit Awards show, you know when the acting is good, when you are moved by just hearing the audio of a scene. And Crystal definitely worked that Graveyard scene. I totally agree that that scene will go down in history. Thanks again Michael, and I hope Crystal gives you the exclusives when it comes to Venice, because not only are you a fair man in the way you handle your guests, but you are the right man for the job :-) (PS…found the pics of CC and Michael…thanks:-)


  13. glenda says:

    Loved your interview with James Scott he is such a class act.


  14. Leslie says:

    Very nice!


  15. Ann says:

    Thanks for the interview with James Scott. It was my favorite.


  16. Lois says:

    Thank you for doing the interview with James Scott. He happens to be my all time favorite soap hunk. The man is *such* an *incredible* actor…not to mention strikingly handsome. :P I’m a huge EJAMI fan and will be looking forward to a wonderful summer of EJ and SAMI on DAYS.


  17. Keia says:

    Thanks Michael for being the one to get a James Scott interview!

    You always come through for us soap fans!

    James was great as always, proud to be a fan!


  18. Leslie H says:

    Loved the interview with Crystal. LOL at her quip about Zimmer. It’s a shame she didn’t win, but in the scheme of things I think she got the better end of the deal. Remembered for one nite only for winning the Emmy or for years to come in the storyline and performance of the year. I’m sure she wouldn’t trade places. And if there’s any doubt about just how huge her moment was last year in comparison to her competition , just check out the hit counts on YouTube. Over 200,000 hits for her reel, as compared to under 5000 for anybody else’s.


  19. Heidi says:

    Great interviews as usual Michael!!! Wished there could have been 25 more! Was hoping to see you with Carolyn H. as you are both so great together on the podcasts. There were so many more I would love to have seen you interview. I am sure you can’t guarantee getting everyone you want in such a fast paced snd short amount of time. You are the best! Can’t wait for your next podcast! Again your website is so great… I love it! Thank you!


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hi Heidi;
    I just had lunch with Carolyn. Yes, we both were upset not talking during the carpet, so many people being pulled in different directions at one time there. Yes, also so many I wanted to speak with also, but its a timing issue, and luck of the draw sometimes, with everyone trying to do all the press and getting into the theater on time. I feel the same way you do. :)
    Thank you for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed the vids


  20. annie says:

    as usual Michael great interviews, you always do a great job. Especially loved no surprise the one with James Scott, he is the ultimate class act, such a wonderful actor and oh so good looking. He has charm up the wazoo. Sorry he didn’t win the Emmy but with his incredible talent he will be a candidate again soon. Hopefully his scenes with Sami will be blockbusters as they usually are. All the stars did a good job but they all can’t win so we root for our favorites. thanks again and please more interviews with James.


  21. Rox says:

    What fun! I felt so gypped at having no red carpet show, and now I feel like I got one! Great interviews, as usual. Loved your chat with Crystal – what a class act she is! And loved your interview with James Scott – that fellow has it all – looks, talent, and feet on the ground. Love him, and have totally been enjoying all the EJ and Sami we’ve been getting – glad to hear we’re getting more! Speaking of looks, Judi Evans was a *knockout* and I totally agree with her raves about the designer – that dress looked amazing on her! And of course she is one of the more talented daytime actresses, and so lovely – how I wish she and Wally were given more to do – real waste of some serious talent there! And loved seeing the FAB Louise Sorel and the hunky and talented Peter Reckell – glad to know there’s good S/L coming up for them as well! Anyway, I could go on and on – but I’ll just say thank you so much for doing all these great interviews and sharing them with all of us! You rock! :-)


  22. Michael Jenkins says:

    James soctt is my favorite actor!


  23. Lena says:

    Loved your interviews, Michael. Since my favorite soap star is James Scott, he was of course my favorite! Judi Evans looked fabulour, and Crystal was gorgeous.

    I hope we like the EJ and Sami scenes as much as James seems to have enjoyed doing them.


  24. marilyn says:

    Loved the James Scott interview. He is always so articulate and humble. His statement that there is good stuff coming up for EJAMI reaffirms my belief that they will be the endgame once Sami realizes she has the capacity to forgive the man she truly loves.


  25. cheryl says:

    I loved all the Days Stars! TY it seems sometimes they get left behind in the interviews, so I really enjoyed hearing from them all! I especially loved James Scott’s interview and just can’t seem to get enough of this classy guy! Looking forward to Ej and HIS Samantha Heating Up my Summer!


  26. Kelly says:

    Proud to be a fan of James Scott! He has grown so much as an actor in the last few years! Wish that he had won, but look forward to his work this next year and for future nominations! LOVE EJAMI! Can’t wait for the next 8 weeks to see what this supercouple has in the making! Congratulations on your nomination! Great interview with Mr. Fairman.


  27. Jennifer says:

    I love love love the James Scott interview SO much Michael! This guy is beyond amazing. Never fails to amaze me. He should of won that Emmy award but hes still and always will be a winner to me! I also love that EJami will have amazing scenes coming up! James said “The best scenes they have done in a long time” That excites me. :D I love James encouragement that he gives us EJami fans, I trust him and believe when he says that its going to be enjoyable to watch. Gosh i just love that man. (:


  28. Kiren says:

    James Scott is so lovable!


  29. JSFan says:

    James Scott favourite interview, of course.


  30. Doe says:

    First of all, Michael, I want to copliment you on your outstanding Emmy website. I know a lot of work went into creating it for your fans. All the segments were wonderful and well done. But the Red Carpet interviews were the best. You have such great rapport with the stars and know just the right questions to ask. You always know what buttons to push to get them to respond. Some more than others are fun and sincere. I liked the one with Chystal Chappell who obviously cares for you with the work you did with her for the gay and lesbian movement. She is certainly a beautiful and classy lady and not pretentious. I’m sorry that she didn’t win, but instead received the adulation of her fans for being so gracious even though she didn’t take home the golden statue. What is the statue made of anyway? The fashion segment was good, too. Some beautiful dresses and some not so beautiful. I’m trying to be tactful here. All in all, a very special night for everyone. Congratulations, Michael, for your super reporting.


  31. J DiSandro says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for interviewing the most talented man in daytime. James Scott is the reason I continue to watch Days and the romance of Ejami is what I am waiting for. James is soo wonderful to his fans and you are the best for mentioning his fanbase and how much we love him!!!!!


  32. Renee says:


    Thanks so much for your interview with CC and Beth C. I miss watching Guiding Light every day. I love it when you interview CC, you both look like you are enjoying the whole interview. That makes it intersting to listen to. But then you always look like you enjoy your interviews of any star. CC’s just are my favs of yours! She is just a special person inside and out, I like how she keeps it real, and I think her fans love that the most about her. So thanks again for all your hard work, we enjoy it all.


  33. CapeSafe says:

    Love the interview with Galen Gering…..That guy is always gorgeous!!!


  34. Tara says:

    FLOVED the Eden and La Lucci stuff!

    Too bad u didn’t get CBL. Any idea if CBL will getting a storyline soon?

    Would love to see Eden and CBL side by side.


  35. PT says:

    Thanks Michael, you’re always feeding into our James Scott (EJ) Ejami Addiction. James is such a down to earth guy, he’s so not Hollywood he takes his craft to heart and we love and appreciate him for that. I am looking forward to see what both he and Ali have in store for us Ejami Fans


  36. Ann says:

    Your interviews are the best! I always look forward to them. I only watch Days of Our Lives so I was thrilled that you interviewed so many of the Days cast. My favorite actor on the show is Galen Gering so I especially loved his interview but the others were all great and appreciated. Galen was his normal charming, witty, down to earth, handsome self. Thanks for sharing your work with us fans!


  37. silvana says:

    Michael,your interviews are wonderful.
    Tank you for sharing all the emotions.


  38. Cory says:

    Mr. Fairman
    Great job on all the interviews!!!
    Loved the fun Brandon & Nadia had with you!!!
    And my favorite was you with James Scott!!!! You two seem to have such a great time together especially since James is so down to earth in real life!!!
    Thanks for mentioning the Ejami fan base being so loyal to EJ & Sami and all the replies they made on the last James Scott interview. We Ejami fans love, love, love James & Alison.
    Looking forward to the next interview(s) you give us Mr. Fairman!!!! You do such an amazing job sir!!!!


  39. pinky says:

    Michael, it was so nice to HEAR and SEE the James Scott interview!! What a gracious and humble man. Thank-you ever so much for sharing that with us.


  40. bottomchef says:

    I loved the interview w/ Kim Matula! How MF uttered: “boinking your mother” was hilarious! Matula’s reaction was great. She can do comedy. The whole randomness of the blue man grp joining the interview made things so absurd. Matula had some quips for them. I wish MF had interviewed Jacqueline Woods and the seemingly humble and cute Zach Conroy. His reaction to welovesoaps asking him abt Brooke/Oliver was too cute. The comments here are interesting also, esp abt Galen Gering being full of himself. Iinteresting. Speaking of being full of themselves, Nadia Bjorlin and Brandon Beemer are so narcissistic. Seriously? “I’m doable, etc.” and the other inappropriate behavior. Clearly they’re abt the famewhoring and attention, and not abt the craft, w/c is what the event is designed to honor. They are so trashy. While Eden Reigel has so much class. How great is she? She’s actually raving abt the new actress portraying Bianca on AMC, despite AMC’s shoddy treatment of her. Reigel is truly classy, very humble and even more talented. It’s great that the Daytime Emmys got it right in honoring Reigel, the only actor to win a Daytime Emmy for portraying an LGBTQ char. The Lucci interview was hilarious when LS from Days was fanning her armpits. LOL.


  41. karine says:

    thks michael
    i loved all your interviews specially:
    -jon and kelley Hensley it was fun and kinda sad at the same time good idea for the show…
    -crystall chapell as much as i hate carly on dool i like her as olivia on gl she so deserved to win anyway congrats to maury
    -brandon bremer and nadia bjorlin cute itv the most sexy couple from daytime..
    and last but not least James Scott love the interview -as an ejami fan i’m looking forward to see the scene for both ej and sami together and as individual

    anyway thks again and have a great week


  42. Diane says:

    Thank you so much for the interview with James! Such a wonderful person and actor! I enjoy him immensely on Days, and hope to see him on “the big screen” some day.


  43. chelse says:

    love james scott!!!!!!!!!!1


  44. Waverly says:

    Awww, how do you make it seem so easy? Love your flawless interview technique and how you bring out the stars personalities. It is apparent everyone feels comfortable chatting with you. Crystal C. is a delight and such a natural down to earth person. Love the two of you together! I’m so excited for this upcoming season of Venice. Galen G. is also a must see! His interviews always give me a chuckle. He has a sneaky wit and the gorgeousness goes without saying. Thank you so much for sharing such expansive coverage. I thought everyone looked beautiful and seemed so happy in the moment!


  45. Linda says:

    Thanks Michael for the wonderful interviews. And James Scott is my absolutely favorite actor and look forward to your next interview with him.


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