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Emmy Wrap-Up

By Michael Fairman

Daytime Emmy Press Room/Winners Gallery

The 37th Annual Daytime Emmys press room and winners circle gave journalists and soap pundits the opportunity to fire questions at the joyful recipients of this year’s Emmy Gold.  In a night full of surprises, shockers, and bittersweet moments, The Bold and the Beautiful stood tall among the rest with its win for Outstanding Drama Series (its second in a row) and for the first time for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, for its depiction of dying with dignity, featuring the all-female cast episodes with Betty White, Susan Flannery and Alley Mills.  Executive Producer and head writer, Brad Bell said on his victories, “This was an incredible story that came to life, and all the elements of the dying with dignity story with Betty White just came together beautifully.  And, this is the first time in her legendary career that she died on television.  I feel very honored to have her do this for us. She was a joy to work with, and after 23 years this is my first writing Emmy, and I am very excited.  I just don’t know quite how to handle it.  It had been so long since we won Emmys on The Bold and the Beautiful, but the last two years, you know. we are doing quite well. This is back to back wins like the L.A. Lakers.  I feel like Kobe Bryant! I did feel my dad’s presence in the room (the legendary Bill Bell) and he is still my partner, and we got it done.”

Pressroom/Winners Gallery

In the Lead Actor category,  there was not a dry eye in the house when Michael Park, after playing Jack Snyder on As the World Turns, for almost 13 years was finally rewarded his much deserved Lead Actor trophy.  Park jubilant, overcome and emotional in the photography gallery, after being taken off stage, emerged in the press room to a standing ovation from his journalistic peers.  When asked where the Emmy was going to go, Park overcome once again said, “I might give it to my grandmother who has watched the show for 52 years. I can’t believe how emotional I am.  I think seeing Maura West (Carly, ATWT) my fake wife, and my real wife in the audience, kind of took me over.   I shouldn’t have looked over there.”  Park then addressed the sad part of his Emmy week, that prior to his trip to Vegas he ended his run on As the World Turns along with 60 other cast and crew members,    “May you never have to do that.  I hate to say something so cliché, but it has been a rollercoaster, it truly has.  It’s not bittersweet, it’s just bitter.  There are 60 people who work so hard at what they do, and it’s the last time I saw them for all I know.  I know I might see some of them on other shows, but it’s really hard. Those people work so hard at what we do, and knowing for six months we were not going to have a job anymore made it that much harder every day, to come in with smiles on our faces.  But we did, and the writing was lacking because people were finding a new job, or we were trying to find ways of wrapping up, and the hopes that we could sell the show someplace else, and so that was going on in the back of our minds.  You never knew whether to grasp on to that.  So, knowing sooner or later the inevitable is going to happen, and to say goodbye, it’s tough, and it’s killing you inside. And this Emmy… never in my wildest dreams did I think I was this good, and I thank you.”

Michael’s scene partner for over a decade, Maura West, was awarded her second Lead Actress Emmy in her soap career for Carly’s alcoholic intervention, in somewhat of a surprise when many expected Crystal Chappell to win for Guiding Light. Backstage, Maura appeared with her daughter, Katherine, and responded to why she chose the intervention material that won her the gold.  “I looked at a few tapes, and interestingly anyone who follows the show knows that that show was the way to get me out, so I could go on maternity leave, to have my daughter Birdie, who just had her first birthday.   So that was literally my last day of work.  I was eight and half months pregnant.  It was a long hard day for a very pregnant woman.  But, I think if you see that reel, and my extraordinary cast mates who helped me through some very difficult stuff, you see why I chose it.  And I thank them as well from Mick Hazen (Parker, ATWT) and Jon Lindstrom (Craig, ATWT) and of course, Michael Park, who was so good in this as well.”  In regards to her acceptance speech, and leaving out her husband, (the former, Andy Dixon of Oakdale), Scott DeFreitas out of her Emmy winning moment, West responded, “I did not say my husband’s name, and everybody knows how I feel about him. I feel like crap for not thanking him.  I did say that Michael Park winning was enough for me, and I genuinely meant that.  It would have been a great night indeed, if my hands were empty and his were golden. Then, I thanked Chris Goutman, and the producers of the show, and my daughter came up on stage with me. But truly, to win this Emmy and have it happen in front of one of my children is overwhelming.”

Another performer who inhabited the fictional city of Oakdale, Julie Pinson, after many years as a seasoned soap veteran finally took home her Emmy for her role as Janet, the third cog in the wheel of the Carly/Jack relationship on As the World Turns. Pinson, is married to previous Daytime Emmy winner Billy Warlock.   Backstage, Pinson had this to say, “My husband has one already, so they will get to play together.  His will be lonely no more, and my thoughts on As The World Turns going off the air are not good thoughts. I’m shocked that it happened.  I’m not happy at all. ”   Supporting Actor winner,  Billy Miller humbly and movingly told the press how honored he was to be included with the great Y&R company of actors.  To work in this industry, and be part of a legacy is amazing. Nobody works harder than daytime performers. We happen to work under amazing constraints, and it keeps getting harder, and we are pushing forward.  I think it’s that work that we are addicted to, and that makes us better than ourselves as individuals.”

The Younger Actor category saw the biggest surprise of the night, when The Bold and the Beautiful’s, Drew Tyler Bell (Tomas) was awarded his first golden lady.   “I was surprised on the telecast because they said ‘The Bold & the Beautiful’ and I’m the only one nominated from The Bold & the Beautiful but two of the other [nominated] actors are on Bold & the Beautiful now.”  Tyler Bell was referring to Scott Clifton and Zack Conroy.  General Hospital picked up two big wins; a second in a row for Younger Actress winner, Julie Berman (Lulu) and the much deserved win for Outstanding Direction for their carnival episode.  Berman said that this second win went down a big differently. “This felt way quicker than last year because we had thirty seconds to digest and get up on stage and talk.  The thing about Vegas, it makes it distracting so you don’t actually have to think about nominations.  So this was a lot easier than last year… I never really thought about it until they announced my category and then my palms started sweating.”

Check out our photo gallery here of some fantastic press room and backstage Emmy winning moments!

Weekend Photo Gallery

Emmy Weekend Vegas Baby!

So how did Daytime enjoy Sin City, Las Vegas?   With luncheons, parties poolside, bar scenes inside, and dance shindigs through the night at some of the hottest and exquisite clubs on the sensational Vegas Strip.   Emmy Weekend 2010 kicked off with the Lead Actress nominee luncheon, a yearly gathering of the “divas” of soapdom, at Encore’s Society Care.  Nominees; Bobbie Eakes, Crystal Chappell, Maura West, Sarah Brown and Michelle Stafford drank, ate and celebrated their Emmy nods at an all-girl extravaganza.   In the afternoon, Y&R’s Malcolm, Darius McCrary, held a private invite only pool party with cast mates: John Driscoll, Christel Khalil, and Elizabeth Hendrickson, among others at the Artisan Hotel.  Next on Saturday night, two parties brought out all the stars from all the soaps to get into the Vegas party mood.  First, former Y&R star John Enos, who owns the Lavo Lounge at the Palazzo hotel, along with Genoa City’s Michelle Stafford, Peter Bergman, and Christian LeBlanc put on dance/cocktail party extraordinaire attended by many of their cast mates from Y&R.  While at the same time at Club mIX at Mandalay Bay, DAYS Molly Burnett took her turn at the DJ booth and spun dance beats for the jam-packed crowd including many from As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Days of our Lives, All My Children and more.

Saturday and Sunday, also provided the opportunity for nominees, presenters, and soap star attendees to check out the Luxury Gift Suite in the Las Vegas Hilton for some free hot and interesting swag!  Following the Daytime Emmy Telecast, several post-parties bashes were being held by invitation only including the NBC Post Emmy Bash at the Hilton’s, Le Bistro Restaurant, and the place to be on Emmy night, the staggeringly magnificent Wynn Hotel’s, Tryst Nightclub.  It was there that the Bell’s, Brad and Maria, threw an Emmy winning party for B&B’s victorious evening, and to thank everyone associated with their soaps.  It was wild.  From blackjack tables, to waterfalls, to dancing with the cast and their peers, a fun night was had by all. On-Air On-Soaps attended all the parties, and can say first hand, “What happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas!”  Check out our photo gallery of some of the images from Emmy Weekend Sin City style!

  1. bottomchef says:

    That is the campiest picture of Christian Leblanc! I love it!


  2. bottomchef says:

    it seems like you had a very decadent weekend michael fairman? one of many perhaps?lol


  3. bottomchef says:

    they keep awarding brad bell w/ emmys. although i’m happy for him, the quality of b&b has not been good since rick/tay saga. some may proclaim that b&b is on the upswing now, but that’s not the case. steph shooting stephen and brooke/oliver were only for shock value. and steffy has already discovered the tryst. also, w/ amber set to hog the storylines, and clifton’s liam joining, the cast is overcrowded. a bloated cast affects the storylines. it’s also kinda sad that out of all the b&b cast members, ashley jones is the most senior member that attended among the women. what the hell? where were kkl, tylo and sf? tylo used to even live in vegas in a house full of her pet reptiles, and she’d commute to b&b. surely, kkl, sf and tylo can very well afford 1 weekend in vegas. i think the best part of b&b winning is the screaming woman in white, rhonda friedman. god she’s a hoot. all that screaming, running and hopping were hilarious. she made the win memorable. she needs to give a speech! pls interview the hilarious rhonda friedman, michael fairman.


  4. Knox says:

    Muhney and Case = 2 hot 4 words


    bottomchef replied

    Case is inappropriate w/ Muhney. She’s too chummy in twitter videos and in that dancing picture w/ her very much married colleague, and he has children. Seemingly innocent behavior like that probably began w/ other daytime actors, w/c snowballed into affairs.


    Knox replied

    Oh please get over it already. I’m sure if there were anything in their relationship, MM’s wife would have said something to both. There are two people in that friendship so if it’s inappropriate as you say then it’s on MM. He’s the married one and should be bringing his wife so as not to offend folks like you. Seriously, stop looking for trouble w/these two. It’s morons like you who start rumors and love to cast ‘affair’ rumors where there are none. Get a life…really.. and stop being so suspicious.

  5. kelltwomyn says:

    Great pic of Crystal and The Stafford! Too funny.


  6. Tara says:

    Will the Emmy’s be in LV next year agian?

    I like that thew Soapster’s were treated like big stars!


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