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37th Annual Daytime Emmy Predictions

By Michael Fairman

The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are less than a week away, and while On-Air On-Soaps is getting ready to pack our bags for Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada) where for the first time the Emmy telecast will air live on CBS from the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday Night, June 27th, we had to get in the mood with some soap opera Vegas-style odds-making.   It is that time of the year where I look into my crystal ball, and try to predict how the blue-ribbon panel may have voted in the top nine daytime drama categories.  But as we did last year, not only will On-Air On-Soaps Fairman attempt to predict the winners, but I will offer my picks for who I think should win in each of the categories.

This year’s Daytime Emmy predictions are made even harder by some of the rule changes implemented this year, which if you are judging, can leave you in a bit of conundrum.  In general, there were too many short reels with not enough material on them, measured against some that had more than enough.  For the first time, actors were allowed to edit out scenes in their reels that they felt did not add anything to their performances, i.e., group scenes, or something they felt did not move their plot along.  A common through line this year was actors who were nominated for shows they are no longer on – either due to the soap being cancelled, being written-off or fired, or in some cases, shockingly replaced!   A few reels featured one moment that was sub-par or over the top, and then the rest of it was fantastic.  The reverse was also in play here.  There would be one moment that was stellar, and the rest of the reel was so-so.

Having predicted the winners and made my choices known for over 20 years in this annual Emmy game, I came to the following conclusion after watching this year’s submission.  There needs to be some required equalizer in the system moving forward.  And while I applaud the change not to have to submit scenes in an episode where you are just standing there doing nothing, I also don’t think you can just submit one or two scenes and call that fair against someone who sends in 14 minutes to your 5.   Moving on…

Now on to the awards!  I want to make one disclaimer, so many of the actors and actresses I have come to know and respect are nominated, and many times against one another in the same category, which makes this year uniquely thrilling and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

So here we go my predictions and picks for Emmys 2010 in Vegas, baby!


Nominee Handicapping

  • Crystal Chappell 3 to 1
  • Michelle Stafford 4 to 1
  • Maura West 5 to 1
  • Sarah Brown 6 to 1
  • Bobbie Eakes  12 to 1

WILL WIN: Chappell

SHOULD WIN: Chappell

In one of the most difficult categories to call in this year’s race, the nominees in this category submitted some stellar performances that could make this quite the horse-race.  Critical darling and media favorite, Crystal Chappell (Ex-Olivia, GL) delivered the most memorable moment of 2009 with her declaration of love for Natalia at Gus’s graveside.  The performance throughout the submission was beautifully understated, and yet gut wrenching, when Olivia realized she has to give up the woman she loves, to let her have a life with a man, who she thinks can give her the kind of life she desires. Chappell was brilliant.   Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) brings raw emotion, angst, hurt, and betrayal, as a woman holding on for dear life in a relationship where she has to fight the attention of another woman for her husband’s heart.   Stafford delivers the goods in spades, as she always does, and an Emmy could find its way into her arms on Sunday.   Maura West, in what will most likely be her final submission in her long and stellar career as Carly on As the World Turns, broke our hearts, and showed why she is one of daytime’s magnificent leading ladies.  Although we felt the alcoholic intervention scene had been done to death in daytime, which detracted a bit from the overall tape, there is no denying when Maura as Carly, was faced with her father’s past, and all of her character’s perils and disappointments, that she is a force to be reckoned with.   Then there is Sarah Brown, who could win a fourth Daytime Emmy Award if she wins for her portrayal of Claudia Zacchara.  She won the other three as Carly on the same show…General Hospital! It was Brown’s reel that in the end proved different and unique among the rest, for it’s harsh look and reality, of a woman who loses her baby and wants revenge on any one who had anything to do with it.    Finally, Bobbie Eakes, in the shortest reel of the bunch, chewed the scenery as a mother who had withheld a life-altering secret for way too long.   In the end… got to give it to Chappell.   She in the Otalia storyline was the biggest thing to hit daytime in years, and it would be a shame not to honor this banner year.  But, and I say a big “but”, there are three others who could just as easily take home the gold.


Nominee Handicapping:

  • Peter Bergman 3 to 1
  • Michael Park 4 to 1
  • James Scott 5 to 1
  • Doug Davidson 13 to 1
  • Jon Lindstrom  15 to 1

WILL WIN: Bergman


No male performance quite captivated me this past year as the arc of Michael Park’s tear-jerker of a story on As the World Turns. It all kicked-off when his heroic Jack Snyder, does the unimaginable, by fatally wounding his brother Brad, in a shoot-out.  This performance had it all; guilt, angst, undeniable loss, and grief.   In Park’s Emmy submission, he walks around hoping someone will blame him for killing his brother, and not even Brad’s wife, Katie, will do that.  So where else do you go but to your nemesis Craig Montgomery, to heap on the guilt.  Park’s competition comes from savvy soap veteran and past Daytime Emmy winner a few times over, The Young and the Restless’ Peter Bergman.   In a reel that showed how masterful Bergman is at his art form, as Jack Abbott, he navigates maligning his younger brother Billy for sleeping with his beloved Sharon, (Bergman was so good in it he made mincemeat out of the brilliant Billy Miller in it).  Add to that, the fact that Jack so wants Sharon to tell him about sleeping with Billy, but she doesn’t, and he then somehow decides he is going to accept it, and let her know that he is prepared to raise her child no matter if he or Nick is the father!  It has a juggernaut of emotions that only someone as fine and competent as Bergman could pull off.   The spoiler to the party for these two is first time nominee, James Scott, EJ Dimera, Days of our Lives. I absolutely found his acting choices in the reel brilliant – the anger, rage, shock, and hurt of finding out no one told him he had a daughter, and now she is dead, was riveting to watch.  The other actor nominees are two sudsy veterans who are more than deserving of a nomination. However, I had two issues with these reels.  Y&R’s Doug Davidson’s, Paul Williams was just too short a reel, and ATWT’s Jon Lindstrom, Craig,  was so low key that at times, I thought, “God, he is so good” and at other times, I thought, “God, this reel is really long.”  And, I should not be thinking that, right?  So for me, it comes down to Park vs. Bergman and while I think voters will go with the tried and true Bergman,  I can’t think of anything more fantastic then handing Park his long overdue Emmy as we say goodbye to Jack and ATWT!   And if I was a voter, I would have to go with Park.


Nominee Handicapping

  • Billy Miller                         2 to 1
  • Brian Kerwin                         3 to 1
  • Jonathan Jackson             3 to 1
  • Ricky Paull Goldin             3 to 1
  • Bradford Anderson             5 to 1

WILL WIN: Miller

SHOULD WIN: Kerwin, Jackson, or Goldin

Just shoot me now Jack Snyder!  This is the hardest and toughest category of all to predict.  In one of the more powerhouse fields in recent memory in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category, all five of these deserving nominees hit it out of the ballpark with their reels, and they are all so different and all worthy for various reasons.  Again, as mentioned earlier, I have a really tough time with these short, short reels with edited out scenes, as opposed to a decent length performance, as opposed to a reel that is the entire 39 minutes of the episode.  That is the kind of the conundrum the blue ribbon panel must have faced with these fantastic performances.   I went back and forth and watched these reels several times, back-to-back, and still it is too close to call.  All My Children’s Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) in three scenes, nailed it with his performance as a man scorned when he is told by his woman, Amanda,  that she did the unthinkable and slept with his enemy, David Hayward.  Goldin, who deserved an Emmy as Gus Aituro on Guiding Light for his drug addiction storyline, could just walk away with the prize with this one.   It hits you in your gut and he delivers the goods. Goldin is beloved by the industry and has never been recognized with Emmy gold.  However, his reel is and felt very, very short.   Next, comes another “shorty” that packs a wallop of emotional depth that is hard to equal in daytime.  I am speaking of General Hospital’s, Jonathan Jackson.  JJ is a previous three-time Daytime Emmy winner for his role as Lucky Spencer.  While all the buzz is that he is going to receive the Emmy next year for his scenes and performance of Lucky ripping Elizabeth and his bro, Nikolas, to shreds for their infidelity, don’t underestimate this Emmy year either.  Jackson, in a simple heartfelt emotional scene, simply wants his father, Luke, to share Christmas with him, and his family.  So, Lucky goes over to the Haunted Star, sits with his father, six-time Daytime Emmy winner, Anthony Geary (Luke), and delivers beautifully written dialogue, and every time you watch it, you can’t help but get all teary-eyed.  But again, the reel feels too short.  Brian Kerwin, who is remarkable in the role of Charlie Banks (when they give him something to do) got the opportunity and seized the moment, as a man grieving the loss of his son, Jared, and battling his demons to not reach out for a bottle of booze in his time of utter devastation.   The reel was the perfect length. When Charlie utters the words, “He killed my boy.”  (about Mitch Laurence shooting Jared), the viewers gulp big time… add a little Erika Slezak (Viki) in the mix to act with, and you have one killer performance. General Hospital’s Bradford Anderson attempted a daring feat…that worked!  If the blue-ribbon panel is not familiar with the Spinelli vernacular, this performance of a young man so devastated to learn of the betrayal of his girlfriend, Maxie, with Johnny, that it could have played wrong in less than capable hands.  But, Anderson was incredible.   He made you understand everything Spinelli was feeling by talking in his own vocabulary, which felt very Shakespearean in this one!  Finally, no one has really come on in a role, made it their own, gone toe to toe with the top stars on the number one show in daytime, and most of the time come out looking pretty impressive.  We can only be talking about Billy Miller (Billy Abbott).  The writer and the producers were also so impressed with Miller that they even wrote him his own episode, a la the Christian LeBlanc, “It’s a Wonderful Life” Emmy episode last year.   This episode had comedy, Miller’s own distinctive acting style, and some emotional drama, and he had plenty of material in the over half hour reel to showcase his work.  I think the panel loves this kind of show; a neat package, with a beginning, middle and end.  That is why I am picking him to win.  However, my vote does not go with Miller- it goes with three other gents who I would also be thrilled to see in the winner’s circle- Kerwin, Goldin and Jackson.


Nominee Handicapping:

  • Carolyn Hennesy  4 to 1
  • Bree Williamson   5 to 1
  • Beth Chamberlin  5 to 1
  • Arianne Zuker      12 to 1
  • Julie Pinson          15 to 1

WILL WIN: Hennesy

SHOULD WIN: Williamson or Chamberlin

This is another horse race, complete with a complex set of issues that makes it a tough one to call, as well.  One Life to Live’s Bree Williamson (Jessica) turned in the 2009 Soap Moment of the Year, along with her co-star in the scenes, six time Daytime Emmy Award winner, Erika Slezak (Viki).  The monumental and traumatic episodes feature Slezak at her best, in a performance that I still cannot believe did not receive a nomination, as a mother trying to get through to her daughter, through her multiple personality disorder, and get Bess to relinquish control, so Jessica can come out and face the truth that her baby died at birth, and that Jessica switched her dead baby with another.  Haunting, dark, and brilliantly acted, the problem arises in watching the reel and not knowing who to focus on, and then you get it… at the end…. when Bree as Jessica delivers the saddest moment of the Emmy season when she remembers her baby died!  I understood it from the beginning because I watch One Life religiously, but will the blue-ribbon panel?  Beth Chamberlin in her final shot at Emmy gold for her role of Beth Raines Spaulding on Guiding Light just may take it!  Beth got to show her vulnerability, strength, determination, grief, with sass to boot standing up to Ron Raines’s, Alan, after the death of her young lover, Coop. Our On-Air On-Soaps Podcast co-host,  General Hospital’s, Carolyn Hennesy, picked up her first ever Daytime Emmy nomination for a comedic performance.  Comedy is tough to find in daytime and seldom rewarded when an off-beat performance makes the final five.  But a big part of me feels that this is the performance that will cut through it.  It’s a tight, sharp, funny, sentimental reel that moves at a great pace and has all the best elements of what makes a Diane Miller!  And come on, the infamous plunger scene?  Hard to beat that!  One of my favorite gals in daytime, who also finally received an acting nod, is Days of our Lives, Arianne Zuker (Nicole).   However, the reel was hard to watch. Taken out of content, and filled with crying scenes, and a sea of tears, unless you know what happened previously, I am concerned this is going to hurt her chances. But, Arianne was sensational as Nicole. Last, but not least, the phenomenal Julie Pinson (Janet, ATWT), and while this reel was subtle and well acted, it just did not have the juice that the other ladies in this category seem to have.  So, I am going to go out on a limb here, and say there is going to be a shocker.  I think the voters are going to go with Hennesy.   I think the performances that broke our hearts Williamson and Chamberlin also have a terrific chance and more of winning.


Nominee Handicapping:

  • Julie Berman                  4 to 1
  • Christel Khalil               5 to 1
  • Molly Burnett                7 to 1
  • Shelley Hennig                  11 to 1
  • Marnie Schulenberg            20 to 1

WILL WIN: Berman

SHOULD WIN:  Burnett

This turned out to be a very intriguing bunch of nominees, once I watched the reels.   General Hospital’s Julie Marie Berman could make it two in a row, as Lulu confronted Johnny when she believed that he wanted to be with Maxie instead of her, and in the same ferocious scenes, has it out with gal pal, Maxie.  Her competition for a repeat comes from The Young and the Restless’ Christel Khalil (Lily) who finds out she has cancer. And, while trying to deal with the hand she is dealt, and with her families support, what she really wants is to reach out to her estranged husband, Cane.  Khalil was understated, but to me the writing distracted me from her performance, the whole thing was a bit too preachy for me.  The surprise in this bunch was the reel of Days of our Lives Molly Burnett (Melanie).  I was expecting a typical comedic or quirky Melanie episode, but Burnett’s choice really got to me.  It was subtle, honest, and had just the right amount of humor and drama, and refreshing, as Melanie just simply tries to undo her screw up and go out on a date with Nathan. Great choice!  Burnett’s cast mate, Shelley Hennig (Stephanie), chose more dramatic material from when Phillip was shot, and As the World Turns, Marnie Schulenberg (Alison) chose a reel that I am not quite sure why she did.  The problem was, the pivotal scene in the episode belonged to Ed Fry, who returned for some guest episodes as Alison’s father, Larry.  Lesson one: “Don’t pick a reel where someone else has a huge big scene in the middle of it.” I think the voters are going to go with GH darling, Berman, but I think Burnett based on the submissions, deserves it.


Nominee Handicapping

  • Drew Garrett   2 to 1
  • Scott Clifton    3 to 1
  • Zack Conroy    5 to 1
  • Dylan Patton    10 to 1
  • Drew Tyler Bell 15 to 1

WILL WIN: Garrett

SHOULD WIN:  Clifton

Three of the nominees were replaced, or written off their show!  What does that say? Maybe, a big… “Oops”?  Ok, let’s break this down.  This appears to be a two man race between Drew Garrett, the former Michael Corinthos of General Hospital, and Scott Clifton, the former, Schuyler Joplin of One Life to Live. Garrett is the guy that no one has quite figured out why he lost his day job in Port Charles, when he was so beloved and so good at playing Sonny’s son, Michael.   The episode which sets up Garrett’s story nicely for the voters is complete with flashbacks of the events leading up to, and the night, that Michael murdered Claudia Zacchara.  Then, Garrett has a heavy duty emotional scene and it looks like he is a lock.  But wait!  Not so fast.  Scott Clifton really delivered a tour-de-force reel that had him running on all cylinders, as Schuyler is led to believe he is the father to Stacy Morasco’s baby, even after seeing Kim helping Stacy with pregnancy pad, etc, etc.  Those girls were bitches!  And Schuyler is an ex-druggie.  What was so amazing is the range this guy played in a well delivered and well timed reel.   On the outside, I would not count out, Zack Conroy, who held his own with Guiding Light, heavyweights, Grant Aleksander (Phillip) and Ron Raines (Alan), as we learn that James is truly a chip off the old Spaulding block, whether he wants to believe it or not. Another exiled soaper, (again we don’t know why he was replaced, either), former Days of our Lives, star Dylan Patton (Will) did an admirable job in a very sad scene when he tells Kate the last words he said to his now dead baby sister, Grace.  Problem is: the entire reel was just over four minutes!  Now that is beyond short.   But the Emmys are so whacky at times that anything is possible.  Bringing up the rear is The Bold and the Beautiful’s Drew Tyler Bell for his performance as Tomas who takes matters into his own hands to protect his family from that evil Rick Forrester.  Problem was… I just did not care about Tomas when I got three fourths into the reel.  So with that being said, I think voters will choose Garrett because it was easier for them to follow the story, but don’t count out the mighty Clifton!


Nominee Handicapping:

  • General Hospital 2 to 1
  • The Bold and the Beautiful 3 to 1
  • The Young and the Restless 10 to 1
  • All My Children 15 to 1

WILL WIN: General Hospital

SHOULD WIN: General Hospital

What makes a great drama series episode to be honored for an Emmy?  Great story, great production values, good acting, and a sense you understand from beginning, middle to end, what is happening.  Because the Daytime Emmys are not voted on from a body of work, but by one stand alone episode, you are voting on the show in the competition that delivered the goods.  And for Drama Series, there are two shows that did that for the 37th Annual prize.  The first, and the heavy favorite, General Hospital, took a parking lot carnival on the set of the studios, and made it look absolutely stunning.  Add to this the chaos, the drama, the stunts, and what I found to be the saddest and most heartfelt moment of the show, when Jason Morgan played brilliantly here by Steve Burton wanders around the carnival without uttering a word, while searching for his little boy Jake.  It was a five hankie moment.   The other five-hankie moment of the Emmy submissions and of the soap season belonged to The Bold and the Beautiful. When Betty White returned as Ann Douglas, the dying mother to Stephanie and Pam, B&B told a story of dying with dignity, and the internal struggles of these two daughters coming to terms with their mother’s death, and their mother’s dying wish to not gasp for her last breaths in a hospital.  The beautifully filmed, written, and acted final scenes, made me choke back the tears the numerous times I watched it.  Flannery and Mills were also pretty flawless in these scenes, and the remote scenes were as stunningly picturesque as I had ever seen on a daytime drama.  B&B could take home its second Emmy in a row for Drama Series with this one.  The other two competitors feel like long shots to me.  The Young and the Restless story of Victor getting Colleen’s heart via transplant just did not resonate with me, and I found myself asking, “Why don’t I feel anything more for this terribly dramatic situation?”  I think it was because at that point in the storyline, Victor did not deserve anyone’s heart!  All My Children’s, Who Shot Adam? (Which turned out to be Stuart), felt it was trying too hard to be an Agatha Christie whodunit, and it did not pull it off.   It’s going to be GH in the winner’s circle with lots of Cotton Candy edging out B&B, by one tear drop.


Nominee Handicapping:

  • The Bold and the Beautiful    4 to 1
  • As the World Turns               6 to 1
  • The Young and the Restless  6 to 1
  • All My Children                    10 to 1

WILL WIN: The Bold and the Beautiful

SHOULD WIN: The Young and the Restless

So who has all the ‘write’ stuff?  This category really surprised me. I could make a case for most all of the nominees and their choices to show off the hardest job in daytime, that of writing five episodes a week, or sometimes more, in this economical and soap climate!  The Young and the Restless really struck the right chord, with its perfect balance of what makes a good soap opera; heavy drama, an ill-advised wedding, DNA results, a blast from the past, and a good old-fashioned cake fight!  From Jill finding out that Katherine is the real deal and that they are no longer related, to Billy dragging his feet down the aisle to marry Chloe, and then his ex-flame, Mac shows up, to Sharon and Phyllis having another round of their loathing of one another… it was entertaining.  The Bold and the Beautiful chose once again the dying with dignity episodes, with the all-girl all-star cast of Flannery, Mills and White.  The writing, as mentioned before in the Drama Series category, especially in the end, was so moving, that I think the voters are going to give this to Brad Bell and his creative team.  It was a story everyone in the world is faced with or can relate to, and is simple, to the heart, and speaks to family matters.  And family is one of the core roots of storytelling of soap operas.  As the World Turns also masterfully dipped from heavy drama to comedy, thanks to Lynn Herring’s, Audrey, and Colleen Zenk Pinter’s, Barbara, and the hot debate on the topic of abortion between two sisters, Janet and Teri Ciccone (Julie Pinson and Vanessa Ray), over Liberty’s decision to abort her baby.   This show moved along and engaged the viewer on many levels with varied storylines.  And finally, what can I say about All My Children who picked Bianca’s wedding to Reese?  While I remember loving the beautiful vows when they were spoken, but having a hard time focusing on them because the show chose to juxtapose the first lesbian/same-sex soap wedding with runaway Greenlee’s motor cycle accident via Kendall, I go back to remembering that this whole story beat of Zack kissing lesbian Reese, or vice versa the night before her wedding, started all of this lunacy.  I just couldn’t in all good conscience go there.


Nominee Handicapping:

  • General Hospital:   2 to 1
  • The Bold and the Beautiful  4 to 1
  • One Life to Live   6 to 1
  • All My Children  7 to 1

WILL WIN:   General Hospital

SHOULD WIN: General Hospital

You can easily understand why the decision was made by each of the nominated shows to submit the following episodes for Outstanding Direction of a Drama Series. As I watched and viewed the work with my director’s hat on, here is what I came up with, and what I think the Academy will choose.  General Hospital delivered the most visually enthralling and suspenseful episode to hit daytime screens in a long time.   From the carnival rides, to the carnage, to Anthony Zacchara, to the flying bullets directed at Johnny and Spinelli, and the swift and dramatic intercuts, and able performances, GH showed again that when it comes to big splashy event must-see soap opera television, they are number one. The only thing that really bugged me, and that I thought looked odd was when Edward Q was in the car, and he plopped over, and his foot remained on the accelerator, and as the car came to the guard gate, it very, very slowly ran down the guard. Then all of a sudden, after that, it was zooming around causing mayhem all over the PC carnival grounds!  Calling the Continuity Dept?  The Bold and the Beautiful’s lavishly shot oceanside scenes as the backdrop to Ann Douglas’s death really took your breath away. And, how about that last little piece for dramatic effect?  A young Ann in red, walks out on the ocean planks towards the sea to symbolize she is on her way to heaven to be with her deceased mother.  The problem was that the interior scenes did not leave me feeling as much as those beautiful exteriors did.  One Life to Live surprised me with the fiery car crash that endangered the lives of Cole, Matthew, Gigi and Shane.  I really thought this episode was well directed and executed, because it’s hard to make car crash scenes in daytime look real.  And again, One Life, as they did this past year with the Ice Ice Baby storyline, has a knack for doing amazing things on their sets.   My one disclaimer: wouldn’t Marty have herniated a few discs, or broken her back, when she lifted up the entire car Cole was driving to free him from underneath it and screamed, “John! Save my son!”  Although, it was an interesting way to jump start Marty’s memories of Cole!  All My Children again went with their mystery whodunit with all the gun-toting, quick cut, suspenseful, “Who shot Adam?” material.  Only again, this was not one of my favorites, but who knows?  The academy might love it!

OK, so now you know who I think will, and should win on Emmy night.  Now it’s your turn.  Comment below, and let me know how you see Daytime’s biggest night of the year turning out for your favorite actors and soaps!

  1. Carole says:

    I want to see James Scott win. I think that overall he is the best actor on Daytime. Days is lucky to have him, Daytime is lucky to have him. He brings it to every scene. I suspect that he has a great future in acting ahead of him.


  2. Katie says:

    I think i’ll be utterly gutted if Crystal doesnt win on sunday. I think its because I followed the otalia story and it was so well written and close to my heart.


  3. Derrick says:

    Anyone but GH to win Best Drama!!!!

    B&B or Y&R. Considering Y&R was BADLY and WRONGFULLY snubbed last year, it’ll probably favor them PARTIALLY due to last year!!!!!
    I’m down with B&B winning Best Drama again but the death scene was their only good story from last year. They could win Writing but I just don’t think they’ll win Best Drama again!!!!!!
    Yes Y&R have issues right now but they do good story telling.


  4. Dayluver says:

    Hope DAYS snags a few awards, especially Scott in Lead Actor and Zuker in Supporting Actress. DAYS was ROBBED of a Drama Series nod…noway AMC deserved the nod over DAYS!


  5. Paul8184 says:

    Yeah, how did Days get snub for the Death of Baby Grace over AMC!

    Michael I like you picks for you most part, through As great Drew was last year going by the reels Scott should win easy.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hi Paul:
    Thanks for your comments. Just wanted you to know I did agree that Scott Clifton should win the Emmy based on the reels, which is why I gave him the “SHOULD WIN” while on the predictions post, I felt that voters probably would go with Garrett, so I marked him “WILL WIN”. So we are in a 100% agreement. Best, Michael


  6. semaj says:

    i think julie pinson should win because she did an amazing job in her emmy reel scenes i hope she wins she deserves to win this is her year to win.


  7. Ada says:

    I’m really hoping for James Scott to win! I don’t honestly think he will because I believe the CBS actors will vote for their guys and ABC probably will go with Park just because ATWT is being canceled. But as a fan its all JAMES SCOTT!


  8. Amber says:

    I know Scott had a good reel and have seen him on GH but to me he is forgettable where as with Drew Garrett he is unforgettable. I really hope Garrett wins nothing against Scott, but more to see how GH would respond to Garrett’s win.


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