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Fashion Review

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Who stole the show on the red carpet at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Award in Las Vegas? Who was hot, and who was not?  Well, once again, On-Air On-Soaps is bringing you our annual look at the glitz and glamour of red carpet Emmy fashion with four photo galleries featuring: the best dressed ladies, men, couples, and a unique photo gallery we simply call, Hmmm… No Captions Necessary.

But first, Days of our Lives, and Venice star, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DAYS, Laura, Venice) who is always on the soap A-list when it comes to fashion, was our exclusive fashion maven on Emmy night with an eye on the trends seen on the red carpet. Nadia filed this special report for On-Air On-Soaps! And then, she joined Michael Fairman to pick out our very special Emmy fashion review galleries below!  Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts on their picks!

Take Two: Daytime Stars Bring Sexy and Sinful to Vegas!

By Nadia Bjorlin
On-Air On-Soaps Emmy Fashion Contributor
You can read more of Nadia’s Beauty tips, thoughts, and secrets on her new Beauty Blog at NBC.com!

Sin City, Take 2! I’m having déjà-vu! After a long weekend filled with debauchery, dirty martinis, tons of parties and possibly some memory loss, we’ve all made it back from Vegas alive! The Daytime Emmys were once again a fun filled and glamorous occasion where all of Daytime showcased the best in fashion…or at least tried. I always love seeing what everyone’s wearing on the red carpet, and what the trends are.

This year, the trend was definitely a lot of white and nude tones. White is a really difficult color to wear, but these ladies did white right! Just look at Michelle Stafford and Heather Tom! Wow…I don’t think those bodies are included with the dresses, sadly enough…I am a fan of nude colored dresses, and gals like Laura Wright and Bree Williamson showed us how to do it well. Once again, there was a trend of a LOT of short cocktail dresses, and in my opinion, would have been more appropriate for the after parties. Oh well, call me old fashioned…

The women definitely out did the men this year…again. Gentlemen, is it THAT difficult to put on a tie? I guarantee you have no idea what pain is unless you’ve been taped into a skin tight dress! But some of the men made me proud, like Brandon Beemer (swear I’m not being biased!), Jason Thompson, Adam Gregory, and Shemar Moore. Well done, gentlemen…

Ok, now that I’m all hot and bothered, you can browse thru the picture gallery and decide for yourself who brought the sexy back to Daytime, and who…well… made some interesting choices…


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BEST DRESSED WOMEN on the carpet


BEST DRESSED MEN…on the carpet


CUTEST COUPLES on the carpet


HMMM…..No Captions Necessary


Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

  1. Emelee says:

    Heather Tom’s white dress was definitely the winner of this year. Stafford and Wright also showed great style. Not a big fan of gold or silver dresses, especially when showing too much boobs at the same time. For award shows, I am not too fond of short cocktail dresses. Nor do I like showing off stomach areas. When it comes to color, I dislike the mixing of purple with orange. That just is not a good look. There were many outfits there that I did not care for, but I will not mention names out of respect. As for the men, I feel some could have put more effort to it. Tie or bow tie should be required. And no funny business with pink shoes. Björlin/Beemer stunned as a matching couple.


  2. Tashas says:

    Best dressed female: Nadia Bjorlin

    Best dressed male: Shemar Moore


  3. Lisa (SwimCutieAKB) says:

    Lots and lots of beautiful dresses this year, but my top honors this year goes to Judi Evans. She was stunning in that green dress. Lots of gorgeous fellows on this list as well, but where the heck is Reckell on here? He looked great!


  4. Laura says:

    I thought Heather Thom and Michelle Stafford dresses were winner, as for the men..I thought Tristan Rogers was the sharpest dressed men..


  5. Lindsay says:

    My vote for best dressed male, and who SHOULD HAVE WON THE EMMY – James Scott, hands down.


  6. Dorothyg says:

    Nadia was absolutely gorgeous and her and Brandon looked great together.
    James Scott has my heart and he always looks good to me. He was so handsome and as always well-dressed. <3


  7. Imane Assi says:

    Th ony good thing about this show:Nadia and Brandon..even though most of the stars were looking great..but Nadia was the sunshine of the evening


  8. Aubrey wentworth says:

    Austin peck and Billy miller looked hot! On the red carpet. So did Judy Evans and Lindsay Hartley. Brandon Beemer looked horrible. Bow ties aghhh. Nadia looked gorgeous at the pre emmy party so did Lindsay Hartley and Terri Con. On the red carpet not so much. Did not love the dress. And terri conn was a fashion no no. Girlfriend those shoes, lord have mercy. Didn’t go with the dress.


    Pooter50 replied

    Nadia and Judy Evans……. Brandon and James Scott…….. That is all :)


  9. Sandy says:

    The best dressed male was Jason Thompson. He just looked amazing!


  10. Clarice says:

    Judi Evans looked fabulous……stunning! Best dressed.
    James Scott, what…can…I…say!!


  11. Doe says:

    Well, The best couple and the most beautiful are Nadia and yes ,Brendan, he is beautiful,too. The worst of the worst men and women looked like they were let loose in a used clothing store and threw any thing they could to put together an (dare I say ensemble)!! Bad taste every where. Boo…


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