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Fashion Review

By bilyfoster



By Lauren Koslow
Special Fashion Contributor On-Air On-Soaps 2012 Emmy Fashion Review

The stars were out at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday night for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy show televised on HLN! First of all, a huge shout out to HLN TV for hosting the event and giving daytime fans a chance to celebrate with their favorite artists & support their favorite shows!

Now on to the important things … the fashion! :) There was a mad crush before the red carpet (nothing quite like being pressed into a bottleneck of bejeweled, silk & satin sheathed, black tied bodies, massing toward a spotlighted, red gauntlet lined with screaming photographers, hungry press & pushy PR reps) However, it did give me a chance to have an up close … VERY CLOSE chat with the ever hot Shawn Christian (Collective sigh) AND as I looked around, to muse on the scarcity of fashion to review! Where was all the fabulous glam that daytime was so famous for providing at award shows?

Of course! Lights on … We LOST two more soap operas since last year, AMC & OLTL. Sad, but it was a reality check. We need to celebrate the continuing dramas we have left! Watch them! Talk about them! Get yourself on social media & spread the word! 
Now, with that said … let’s get down to the fashion review and the beautiful women & men in daytime … the highs, the lows, and THE HOTTIES. (Yup! My favorite category too) Overall, the men hit it out of the park this year. Most climbed into their black tie wear and the best did it with distinctive flair. The woman were more of a mixed group … I missed a lot of fashionistas from past years, but the ladies who did it best … REALLY ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! And yes, the category everyone loves to weigh in on … The “Oh No, You Didn’t” category is kind of still around. But this year, there no overwhelmingly BAD choices just Good intentions gone wrong … sometimes … VERY WRONG, so we will just call them “Misses”.

So with that said I took notes at the event (and a few personal pics), poured over the photos and the looks of the night, and came up with The Hits, The Misses, Some Special Awards and much more in On-Air On-Soaps Annual Daytime Emmy Fashion Review below! Take a look at galleries, and then weigh-in with your thoughts too in the comment section!

Enjoy, Lauren


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Best Dressed Women

Best Dressed Men

Best Couples – Perfect Plus Ones

Elegant at Any Age

Hot Hemlines! Short and Sassy

Special Fashion Awards

Michael’s Terrible Ties – Men suffering from Prom Syndrome



Fashion Gallery Photo Credits: Kathy Hutchins

Caption It

Now here is your chance to caption some of these fun photos from Daytime Emmy Night 2012. We gave you some preliminary suggestions, but you should riff off that and create your own. Post your creative captions in our comment section below. Lauren and Michael will review the best captions and the winner will be announced later in the week on Twitter and here in the fashion review!


“WHAT?! David Bowie’s on the red carpet?!?!”

BITE Me ..
  1. Stephanie says:

    Did I miss it? Deidre Hall not on the Best Dressed list?


  2. Tammy says:

    Absolutely your statement about the Talented Knock Out Crystal Chappell! Kudos


  3. Jules says:

    A few random comments:

    1) Lisa LoCicero’s dress looks ripped in that “caption it” picture (and I mean dress ripped, not abs…those they look to be too)!
    2) Jennifer Landon looks like Kathy Griffin so much in that picture.
    3) Crystal Chappell’s dress looks like a shmata/rag!
    4) People loved Michelle Stafford’s dress, but I agree with her “miss” placement. I usually die over her looks because she has the height and body for everything, but I didn’t like this dress or the colour.
    5) Catherine Bach and Judi Evans are so beautiful, but I agree both dresses didn’t look or fit right. Judi looks like a female body builder and Catherine’s is too binding.
    6) Peter Bergman would get my fav male award. “Charm” is a good word, but I’d have used “dapper”.
    7) I HATED Chrishell Stause’s dress. That hot pink was not cute.

    My favs (in no order):
    Shelly Hennig, Ari Zuker (minus those awful extensions! Second year she’s worn those!), Deidre Hall, Alicia Minshew, Becky Herbst, Erika Slezak, Julie Berman, Christel Khalil, Missy Reeves, Molly Burnett

    My least favs (in no order):
    Liz Hendrickson, Crystal Chappell, Kristen Alderson, Laura Wright, Susan Lucci, Camela Banus, Judi Evans, Catherine Bach, Melody Thomas Scott


  4. SwimCutieAKB says:

    Curves become deliciously dangerous when Judi Evans shows hers off by wearing a cutout. She looks stunning in the Mark Zunino and is definitely NOT deserving of placement on the “miss” list.


  5. Karen says:

    I find it hard to believe that Deidre Hall wasn’t included in the Best Dressed Women? She was most definately one of the most stunning among the women.


  6. RobinAshley says:

    Well Crystal Chappell does have great legs lol Would have loved to see them… But whether you liked the dress or not she was still radiant. Her skin and face just glows in that picture!


  7. RobinAshley says:

    Oh and Judi Evans is HOOOTTTTTT!!!!


  8. Soapy says:

    Suzanne Rogers — perfect dress to match her personality and show off those great legs. Caught a glimpse of John Aniston but no mention — so I’ll say — very classy!!


  9. JustMe says:

    I love Crystal Chappell to pieces, but I agree with her placement on the misses list. That frumpy dress did nothing for her beautiful figure. And what’s with the random red shawl? Show off those gorgeous gams next time, CC!

    But I thought Judi Evans looked great in her dress! She’s always showing some skin.


  10. Melina K says:

    I love Jacqui MacInnes Wood dress it was bold but not too much, I also thought Christel Khalil and Shelly Henning had beautiful dresses too. Good fashion recap!


  11. twinpugz says:

    Seems like some pot calling the kettle black in this… I’m just saying!

    Judy – Loved
    Michelle – Loved
    Crystal – Love Crystal, would you have rather her wear a cutout or something slutty? I love that she didnt feel the need to let it all hang out! She was glowing and her and Michael looked great together!!!!


  12. sporty191 says:

    I thought Crystal looked beautiful!! Like Robin said she looked radiant! She has a glow about her! Crystal Chappell is just a stunningly beautiful woman regardless of the dress she is wearing : ) I also thought Judi Evans looked beautiful! What dress is hit or miss is all subjective… 1 persons like is another persons dislike : )


  13. Manelli1234 says:

    I thought Crystal Chappell Looked beautiful!


  14. Otalia69 says:

    Crystal Chappell & Judi Evans are NEVER ‘misses’, showing off their boobs, legs, abs, arms, it doesn’t matter…just as long as they show them off, they both looked fabulously yummy…☮♡☺xo♥♀♀✩ツ♫


  15. david says:

    Erika Slezak looked fabulous like a movie star. No one could mistake her for a porn star (referring to the THR description).


  16. sweetzles says:

    Sharon, Elizabeth, Kate, Kristian, Molly, Arianne, and Michelle are my favorites! I think Michelle’s dress went perfectly with the style, and color of her hair. She didn’t deserve to be on the ‘Missed’ list!


  17. LynnW512 says:

    Crystal Chappell and Judi Evans are never “misses”. Could Crystal have worn a more sexy, more revealing dress, absolutely. Was it necessary? No. She is beautiful in most everything she wears. Robin & Sporty I agree, she was radiant. Personally I loved Judi’s dress, she looked HOT!.


  18. Cindy says:

    Sharon Case definitely was one of the best dressed! Great choices Lauren!


  19. Jessi says:

    everyone has their opinions and im gonna start with mine when it comes to Judi… Any woman who has that curves and can show it off, I say go for it! as long as its not showing too much and she didn’t. Beautiful color, perfect for a black tie affair… I say, way to go Juds!

    On to Crystal Chappell. Even though I still think her dress two years ago (the Teal/Silver) is still probably the BEST dress she has ever ever worn and oh that hair! … ok i’m back… this years dress defiantly an improvement from last years. As much as showing off her legs was uber sexy… I never find silver long sleeve with that short of a dress a good combo, but thats just me! This year seemed more casual but defiantly a good choice!


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