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Fashion Review

By bilyfoster



By Lauren Koslow
Special Fashion Contributor On-Air On-Soaps 2013 Emmy Fashion Review
Welcome back to the Red Carpet Roll Up for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Show! Once again I’d like to give a shout out to HLN TV for hosting the show and giving the most enthusiastic audience around (daytime viewers!!) a chance to celebrate their favorite shows. AND …YES! There IS a lot to celebrate…ratings are up, two of our beloved, cancelled soaps came back online, more indie soaps are finding their audiences, and the fabulous four; DOOL, B&B , Y&R , GH are reinvigorated, with multigenerational storytelling that is relevant & riveting! So congrats everyone & let’s keep it going!!!! Watch your favorite shows (in real time when possible) Talk about your shows, Tweet about your shows…Facebook…you get the idea! The daytime community is strong …make it be heard! Okay….off the soapbox and onto the carpet….

This year, I was determined to avoid the mad crush onto the red rug littered with sequins, sweat and tears (weary photographers!) So I cruised in early, walked the carpet, did my interviews and set out to scout the daytime fashionistas! With so much to celebrate I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the “Glam” level this year. Daytime stars have always been high wattage on the red carpet but this was not one of those occasions…and I’m going to blame the MEN! Is it SO very difficult to go black tie for ONE night?! Come on guys!! (More about this later… in the misses section!) It seems this event is becoming an “ever less formal” event for many participants and I say…what fun is that?!

So men … dress up! Do you think women are “comfortable” in their 6 inch heels, sequins, rhinestones, boned bodices & bustiers, trailing silk and chiffon ( that YOU are constantly stepping on!!) NOOO.. we’re NOT, but we wear the clothing for the occasion because that’s what you DO…and it makes it special and nice and glamorous and FIERCE for everyone! That said…invest in a great tux. It will last you forever or close to… (Tom Ford, Prada , Hugo Boss anyone? ) and besides, you can always get a good tux altered and updated so…there you go! Next year, I want to see more hot men in Black tie! Hullo … can we say Daniel Craig? Now, that man knows how to Black tie it!

Sorry Blake Berris, you know I love you (most fabulous man & actor ) and that’s why I am going to use you as an example!! :-) because you looked SO damn hot last year, sleek, modern & SO appropriate …but this year, you succumbed to the ‘club/party’ easy way out look…why? We missed you setting that high bar so……PLZ Lead the way back to elegance & glamour…there are so many woman and men who will thank you for it!!

Glam is good, Glam is great…it’s the reason we HAVE A RED CARPET!! Anyway…thankfully, lots of the women were willing to put in the effort and it paid off as you’ll see in the following sections.  Maybe some of your favorites are listed, maybe not…I didn’t see everyone (some peeps skipped the carpet!)…So please feel free to send us your pics as well. I KNOW a lot of you want some down & dirty “what were you thinking?” commentary and while I LOVE Joan Rivers, in the spirit of NOH8…I’m going easy on folks…hey, we ALL make mistakes ( I still have mixed feeling on my look this year!) SO….this year’s hits, hotties & not so much’s (yeah… what were you thinking?!)

Enjoy, Lauren









Fashion Gallery Photo Credits: Kathy Hutchins
  1. Jules says:

    Before the divine Lauren Koslow’s thoughts get posted, I thought I’d just put mine out there:

    I thought MOST looked beautiful! There were way fewer that I didn’t like.

    Best Dressed (in no order):
    Katherine Kelly Lang- she dressed like she was ready to win
    Heather Tom- though I HATED her hair. HATED. Her dress was smashing.
    Lauralee Bell
    Arianne Zuker
    Jen Lilley
    Melody Thomas Scott
    Emme Rylan
    Laura Wright- that colour on her was to. die. for.
    Jaqueline MacInnes Woods- her dress was a little low up top, but she looked beautiful
    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Kristen Alfonso
    Aisha Tyler
    Julie Chen
    Betheny Frankel- structurally I liked it! It was different and cool! Though she needs to eat a cookie.
    Julie Marie Berman
    Chrishell Stause

    Worst Dressed:
    Camilla Banus
    Kristen Alderson- nice makeup, not a fan of her dress
    Lindsay Hartley- why so orange?
    Lisa LoCicero- you are such a babe. What is with these torn out gowns?
    Catherine Bach
    James Scott’s glasses choice- …..why!?!?

    Michelle Stafford- who I usually love, and whose dress I thought I loved, until I saw the lower half
    Finola Hughes- her hair and makeup were gorg, but the dress was blah. Funny, for a “fashionista” I rarely like her taste in clothes
    Erika Szlezak- those sleeves were not becoming on her. Had they been on the tops of her shoulders I think she would have looked a lot better.
    Melissa Archer- nice colour, but I wasn’t wowed.
    Nancy Lee Grahan- something about her dress…even though it fit her like a glove and all the right elements were there, I just wasn’t completely feeling. Maybe it was the colour? The material?


  2. bc says:

    Pictures from online show most gowns don’t translate well on carpet. Whoever styled kkl is trying to replicate 1 of kerry washington’s gowns. Too bad for kkl though bec kerry’s styling and beauty are superior. Fashion houses must not lend these actresses any gowns. What the heck was w/ stafford deliberately photobombing valentini and slezak? Maybe she’s angling for a role on gh. It’s really something whenever gay males date men who look like replicas of themselves IF that is carlivati’s bf that he’s pictured w/. Ick at unfunny kathy griffin being there. Is she promoting her soon to flop talk show w/ anderson cooper? Talk show of kathy flopped. Talk show of anderson flopped. What does stupid hollywood do? Combine 2 flop talk show hosts to 1 show! Giggles. Only new talk show w/ any promise is “The Real” w/c has a panel full of racial minority women. It’s great that CBS’s 1st lady julie chen showed up to mingle w/ her employees. Whatever happened to that casting call for julie spencer from b&b? That char could have been an Asian american woman married to a spencer and that char could have been named after julie chen! There are never any Asian american women on b&b even if LA and fashion are very racially diverse. Only julie chen represents for Asian american women on CBS schedule. Best hair of the night goes to julie chen!


  3. Libby says:

    Best Dressed:

    Lauren Koslow
    Kristian Alfonso
    Jen Lilley
    James Scott’s Girlfriend – Kaitlin
    Julie Marie Berman
    Melody Thomas Scott
    Cady McClain
    Kathy Griffin
    Julie Chen
    Aisha Tyler
    Lauralee Bell
    Lindsey Godfrey
    Kelly Monaco
    Robin Meade
    James Scott
    Steve Harvey
    Tuc Watkins
    Chandler Massey
    Jason Thompson

    Worst Dressed:

    Sara Gilbert
    Lindsay Hartley
    Giada De Laurentis
    Sharon Osborne
    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Judi Evans
    Carrie Fisher


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