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Fashion Review

By bilyfoster

By Lauren Koslow
Special Fashion Contributor On-Air On-Soaps

Hey Onliners!!  It’s Emmy Fashion review time again!

The 2014 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet was the site of…um, some controversy this year. Times change, trends rule & rules are made to be broken.  And I DO like a blast of spontaneity-why not?!  We can even take “serious” down a notch.  But let’s keep the style mantra of fashion doyenne Lynn Wyatt in mind: “Class with a dash of sass but never trash.” Just saying…

So, I’m here to talk fashion…and in general, the fashion was pretty fabulous. There appears to be a transition in the style of the ceremony and some of the sartorial choices reflected the less formal atmosphere of the event. Only time will tell if this formally black tie gala will go “Hollywood Cocktail glam” #staytuned

“Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things” Jean Cocteau. There were a lot of different statements being made on Sunday night.  Jeweled and beaded gowns evoked eras past — “Old Hollywood” looks that are always crowd pleasers.  Short, sophisticated dresses and edgy trouser ensembles were a definite trend and they looked fresh & modern. Overall … most everyone looked camera ready for their close up! (and for those who weren’t …we have some do’s & don’ts…all subject to personal taste, of course!!)







Some pairing that just worked so well together!


Blasts of why not spontaneity!



The “What Were You Thinking” brigade…aka the Do’s & Don’ts!!!!

Okay, it’s the Emmy awards but you still don’t feel like doing full drag.

There are ways to dress less formally and still be in a fashion groove.


Fashion Gallery Photo Credits: Kathy Hutchins
  1. Jules says:

    My choices……….in no order!


    Amelia Heinle – not many people can pull off orange but she did. And I loved the floral accents.

    Kristen Alderson – That hot pink with aqua accents looked smashing. And I liked the cut of the dress too where it gave the illusion it was showing more than it was.

    Elizabeth Hendrickson – same as Amelia, yellow is a tough colour. But on her small frame and skin colour, she just glowed in it. She looked like Belle.

    Melissa Reeves – that monochromatic satin looked great on her. Great length, showed off her small body and her greatest asset, her ridONKULOUS arms!

    Sharon Case

    Kathy Griffin – yes, I said it.

    Melissa Ordway – Loved the bold print and colour choice. Different from anything else on the carpet. Plus, her groovy hair completed the modern 70s look perfectly.

    Finola Hughes – much improved over last year. Though I would still argue it may have been a tad too young for her.

    Eileen Davidson – she dressed like she was ready to win. I think her makeup should have been a little more subdued and natural, but overall, a definite gorgeous number.

    Camilla Banus – Simple but gorgeous.

    Greg Vaughan – Just look at him.

    Michelle Stafford – In general, I have liked her Emmy looks. I think she makes interesting choices (though with a body like that she can afford to!). I don’t think this was one of my favourites, but I liked it enough, especially on her.


    Katherine Kelly Lang – if she dressed like a winner last year (which she wasn’t a winner, but L-rd came like she was ready to be one), she knew she was a loser this year. That dress was a bad attempt at goth….and that hair! Oh the horror!

    Kassie Depiva – she looked amazing, but she was dressed for a family barbeque! Why so informal?

    Chrisell Stause – it was just a weird dress to me. Yeah midriffs are “in” but it wasn’t a great look.

    Jessica Collins – what was with that hair??? Did you wash it within the last 5 days? And the heels were a little ridiculous (from the angle I could see them)

    Lisa Martsolf – I include her because we saw a lot of her on the carpet and at the awards. Just wasn’t a fan of that tight hair and cuts to the dress.

    Kate Linder – Well…you know.

    Cady McClain – those shoulder pads!

    Kelly Monaco – the hair was just too promy to me…those curls to one side? Just not a fan in general.

    Casey Moss – not my cup of tea

    Maura West – interestingly, she looked better on camera with those twits who thought she was dating/should date Tyler Christopher. But in pictures, the dress had no shape and her makeup looked like a clown. Sorry!


    Melissa Clair Egan

    Mishal Morgan

    Ari Zuker – I can’t decide what I felt about her dress; I didn’t hate it. It reminded me of Halle Berry’s Oscar dress where there were strategically places flowers but otherwise it showcased her bangin upper body. Let’s just say had this dress been on ANYONE else, it would have been a definite miss.

    Heather Tom – Some angles I liked it, some I didn’t. I did love the hair though.

    Emme Rylan – Hated the hair, liked the dress.


  2. DaysFan says:

    Kate Mansi does not at all belong on the worst dressed list. I think she looked very classy with her suit look. A woman doesn’t need to be all dolled up with boobs up to her chest, or in a dress, to be beautiful. I think the plunging neckline was done beautifully on her, and was a really nice way to make the look feminine.
    I would have switched out positions for Kate Mansi and Chrishell Strausse, personally. Chrishelle’s wasn’t really that cute.


    Jules replied

    Mansi is in the “Do” section of the better alternative to what was done wrong, in this case Meredith. Read the description. And in the podcast with MF, Lauren glows about Mansi’s look. She’s not in the worst category at all! She’s the example of good, for Lauren.


    DaysFan replied

    Thank you for pointing that out! I was just flipping through in a hurry, and saw the “what were they thinking” part. It must be my iPad because I can’t see any text at all, just the photos.
    I was bummed to think that she made the “what were you thinking’ list, because I loved it! haha!
    Thank you for clearing that up!

  3. Elle says:

    hmmm….a little bias towards all of the Days people being #1 in all the categories. Amelia Heinle’s orange silk chiffon gown with floral applique was best dressed IMO. Half of the dresses should not be on the list.

    Michael, I know fashion is subjective, but I believe you should have someone that is unrelated to any of the shows to be an objective contributor. Lauren is obviously on TeamDOOL/NBC.


  4. Jamie says:

    I actually agree with most of these choices. I really didn’t like Amelia Heinle’s dress at all. The flowers were just too much and I thought she looked tired. Kate Mansi came across as a bit try hard for me. Did not like that at all. Missy Reeves I thought was stunning and I loved her hair. I like that Katherine Kelly Lang at least made an effort to dress up, unlike Crystal Chappell who looked like she just stopped by. If we want the awards to be taken seriously, then dress like you are heading to the awards instead of heading to the Mall, just my opinion.


  5. lbtexas24 says:

    Best dressed gals were (by far) Eileen Davidson & Sharon Case. I would have included Lauren Koslow too if she had skipped that chiffon blouse. Overall it looked like people were invited to different events (& thus different dress codes)…some people were WAAAAY too casual.


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