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by Lauren Koslow
Special Fashion Contributor On-Air On-Soaps

It’s Daytime Emmy Fashion Review time again, although in full disclosure I must admit the past week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me: My husband and I are smack in the middle of a major move, sorting thru and packing up 20+ years of household— I cut my hand in the process, barely got to the Daytime Emmy red carpet on time and missed getting an up- close and personal view of a lot of the red carpet fashion. However, Michael Fairman and I got together for a late night summit and I was able to pull together some top fashion Hits and Misses.

In general, happy to report that the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmys made an effort to restore the glam factor to the awards. In return, the stars stepped up the style for this year’s ceremonies, in the new venue on the Warner Brothers lot. I have to give props to the men who looked FINE—sleek and Hollywood hip! And as for the women, there were so many fabulous looks we had to lengthen our top ten list! You go girls!!!

Usually, I disqualify my dress (although I have been critical of my choices, at times) but this year I have to say I absolutely loved my Paolo Sebastian gown – the detail and construction was just divine, my only wish is that everyone could have been seen more of it on the red carpet! Clearly, Mr. Sebastian was a very popular choice of designer this year as you will see in my Best Dressed picks.

While style was everywhere at the Emmys, some of it seem less appropriate for a black tie event and more in the flavor of…..well, a different kind of party ! All in good fun, folks…cuz you looked your “own” kind of fabulous too! You’ll see in our “misses” list

So kudos to the daytime stars who took the time to dress and impress us! You gave the Daytime Emmys red carpet a much needed lift this year.




BEST DRESSED MEN: The men of style from hot to cool!




Fashion Gallery Photo Credits: Kathy Hutchins
  1. Jules says:

    My take before Lauren gets a crack at it….

    (My opinion, in no order)

    Alison Sweeney – not a winner’s dress (unintended foreshadowing?) but still killer on her body.
    Dierdre Hall – bow down, b!tche$. This woman shows everyone of any age how it’s done. She’s ageless.
    Kelly Thiebaud – Very sexy dress. She looked like a real woman in it.
    Amelia Heinle – Loved her lace dress. She definitely could have done more with her hair but she looked very ethereal.
    Emmy Rylan – Her choices are always fun, flirty and different than anyone else’s.
    Jen Lilley – Her dress killed! She looked amazing! Old Hollywood!
    Chrishelle Stause – Hot pink and black is a great colour combo and her ensemble just looked really great.
    Lauren Koslow – She looked fab! Really, kudos!
    Melissa Reeves – Another one who has great style! Knows her body (amaze by the way…have you seen this lady’s arms???), her age and what works.
    Gina Tognoni – Totally unexpected kind of dress but I dig it! She looked great.
    Karla Mosely – She looked very nice in blue.
    Eileen Davidson – Hot.

    Tracey Bergman – See “Dierdre Hall” and “Melissa Reeves”. The opposite of that. Dear heavens!!!
    Laura Wright – That dress looked cheap (too drape-y) and those extensions were a bit much. It looked ridiculous.
    Ari Zuker – This one hurts. This woman has stems and a torso for days. But that gold did nothing for her complexion and the loose fit was not exactly flattering.
    Melissa Clair Egan – Of all the curtains to make a dress out of, why the most matronly one?
    True O’Brien – That dress did not look right for her age.

    Maura West – I know she wears what she can afford, but it was a chiffon cocktail dress to go out with the hubby with, not an award show dress (and hair).
    Kelly Monaco – The woman can wear anything, and I liked it all until I saw the peek-a-boo skin on her sides. It was a sleek black dress, great makeup and hair. The cutouts were not necessary.
    Kirsten Storms – didn’t rock my world.
    Kassie DePiva – Better than last year’s casual look, but still looks like it lacks effort. It didn’t look bad, just not entirely appropriate.
    Cady McClain – Er…???? Not my cup of tea on her.
    Finola Hughes – The dress was nice, her hair and makeup were killer, but, and I know this is touchy, but she just looked way too thin in it.


    Stina replied

    agreed! Kirsten storms dress was pretty for a high school awards night, not for the Emmys.
    a lot of the dresses weren’t tailored properly. I know these stars do not make the same kind of money as prime time or movie starts, but come on, they can all afford a tailor!


    Stina replied

    Kristie Alderson had a great dress! as did Emme Rylan. not a fan of the dutch maid braid though


    Stina replied

    *kristen Alderson

  2. Stina says:

    Why were all the actresses dressed so casually? It was a nighttime awards show. Most of them put minimal effort. Too many short dresses. not appropriate for this type of event.


  3. Carolyn says:

    Great choices! I do agree with the hits and misses.


  4. Mary Lou DeVriendt says:

    When Ryan Paevey’s slide came on I literally stopped breathing. I’m not kidding! I had to tell myself to breathe. How gorgeous can one human being be? He was dressed to perfection.


  5. Deborah says:

    I was there they were all beautiful and dressed just right for a 5 pm show. It was so much fun being in the bleachers and seeing everyone all dressed up.


  6. Sheila says:

    Heather Tom’s dress imo was the worst ever followed by Tracey Bregman a split second behind


  7. Lily says:

    I think it was a bit much to include Chrishell on the miss list. Her dress really fit her personality. Fun, youthful and bubbly. Chrishell wasn’t walking the red carpet. She was interviewing soap stars for soapcentral. If she were still representing Days or presenting an award then criticize her outfit.

    My absolute favorite dresses were worn by Camila Banus and Kristen Alfonso. Beautiful old world glamor brought back to the red carpet this year. They looked just how you’d want a * star * at such an event to look.

    I didn’t care for Kassie DePaiva’s gown at all. How dull. And, Mary Beth Evans needed to lose that ugly black ‘wrap’ immediately. As far as Nancy O’Dell – what a boring, safe choice. Peplum really? It seems standard fare for her. She has a great body for sure, but that was an uninspiring fashion choice.

    I thought Eric Martsolf looked very charming in his tux choice while Galen Gering, although so very handsome, in pretty standard black tie. I would have definitely put Eric on the list and bumped Galen.

    While I have to agree with Lauren about her own dress being a spectacular design, I thought her hair a mess with that dress. It didn’t fit the glamor of the dress at all. I think if she had swept her hair up it would have kept her cooler too on such a hot walk down the carpet ;)

    Hit or miss, I do love that you put these fashion Emmy reviews out Michael. It keeps with the fun and excitement of the event and it’s always interesting to hear everyone’s different thoughts on fashion. Best of all the Emmy’s this year were so fantastic. What a welcome step up for all involved.


  8. Sharon says:

    I think Linsey Godfrey blew everyone else out of the water in her stunning red gown! Not to mention her courageous walk out on stage. She is a winner!


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