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A DAY of DAYS – 45th Anniversary Event

By Michael Fairman

It was a time to celebrate, chat with press, and meet the fans, for the cast of the longest running scripted television show in NBC’s history.  I can only be talking about Days of our Lives, which celebrated this week its 45th anniversary! And to kick of the festivities, NBC’s third annual fan event, A Day of DAYS was held again at City Walk at Universal Studios, in Universal City, California on November 6, 2010.  For the second year in a row, the Samba Restaurant was place to be seen and hang out, as the On -Air On-Soaps crew chatted with all of the current cast that were in attendance in video interviews, and we came up with some fun web gems that we think you will get a kick out of for a long time to come.

To view the Video Gallery to the right on this page and watch 16 interviews with the DAYS cast, remember hit the NEXT GROUP button to the right of the + symbol on the thumbnail gallery and it will shuttle you to the next set of videos.

On-Air On-Soaps was once again in our same designated spot in the mezzanine over looking the entire press gathering, and we had a birds-eye view of the hustle and bustle of the day. The actors time was efficiently allotted in order for them to chat and do press with various media outlets from across the country, as well as their time being accounted for in autograph sessions held outside on City Walk. There are certainly no soap opera fans like DAYS fans. They are passionate, loyal, fierce, and speak their minds!  So for these Salem loyalist’s who traveled from across the country, or just from the Southern California area, getting the opportunity to meet, get a picture and an autograph from the likes of an EJ, Sami, Bo, or Carly was enough to stir up a frenzy as witnessed by even casual A DAY of DAYS observers. As in year’s past, the actors were paired off in a rotation. So, half the stars took part in meeting the fans in the morning rotation, half rotated through the press, and then they switched off for the afternoon session.   James Scott and Renee Jones, Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell, Molly Burnett and Shawn Christian, Joe Mascolo and Lauren Koslow, Josh Taylor and James Reynolds, Camilla Banus and Casey Deidrick, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes, Melissa Reeves and Ty Treadway, Eric Martsolf and Arianne Zuker, and Chandler Massey and Galen Gering, where the duos we dished with. Single chitchats were held with Alison Sweeney, Peggy McKay, Nadia Bjorlin, and Jay Johnson.  And one trio that needs no introduction also made the rounds: Suzanne Rogers, Louise Sorel and John Aniston.

As many On-Air On-Soaps site followers know, we presented DAYS 45 Gold Medals to winners in 12 categories as picked by you, the fans, in a ten day voting feature on our website.  DAYS 45 Gold Medal Winners: Crystal Chappell, Peter Reckell, Shawn Christian, James Scott, Chandler Massey, Arianne Zuker and John Aniston, were truly humbled, tickled pink, and shocked, when during our video interviews we handed out to them personally their winning medals.  From acceptance speeches to genuine heartfelt thanks to the fans, it proved there is nothing like the actors who inhabit the characters you love to love and love to hate everyday.  We won’t spoil these little gems for you, you will just have to view the Video Interview Gallery to the right to see the medal presentations!

As we completed our final interview of the day in a scurry and quickly with Galen Gering and Chandler Massey, it was time for the stellar… and might we add, the sexiest and perhaps the most stunning cast in daytime, to line-up and get ready for the grand finale of the afternoon… the red carpet walk to the City Walk stage.  It was there that was to be the final destination for the cast, and the annual Q&A in front of the legions of excited fans.  One fan asked to get a hug from the hot guys in the cast, or as many cast members as she could! Another fan wanted Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell to kiss. Those were just a few of the intense and hilarious moments of the afternoon session. And, since it was DAYS 45th, it was legendary soap couple, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes who were given the honors to lead the crowd with some help from the Salem kid set including, Terrell Ransom Jr. and Lauren Boles in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Days of our Lives.  Next, it was Susan’s turn to cut the first piece of anniversary cake and ring in the 45th season of DAYS.  The afternoon concluded with a spine-tingling NBC November extended DAYS promo teaser of what is to come in upcoming episodes of the series, which had the audience in attendance; squealing and applauding, with the shocking jaw-droppers of what is to come.

As we called it a fait accompli as the day came to it’s conclusion, we reflected on the tremendous accomplishments from the DAYS cast, crew, and production, who were able to stave off cancellation just a few years ago, by taking drastic measures with budgets, story, cast casualties and production changes to ensure that DAYS soldiered on. On-Air On-Soaps prepared a very special photo gallery to the right of this page of the sights and memorable moments of the third annual A Day of DAYS.   Letting the 31 images tell the story of the day, make sure to click on the NEXT GROUP icon located to the right of the + symbol on the photo gallery slideshow thumbnail groupings.  That way you won’t miss an image! Or, you can watch the slideshow on automatic.   All in all, it was a time to reflect, look forward, and most of all celebrate the unwavering popularity of the cast and the characters that inhabit Salem, with the people most responsible for its success… you, the devoted DAYS fans. Happy 45th Days of our Lives!  

Exclusive Video

Exclusive Photos

Photo credit: JPI Studios

  1. J says:

    That is awesome! love the pictures and I can’t wait for the interviews. Love Crystal and Peter!!!!!


  2. Sthur says:

    Thank you for the vids! They are hilarious! Especially the one with Crystal and Peter.. :-D !!


    Nanda replied

    These are the best interviews ever! Thank you Michael.
    Love CC, she will always have a special place in my heart and I am one of those fans that always vote in every poll she is nominated for, or not (sometimes we have to write her in, lol). Love Peter too, and I want CARBO.


  3. Sally says:

    Love the one of Susan Rogers and the actress who plays Ciara. I also love the one of Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes.:)

    Be great if you could create a photo album of Days through the years not just current.

    Don’t forget Robert Clary who played Robert LeClair. That shows right there how long I have been watching Days. LOL!!!!


  4. Jam says:

    Love the interviews but have to say the one with Bill & Susan Hayes is my favorite. Susan has been my favorite soap actress since she took over the role of Julie, and of course, Doug & Julie are still my favorite couple. Wish they were on the show more!


  5. AlyciaRashea says:

    Thank you so much Michael for that wonderful fun interview with our beloved Shawn Christian and the beautiful Molly. That was such a treat… Thanks also for the Insatiable Danloe love. As a long time hard core Insatiable Danloe member and fan, it’s great to see how this couple has progressed. We love the couple and we have nonthing but Love and Respect for the actors that play them. Thanks Michael again, you are the best. xoxo AlyciaRashea ~~~ The Shawn Christian Angel.


  6. Keia says:

    Thanks for all of the great interviews Michael! :)

    I really loved the James Scott and Renee Jones interview the most!

    Renee looks absolutely stunning, James was hot as ever!

    I am also glad that he plans to keep his current hairstyle for a while! It looks great and SO sexy on him!


  7. Sarah says:

    Michael, I adore you! You do the BEST interviews!!! I love you. I love all your interviews with the cast of Days from DoD. Such a great day, Such a fabulously entertaining cast. Michael, you are wonderful! Thank you for all you do. Bravo!! xoxo


  8. mememe says:

    Michael, it’s obvious how much you love soap operas and the actors — that’s why I always enjoy watching and reading your interviews. Thank you so much for posting these. I especially enjoyed James Scott’s and Renee Jones’ interview — so cute!!! They are gorgeous people. I love their scenes together on Days.


  9. Chris says:

    Michael thank you for ALL the interviews. So nice to see the cast as themselves. I live in Australia and will never get to any of these events, so appreciate it so very much. I am impressed with all the cast, what a great bunch they are! Have got to be honest watching Shawn’s interview was a highlight. He is an amazing actor and an even more amazing person. I am proud to be part of the SC Angels.
    Thank you for sharing the interviews and photos with us all.


  10. Vicky says:

    Thank you so much, Mr. Fairman, for the interviews! My favorite was that of my fave Galen Gering and Chandler Massey. That Galen is so hilarious and HOT, ofcourse! I was in stitches especially about the poll. Pls. tell him that not all SAFE fans vote in any polls. But for us, he’s the winner in every category there is! He’s the best! He’s the reason why I got hooked on DOOL again. He’s definitely a great actor which he just proved to all in the dying scene of Ari. I was so touched at his performance, I cried with him! Here’s hoping that TPTB continue to give him a great SAFE SL. More power to you!


  11. Cory says:

    Watched them all and had lots of fun giggles in each of them!!!
    You are darn good at what you do and I wish more of the interviewers out there were more like you Michael!!!!
    Job well done as always Michael!!!!


  12. Sariah says:

    Thank you for the interviews! I especially loved hearing from Jay and Nadia – can’t wait to see what the show has in store for Phloe!


  13. jenet says:

    loved the james and renee interview and also ali’s too…Oh James was so adorble, he looked really touched by his medals..

    did anyone catch what michael said to galen about james winning the awards? he seemed a little bit put out, so he told him that he had more comments…which I know for a fact is total BS, James and Ejami had way way more comments than Safe..let a lone rafe!!
    i gess he try to be nice!


  14. rachel says:

    Alison Sweeney: “I’ve been permanently scarred by EJAMI for life” :haha:

    btw michal ejami was like 550 nombers bigger then sami and gman this is not a lot in your eyes well! agein thenk you! james is the best we love him and thenk god the hair will stay short and galen was nice to!


  15. jsfan says:

    James, Renee, and Alison are terrific!!! Alison marked for life with an Ejami scar! LOL!!!
    james humility over winning those two medals. He is such a sweetheart.
    Kudos for NBC to making sure AS does interviews by herself than paired with JS and AS. They don’t want to cause any trouble.


  16. lovingit says:

    Loved Chandler’s reaction so cute. Hated how GG stole his thunder.

    OMG Renee and James – that was my favorite interview ever. I just love those 2 and there have been many times I wished they weren’t related on the show cuz they are both just gold. Love their sibling chemistry though. They were so cute and funny in this interview

    I’m a huge Bope fan but PR and CC were absolutely adorable and I love CC. I LMAO. Love that she won for one she wasn’t even nominated for.

    AZ and EM LOL. Az saying “so I’m a car, are you saying I’m fat?”

    Loved all the interviews. Michael you are the best! Always enjoy your interviews the most. Thanks for doing this.


  17. hiloi6 says:

    Thank you so much for all of these wonderful interviews Michael. Yours are by far the best I’ve seen from DoD. You really know all about these actors and ask really great questions.
    My favorite of course was the interview with Peter and Crystal. They are just lovely. I particularly loved hearing them talk about what they like about working together. The respect and trust they have really does come across onscreen, just as it did in the 90′s. Plus…they’re just so pretty.
    Thanks again!


  18. Sarah says:

    Watching all the interviews again today, I continue to gain respect for this fun group of actors. Cheers to their enjoyment of their work and dedication to the show and appreciation of the fans. My favorite interviews are Crystal/Peter (sexy personified and hilarious!), Susan/Louise/John (class with a capital C), little Lauren and Terrell (adorable!), and the fabulous Susan and Bill Hayes (I cried!!). I learned so much from each and every actor interviewed, in part due to the skill of Michael Fairman as interviewer. Michael, you know soaps! And you are prepared with great questions. Thank you so much for all you do. xoxo


  19. Lena says:

    Michael, you always have the best interviews! It’s obvious that you watch and like Days, and I love that.

    My favorite was James and Renee – their hair discussion was hilarious! And I think James was really humbled by his medals.

    Thanks again for doing these. We fans appreciate it more than we can ever tell you.


  20. Criss says:

    Michael you are a Great interviewer I am sure I am not the first or the last person you tells you that! All the stars seemed so at easy with you, your interviews are so much fun to watch . GREAT job as always loved your interview with James, Ali and Renee. I would like to thank you for asking EJAMI question at the end of your interview with James that was great!!!

    Michael you are the best


  21. Naomi says:

    I like how you referenced “Brangelina” in the interview with John ANISTON – I have a hunch he, above all, may not be such a fan of that duo!! =P


    Michael Fairman replied

    Ha-ha! I know… You caught that.


  22. PJ says:

    Thanks Michael. Loved the interview with Peter & Crystal. They are wonderful together. I started watching DOOL in 2009, purely for Crystal. She is such an extraordinary talent. No matter what happens with the triangle, I hope they give Carly a quality storyline, so that we get to see more of those Emmy worthy performances from Crystal.


  23. JustMe says:

    Thanks for the interviews. I loved CC and Peter’s the most, of course. So funny and adorable together. How cute is it that CC seemed embarrassed by her 5 wins? Love her! She deserves every one she got.

    And little Lauren and Terrell were too cute! Lauren’s growing into a pretty good little interviewee. I remember how she barely spoke in interviews last year. She’s adorable. And Terrell might be able to handle being the interviewer! lol


  24. olddoolfan says:

    Oh Michael, I think Crystal Chappell should hand one of her hoard of medals over to you for the best interviews of the day. What a delight!

    I am not gonna lie, of course my favourite was Peter and Crystal. What a joy it was to see interview after interview with these two together, We have waited a long time and I truly hope we get what both Crystal and Peter implied they desire, a genuine journey within this triangle. Seems they are up to play and we are ready to enjoy the ride if offered. If I was in marketing at DOOL, I’d certainly be bottling up their easy chemistry on and off screen and marketing the shiz out of it.

    Special shoutout for your last question. Just perfect. Thank you so much for asking it. I do so love hearing the actors involved expressing exactly why we, their biggest fans, think that they work so well on screen together. 1990 or 2010 … comme si comme ca … you can see that Peter and Crystal did and continue to trust and respect each other and it shows.

    Props for a great job mate ;) <—– excuse the shameless Aussie bantor!

    Hope you will do something similar in the future.


  25. Lee says:


    Thank you for the lovely interviews from Day of Days, particularly the interview with Crystal and Peter. They’re beautiful. Many of us have waited almost a year to see an interview between these two … and you did not disappoint.

    The medals were gorgeous. Thanks for putting those together! Love, love, love …


  26. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for the interviews!!! My favourite was Crystal and Peter – that was soooo funny!!!


  27. Bina says:

    I had so much fun at the Day of Days event. DOOL was one of the soap operas I got hooked on. My favorite couple of all-time was Bo & Hope. I was really surprised by the fact that James Reynolds (Abe) remembered me from when I use to go the “Celebrity Basketball Games” at Pasadena High School back in the “90′s”. He couldn’t remember my name but he knew my face. I was totally shocked. Above all it was really really nice. I can’t wait till next year.


  28. Brian T says:

    I loved all the videos but I can’t finish watching the Missy/Ty video of the Nadia one. They keep stopping in the middle. Is there an issue for anyone else with these videos? They stop at the same point every time I try to watch them. :-(


    Imane Assi replied

    I have the same problem.I wanna watch Nadia’s but I can’t.


  29. Kelly says:

    Thanks Michael for the clips!!

    LOVED the Ali S. and James and Renee clips!

    LOVE EJAMI!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ali S. for the comment on the marks and having EJAMI apart of your life permanently and forever! That was so cute & funny!!! LOVE IT!!! And you’re right Michael…that it means something…definitely means they’re belonged to and marked for each other always & forever!!!

    Loved their interviews! Can’t wait to see EJAMI work through it and work it out and get back together!!!

    And Michael, the next time you see Ali Sweeney…can you remind her that this is NOT her character’s first time shooting someone…this is actually her character’s [Sami's] 3rd time shooting someone…Sami shot Alan; Sami shot Lucas in the leg when she was in the warehouse with Andre DiMera [Thaao Pengilis]; and now Sami has shot EJ. So, remind Ali S….Michael, next time you chat with her that this is actually her character’s, Sami’s, 3rd time shooting someone! Alan, Lucas (in the leg), and EJ are the characters that she has shot.

    Loved the little kids interview Ciara and Theo! So cute!

    OMG!!! BRICOLE!!!!! YEA!!!!!! Thanks Michael for the Arianne & Eric Martsolf interview!!! BRICOLE is awesome!!! LOVE THEM!!! Can’t wait to see more of Bricole and what’s in store for them with the Vivian stuff coming up to get back at them and torture them for keeping her locked up in the sarcophagus.

    JKJ is so cute!! Would love to see more stories and things happening for the Kiriakis family! Can’t wait until Philip finds out that him & Chloe FINALLY have a baby together!!! PHLOE!!!

    Thanks again Michael! Awesome! and…

    (GO SUPERCOUPLE EJAMI!!! & JAMES & ALISON!!! WOO-HOO!!!! LOVE THEM!!! The whole, main, and ONLY reason I watch Days for them and that supercouple! Can’t wait until they cool off, calm down, and get back together!!! They’re the absolute BEST!!! LOVE THEM!!!!)


    lovingit replied

    I don’t think Lucas counts sense she was forced to. But didn’t she shoot Bart in the foot and she pulled a gun and was going to shoot Stefano and also John.


  30. Kelly says:

    And understand about JS and the hair thing, for now as its shown on screen for these months or so, but when these months are up, and him trying to play that according to how EJ’s hair would grow back and the time that it would. But totally hope that after those months or time frame that his gorgeous, super talented & sexy self, grows his gorgeous hair back out again!


  31. jeanne duncan says:

    i think that bo @hope get to tegather and they will have a baby


  32. NANCY says:

    what about an ej and melanie pairing hooking up in a new love intrest


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