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1 October 13th, 2010 GH’s Carolyn Hennesy talks Diane/Sonny, “Cougar Town’s” Barb, & our Podcast!

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To say that Carolyn Hennesy is one busy woman is an understatement!  From playing the hell out of Port Charles legal eagle to the mob, Diane Miller on General Hospital, to her ultimate cougar, Barb in the ABC comedy show, Cougar Town, to her turn as novelist with her series of tween novels based on Pandora, and co-hosting our  monthly On-Air On-Soaps Podcast she is one busy gal.  But, she stopped for a moment for a brand new fun, interesting and irreverent interview with TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco.

From Diane and Sonny’s dysfunctional attorney/client relationship, to playing comedy in the face of all the drama in daytime, to flipping one liners that steal the show on Cougar Town, to laughing it up on the Podcast, Carolyn talks about it all.  Here are a few excerpts!

Hennesy on Diane’s sort of maternal relationship with Sonny Corinthos: “No person in their right mind would stick with someone who drives them completely crazy like Diane has with Sonny unless there was some considerable sense of affection. And you’re right; their relationship is very maternal. Obviously, Diane knows whoever Sonny’s mother is, she didn’t do a tremendous job! God bless her, but she didn’t — no one did with this man! And I think she probably thinks a lot of it isn’t Sonny’s fault. Yes, at a certain point as an adult you have to take responsibility for your actions.”

Hennesy on being comedic relief in the face of dramatic tension in Port Charles:  “The producer and directors know what they have with Diane and they’re really using her effectively [within the canvas]. Now that the young cast is off the beach and not wearing bikinis anymore, I think we’re getting into more serious [fare] as we forge into the winter season. And, of course, as you and everyone knows, Brenda is back — so what does that mean for the Sonny and Claire love [story]? Because, once again, Diane is the Greek chorus: Diane knew exactly what was going to happen. Diane tried to warn Sonny about the consequences of his actions. Yes, he didn’t listen, but Diane is hopeless and will continue to pound him to rethink his actions in a very, very fun way. And then we have Diane’s romance with Max.”

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  1. Sharon says:

    LOVE Carolyn Hennesy!!! She’s a riot on both shows and is a joy to watch!!


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