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12 January 19th, 2014 20th Annual SAG Awards: Jeanne Cooper, Julie Harris Remembered In Tribute! Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith Wins In Upset!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Last night on the televised presentation of the 20th Annual SAG Awards honoring the best in film and television as voted on by the performers in SAG-AFTRA, there were some notable moments for daytime and primetime soap fans!

Among the performers remembered in the “In Memorium” tribute introduced by Tom Hanks were The Young and the Restless beloved and iconic Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor), as well as motion picture star Paul Walker who played Brandon Collins in his younger days, and One Day at a Time star Bonnie Franklin, who guest-starred as Sister Celeste in scenes with Eric Braeden’s Victor Newman, both on the CBS soap opera.

The legendary Julie Harris was also part of the tribute and is remembered by soap fans for her days as Knots Landing as Lillimae Clements!

In what was a surprise by many, Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith Smith work as Dowager Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey beat out drama heavy favorites such as Claire Danes, Kerry Washington, Jessica Lange and Anna Gunn in the Best Actress in a Drama Series category.  Smith was not present, so Mindy Kailing and James Marsden, who presented the category, accepted the award on her behalf!

What did you think of the inclusion of Jeanne Cooper in the In Memorium package?  What do you think of Maggie Smith’s win for Downton? Let us know!


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  1. janet says:

    Love Downton Abbey. Maggie smith is terrific and you never know what will come out of her mouth. That show is one show I watch every sunday over the garbage the networks are putting on.
    Jeanne Cooper has been in movies hadn’t she ? she is well known and she deserved to be mentioned. Looked like they at least didn’t forget anyone. They did a good job with that. I watched because I am a big Rita Moreno fan. First I watched West Side Story,then turned the channel and there she was getting another award.congratulations to them all.I never watch either the Oscars or the primetime emmys.They are not my thing.


  2. Jeff says:

    Smith deserves the award for Downton Abbey, she’s fantastic!!! IMO the only one that comes close to her is Claire Danes in Homeland.


  3. Matthew says:

    Jessica Lange was robbed! She is phenomenal on American Horror Story!


  4. Linda says:

    It was nice to see Jeanne Cooper in the tribute. I love Maggie Smith in Downton. She plays her character perfectly. Maybe a suprise as lead but you can’t question her talent.


  5. Libby says:

    Thrilled with recognition of late Jeanne Cooper.

    I am also ecstatic over Dame Maggie Smith’s win as Dowager Countess. Best character.


  6. Mo says:

    Wonderful they recognized Jeanne. She did have a film career before Y&R. How nice Maggie Smith won. She is fabulous!


  7. Mary SF says:

    Considering SAG has quite a large membership and that they would not take the time to note the passing of every member that died in that calendar year, for her to be included must mean they felt she made a significant contribution to her craft over the years. So good for Jeanne and I am sorry I missed it, but I get award show fatigue at this time of year, so I limit myself to the Oscars.


  8. Shay says:

    Congratulations to Dame Maggie….that woman is an absolute treasure and her award was most well-deserved!!! She is the heart and soul of “Downton Abbey” as the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley….adore her aristocratic bearing and biting bon mots! Cannot imagine that show without her!!!!!


  9. H. Parson says:

    Congrats to Maggie Smith. Love @DowntonAbbey .. & .. kudos to SAG for honouring Jeanne Cooper.


  10. L. Julian says:

    Glad that Jeanne Cooper, Bonnie Franklin, & Paul Walker were included. Did anyone else notice that in the clip for Michael Ansara Jeanne was part of the clip.


  11. Diva4 says:

    The thing that sagged the most this year was Y&R. It deserved a SAG award too.


  12. Joanne says:

    I just love Maggie Smith as Violet … I want her to be my Grandmother! She tells it like it is without a lot of flowery talk. I love her cynical attitude. You go girl! Please don’t kill off her character!


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