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6 December 16th, 2013 25 Years of The Young and the Restless Most Epic Weddings Revealed!


The celebration continues as The Young and the Restless just reached the incredible milestone of being the number one rated daytime dramas for25 straight years!

And today, gets in on the celebration with a photo gallery review of 25 of the most epic weddings in the history of the CBS soap opera!

Some of the nuptials included in the “epic” category are:  Neil and Dru’s Japanese wedding,  Kevin and Jana in an ashram in Malibu, Jack and Genevieve’s wedding in which crazy Patty was under the wedding veil, not Genevieve, and shot Jack!, Lily and Cane’s  wedding in Paris, Katherine Chancellor conducting the wedding of Daniel and Amber, and once high school sweethearts Nick and Sharon, and many more!

Take a look at the photo gallery!   Then, let us know what has been your favorite wedding over the last 25 years of The Young and the Restless!

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  1. mo says:

    I think my favorite wedding was Billy and Victoria’s–their actual wedding, not the one in Jamaica. The one where Victoria got arrested.


  2. beacon says:

    That list is utter shit. I can’t even see a wedding that happened pre-2001.


  3. Johnny says:

    For me…because it was so different and shocking…was Ryan and Victoria’s wedding where Tricia hid under the veil. The slow motion reveal was awesome and horrifying! The show would later repeat the scenario with Jack and Patty which was cool too. But…there was no reaction from Victoria. I waited for the scenes where Victoria said “This is unreal! The same thing happened to me!”. But they never played that beat. Say what you will about Maria Bell…but she did honour the shows history…she brought Patty back after years of fans wondering where she was…she brought back Nina’s first son…she reintroduced us to Marge he Katherine doppleganger….her intentions were always good but her execution was mostly epic fail….but she tried. I do long for the days of actual soap weddings…when everyone who should be there is here…not an empty churxh with 3 contract players and 4 day players. The best soap wedding was Eden and Cruz on Santa Barbara and Bo and Hope on Days. They busted the budget on romance, location, and love. If soaps wod get back to that…they would be successful again.


  4. Mary SF says:

    My favorite wedding– Victor and Nikki’s first wedding, with Micheal and Lauren’s being a close second.


  5. Jared says:

    How awesome they got kudos from USA Today! However, I agree with the post about this list being sh*t. My favorites are:
    1) All of Nick and Phyllis’ weddings (they are my all-time favorite Y&R couple)
    2) Victoria and Cole
    3) Victoria and Ryan (when Tricia shot and killed Ryan)
    4) Victoria and Billy (the arrest wedding)
    5) Victor and Ashley (wedding #1 in the cabin)


  6. dee mac says:

    The best wedding of all weddings is Lauren and Michael Baldwin it was such an amazing engagement and love that it still is today ever since 2004 when it started and culminated in one of the classiest most elegant weddings on Soaps They are still heating up the screen with their sexy love yep Lauren/Michael Baldwin wedding the best of the best


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