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53 February 15th, 2013 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Supporting Actor Ballot Submissions! – Who Should Land A Pre-Nom?


This week, we have been bringing you the performers who have submitted their work for consideration in the four major acting categories for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!  Right now, balloting is being conducted to determine the top ten performances that will make it into the Pre-Nomination round.

The Daytime Emmy Acting Pre-Nominations will be announced by NATAS on February 27th.  Soap Opera Uncensored was leaked the ballot and the  list of scene submissions in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category.  There were 19 talented actors who threw their name into the hat in one of the hardest categories to score a nomination just based on the sheer number who are competing.

Here now are the Supporting Actors vying for a spot into the next round!

Jacob Young, B&B - SCENE:  Rick proves he’s a real man by walking the Forrester runway in high heels.

Blake Berris, DAYS – SCENE:  Nick learns Gabi isn’t carrying his baby; suspects it’s Chad’s.

Scott Clifton, B&B -  SCENE:  Liam defines what a real man is to his father, Bill.

Sean Kanan, B&B - SCENE: Deacon tells Katie the truth about Bill’s plot to break up Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding.

Bryan Dattilo, DAYS – SCENE:  After the explosion, Lucas demands to know from Will if Sami is running off with EJ on the lam.

Shawn Christian, DAYS - SCENE: At the cabin, Daniel asks Jen to leave so he can recover from his hand surgery.

James Reynolds, DAYS - SCENE: Lexie dies in Abe’s arms.

Greg Vaughan, DAYS – SCENE:  Eric confesses his horrifying past to Nicole.

Bradford Anderson, GH – SCENE: – Spinelli lectures Maxie about honesty and friendship; reveals he’s no longer her friend after the truth about Matt is exposed.

Brandon Barash, GH- SCENE:  Johnny confronts Anthony about Claudia being his mother — and not his sister.

Sean Kanan, GH – SCENE:   In his prison cell, AJ blames Sonny for Jason’s death.

John J. York, GH – SCENE:   After having lost Robin and Maxie, Mac admits to Anna he doesn’t know who he is without his girls; admits he’s still pissed at Felicia for abandoning their family.

Erik Valdez, GH – SCENE: Trey says goodbye to his dead father, Scully.

Dominic Zamprogna, GH – SCENE:  Dante thanks Sonny for saving his life.

Robert Adamson, Y&R  - SCENE:  Noah urges Adam to stay away from a mentally-unhinged Sharon.

Jeff Branson, Y&R -SCENE:  A drunk and desperate Ronan tries to seduce Phyllis, who declines. He blasts her for still being in love with Nick.

Billy Miller, Y&R- SCENE: Jack fires Billy for leaking information to Victoria and Victor.

Peter Porte, Y&R - SCENE:  Ricky recounts how abandoned he felt by Paul during his childhood.

Greg Rikaart, Y&R - SCENE:  Kevin flips out on Chelsea when Tag and Grab goes under.

Of note: Sean Kanan is on the ballot for his work for both General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.   So soapers, after reviewing the gentlemen on the ballot, who would you like to see get a Pre-Nomination?  Weigh-in!


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  1. jim says:

    Id vote for any gh actor, but my top choice is Days James Reynolds as Abe. He was at his best here(Lexis death). BRING HIM BACK INTO THE STORY DAYS! Enough said.


    bettyrj replied

    I agree. He was amazing during Lexie’s illness and death.


    Patrick replied

    100% agree…. panned and read the submissions…..

    This is Abe’s Year….

    James Reynolds.


    Derrick replied


    cr replied

    Right own, james reynolds is a frontrunner for the emmy

    Sandy replied

    Peter Porte as Ricky and Peter Bergman best actors this year on Y&R :)


    Ruby C. replied

    Hands down Ricky aka Peter Porte had me at the edge of my seat. I loved Daisy alo. She was so fantastic to see someone so young and on fire against Phyllis. I thought she was the next Phyllis. Sharon Case over all is the best of the best. What a year she had. She did fantastic! All Y&R


    jim replied

    I didnt watch much Y&R this year but i agree Sharon was wonderful from what i did get to see.

  2. Melissa says:

    Dominic Zamprogna deserves an emmy, he has done great work & great scenes


  3. janice says:

    brandon barash.Hands down.


    Bonnie replied

    I agree with you on that one! But where is Patrick he should be in this category and win


  4. Danloe says:

    Shawn Christian hands down :)


  5. Edna Barefoot says:

    Bradford Anderson only one on the list I reallt like. Thanks Michael for the list


  6. Erica says:

    My picks : Peter Porte, James Reynolds, Blake Berris, Robert Adamson, Brandon Barash, Erik Valdez and Sean Kanaan (GH)


    Ruby C. replied

    Peter Porte aka Ricky is a true Christian Gray Fifty Shades of Grey . YUM!


  7. Joanne says:

    Bradford Anderson and Brandon Barash both have very strong scenes. They are the standouts for me.


  8. Sarah White Sees says:

    Blake Berris, Bryan Datillo, James Reynolds, Greg Vaughan, Brandon Barash, Peter Porte


    LUanne replied

    I just Love Bryan Dattilo,he always tell it like it is. :)


  9. LeeAnn says:

    What about Chandler Massey ???? I am shocked he isn’t listed !!??


    Jules replied

    He’s Younger Actor, which won’t be posted until nominations come out, I believe. Not to worry, you’ll see his name ;) .


    Patrick replied

    definately, Chandler Massey is a lock….


  10. Sharon B says:

    I have seen most of these actors in these amazing scenes and they are all fantastic. No matter whom is nominated and or wins there will be many happy fans!


  11. Sharon B says:

    Brandon Barash GH


  12. Paul8148 says:

    Barash and Anderson are the standouts. York is also very strong.


  13. Patrick says:

    Wow! my first thought….. DAYS had some good work….. a lot of contenders… in this bunch….Abe, Nick, Lucas, Eric…… not so much Daniel.

    then i saw Johnny… and Spinelli…. definate contention… two GH standouts.

    Top 5

    Abe, DAYS.
    Nick, DAYS.
    Lucas, DAYS.
    Johnny, GH.
    Spinelli, GH.

    WOW… stellar contribution. probably between Abe and Spinelli… Johhny’s last scenes with his grandfather were all there.


  14. John Eric says:

    I’ve followed all the soaps most of my life and am familiar with all the actors nominated here. When considering who should win the top ten performances of the year, out of the 19 pre-nominated actors for Outstanding Supporting Actor, the scene they submitted for nomination needs to be considered. I am a huge fan of Jacob Young’s work, however, the scene he submitted is pitiful and not reflecting his range of talent; Brad Bell isn’t writing to the actor’s strengths. I like many of the actors, but it’s not a popularity contest and the top 10 best performances should be based on what scenes the actors themselves submitted, One Question: when the ENTIRE show on B&B revolves around a triangle between Steffy, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope, how in the world can he be considered elgible for the pre-nomination list for Supporting Actor?! Which is not to say I think he deserves a Best Actor nominee, because sorry, I’m not. But I digress……….


    Sean Kanan, AJ, GH (also Deacon on B&B)
    Shawn Christian, Daniel, Days
    James Reynolds, Abe Days
    Greg Vaughan, Eric, Days
    Bradford Anderson, Spinelli, GH
    John J. York, Mac, GH
    Erik Valdez, Trey, GH
    Jeff Branson, Ronan, Y&R
    Billy Miller, Billy, Y&R
    Peter Porte, Ricky, Y&R


  15. Shawn says:

    James Reynolds all the way. He did an excellent job playing Abe last year. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is his year to take the gold.


  16. heidi says:

    Bradford Anderson
    Brandon Barash
    John J. York
    Jeff Branson
    Peter Porte

    Some very strong and emotonal scenes were done by the above five and I hope they make it to the final cut! Well done Gentlemen!!!


  17. Derrick says:

    Even though James Reynolds is rarely seen on DAYS because the writers can’t seem to write for him, what he submitted will probably win him an emmy but Peter Porte (Y&R) submitted good material too!!!!


    cr replied

    Peter porte (ex ricky) also did great.


  18. Ces says:

    I don’t really like this list too much. But I think Brandon Barash (GH) had a really good year. I think once again, the (Days) category is weak. As much as I love Blake Berris, I think this year will show more of his range and I don’t think James Reynolds stands out very much. He’s oK.


  19. toscanti says:

    I do not recall seeing Doug Davidson (Paul) Y&R in the lead category either, Why not? and where is he? He had amazing work in 2012.


    toscanti replied

    I stand corrected, he is on the lead category ballot.


  20. Michael says:

    B&B: Jacob Young won’t get a nomination over the high heels scene. That is just too weak of a scene to submit. Scott Clifton could very well end up on the list due to the fact that his scene was not long after he found out what his dad, Bill Spencer did to break up his relationship with Hope.

    DAYS: James Reynolds as Abe Carver. He knocked that scene out of the ballpark and definitely should be a lock to the next step. (I don’t watch Days anymore. The writing has gotten awful).

    GH: I don’t watch the show.

    Y&R: Peter Porte as the tortured and unbalanced son of Paul Williams, Ricky. No other actor from Y&R will get past this stage in the nomination process with the exception of Peter.


    Patrick replied

    that’s rare…. one fan… that doesn’t watch GH…

    yes, there are more… it’s kinda funny.


    cr replied


    cr replied

    The writing was awful on y&r until maria arena bell was ousted, sharon with victor ring a bell


  21. Mary SF says:

    I am a bit disappointed Doug Davidson wasn’t on the list. I thought his scenes where Paul had to shoot his own son were some of his best work. Do we know if he submitted the scene or did he decide not to go for a nomination?


    Patrick replied

    He’s in the Lead Acting Category.


    Mary SF replied

    Thanks Patrick-don’t know how I miss his name on that list. I hope he gets the nomination because it was scenes like that which reminds me why I love soaps.

  22. Jeff says:

    Barash and Anderson for me as well


  23. CTwildheart says:

    Brandon Barash, James Reynolds and John J York are my top three.



    Brandon B was excellent



    Patrick replied

    I wonder what is going to happen to Brandon Barash’ Johnny?

    i hope i’m wrong…. does it seem like they’re going to try a relationship with the new Kristina?

    i’m not so sure.

    course he has to get out of jail first…. I don’t know how that’s going to happen…. Starr has said more than once… how he certainly deserves what’s happening to him… and now johnny can live with himself…. breathe easier for coming clean. i don’t know…


  25. Brett says:

    The only B&B win should be for Sean Kanan, this would send a message to Brad Bell that we hate the current cast and storylines and that he made a big mistake not taking Sean back. B&B’s loss is Gh’s gain!


    margie replied

    Agree. He could renew his relationship with Brook. Not really need AJ part.


  26. margie says:

    Bold & Beautiful Deacon.


  27. Ellen Bay says:

    James Reynolds
    Bradford Anderson
    John J. York
    Billy Miller
    Greg Rikaart


  28. LUanne says:

    Bryan Dattilo
    James Reynolds


  29. nancy says:

    shawn christian james scott greg vaughn chandler they totally deserving of an emmy award and so does arianne zucker too for that story where she lost her baby and went into insanity she mostly deserve it


  30. nancy says:

    arianne zucker this should be her year to get it thoes scenes were wounderful and tragic the way they ended her baby’s life that she should have had nicole went insane the way she lost her baby i would love to see her win one


  31. nancy says:

    what if nicole’s baby was not ej’s that died what if it was father eric’s baby


  32. cr says:

    My picks are james reynolds, brandon barash, peter porte, blake berris, sean kanan, greg vaughan, and jeff branson. Don’t count out greg rikkart and billy miller


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