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80 February 11th, 2013 40th Annual Pre-Nominations Ballot Revealed! Lead Actress Category Submissions!


The 40th annual Daytime Emmy Award Pre-Nomination balloting kicked-off on January 30th for the four Daytime Drama acting categories which included: Lead Actor and Actress and Supporting Actor and Actress.

As previously reported, the Younger Actor and Actress nominees automatically qualify into the blue ribbon round because there were only nine submissions for each category and the rules state that ten go through to the next round as determined by this first round of voting.

Nelson Branco of Soap Opera Uncensored (through a leaked document) printed the Pre-Nomination ballot and the scenes submitted for voting in the four acting categories in his latest issue, now making the rounds, and also available to his SOU subscribers.

In the Lead Actress category there are thirteen submissions, meaning ten will make it to the next round …  and the women vying for the honors this year are:

Susan Flannery, B&B -  SCENE:  Outside of her goodbye party, Stephanie comforts Brooke, who wants to spend more time with the Forrester matriarch. Stephanie asks Brooke to lead the Forrester family and maintain peace after she passes away in a bittersweet scene.

Heather Tom, B&B – SCENE:  Katie announces to Bill and Brooke she’s leaving her marriage, new baby and life — and that she regrets ever getting pregnant.

Deidre Hall, DAYS  – SCENE:  Marlena and Will discuss his dating life at the Salem Pub.

Peggy McKay, DAYS – SCENE: Caroline and Victor reflect on the past and present — and how much they have changed.

Finola Hughes, GH – SCENE:  Patrick confesses to Anna that he cheated on Robin.

Kelly Monaco, GH – SCENE:  Jason hands Sam her dead baby.

Kelly Sullivan, GH – SCENE:  Connie/Kate relives her rape in front of Ewen.

Laura Wright, GH – SCENE: Carly lashes out at Sonny and blames him for Jason’s death. She later apologizes and kisses Sonny.

Kassie DePaiva, OLTL – SCENE:   Blair tells Todd she trusts him and suggests they reconcile before they make love.

Sharon Case, Y&R – SCENE: Sharon learns she’s bipolar and debates taking medication from her therapist.

Jeanne Cooper, Y&R  – SCENE: Kay goes ballistic on Tucker for agreeing to marry Sharon on the day Victor is “buried.”

Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R - SCENE: An overwhelmed and emotional Nikki visits the Newman Ranch for the first time since it was mysteriously engulfed in flames.

Michelle Stafford, Y&R- SCENE:   In front of a crowd at Crimson Lights, Phyllis freaks out on Christine after learning The Bug is suing her.

Some notable information; The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang submitted herself in the Supporting Actress category for when Brooke cradles Stephanie in her final moments before she dies, not Lead Actress.  General Hospital’s brilliant Jane Elliot (Tracy) is missing from the ballot completely.  Kassie DePaiva is in the Lead Actress category for her work on One Life to Live and in the Supporting Actress category for her work on General Hospital.

So soapers, what do you think of the Lead Actress submissions?  Who do you think should be in the Top Ten to go to the next round?  What glaring omissions do you see from the race? Weigh-in!

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  1. Howard says:

    Robin Mattson should also be up there too. She was amazing this past year!


    Britt replied

    According to SOU, Robin Mattson is in the supporting category :)


    Howard replied

    Oh wonderful! I couldnt access the Supporting pre-noms.:)

    RUBY C. replied

    Sharon Case for the win best actress :)

    Patrick replied


    Jane Elliott, Tracy. GH.
    Robin Mattson, Heather. GH.
    Ari Zucker, Nicole. DAYS.

    for aud lang syne…. throw in Suzanne Rogers….Mother Horton. DAYS.

    and then some…. This would be the toughest, hottely contested WIN.


    Patrick replied

    just read that Jane Elliott is missing from the ballot completely…. sorry this happens…

    STILL, a hotly contested WIN…. when you throw in shoe-in Katherine Kelly-Lang….

    Matt replied



    CC replied

    Sharon Case Sharon Case Sharon Case I loved her best ever she did. This women needs a award and a metal xoxoxo


    Bill replied



    Wendy replied



  2. Sean M says:



    Jason replied

    Sharon Case will win. She did the bipolar story to a T. Congrats to Ms. Case. Y&R


  3. Dan says:

    I like the GH pre-nominees, Kelly Sullivan should be a shoe-in for a nomination, if not to win the whole thing this year. She’s been brilliant.

    Just curious how Kassie DePaiva got included for Supporting Actress for GH when she was only on a handful of times, and Jane Elliot got left off the ballot altogether. That’s a travesty. Unless Jane chose not to submit her name for whatever reason. Michael, any way you can get clarification on that?

    But Kassie for GH? No, I don’t see it. If any of the women from OLTL should have been nominated for their work on GH it should have been Florencia Lozano as Tea for her scenes when she found out baby Victor wasn’t hers.


    Margie replied

    Kassie was brilliant in the story of Hope’s death. Heartbreakingly brilliant.


    Bill replied

    Sharon Case is the best in the business as of today. This women is a team player she was given lemons and made the best tasting lemonade ever on a summer day!!!

    GHFan replied

    If the actor / actress does not submit they are not up for a nomination. Last Year , Vanessa Marcil decided not enter. There were others as well. And Sorry but Kelly Sullivan would be my 4th choice out of the nominees from GH.


    Ruby C. replied

    SHARON CASE Y&R HANDS DOWN!!!!!! :) What a year!


  4. Dmitri says:

    I’m very happy for Peggy and Deidre! They’re great actresses!


    Patrick replied


    Grandma Marlena…

    that will always resonate with me… from now on…. hearing Will endear his hugest support system….

    don’t they love each other.


    kay replied

    And we love them both too. They always have such loving interactions. Love to see their scenes.

  5. Tali says:

    Kassie DePaiwa – She’s awesome! you go girl!


    Margie replied

    I can’t think of anyone more deserving of double nominations.


    Patrick replied

    you guys must have read, and found out all the pre-nominations?

    Oye! so unjust…. for Jane Elliott… and Eileen Davidson…. heck… Alison Sweeney!


    they handily made their mark this past year.

    Patrick replied

    would this be a first in daytime?

    w/Kassie nominated for both supporting and best actress?

  6. Anthony says:

    No Erika Slezak? Shame. Which brings up a point – will the web versions of OLTL and AMC shows, actors, actresses, writers, directors, etc., be eligible for Emmy Awards come next year?


    Tali replied

    Good Question?


    Patrick replied

    that’s crossed my mind as well….. I hope so!

    perhaps this well get them to be aired on cable somewhere! !?!?!


  7. Derrick says:

    Susan Flannery, Heather Tom and Sharon Case for Lead Actress!!


    Patrick replied

    I kinda had a moment last year…..a hissy fit… which harkens back to the old days…. i so wanted Crystal Chappelle, DAYS… or Debbi Morgan, AMC to win.

    i actually went and watched one episode of B&B to watch Heather Tom… and i was convinced she deserved it…. evenso…. wah!

    looking at their submissions…. Heather looks strong again….

    Deidre Hall…. I hope you make the top 5!


  8. imasoapfan says:

    My two favorite performances this year were Finola Hughes and Jane Elliot. I’m sad that Elliot’s not on the ballot for her brilliant scenes around Edward’s death.


  9. Laurie McRae says:

    Because (up until Steve Burton’s debut on Y&R), I only watched GH, I can’t speak to the work of the actresses on the other shows, but I’m thrilled to see 4 such deserving GH actresses, all of whom gave BRILLIANT performances, on the pre-nom list. I wholeheartedly agree, though, Jane Elliot should be on the pre-nom list for, at the very least, Best Supporting Actress…& Kassie DePaiva should NOT be for her minimal screen time on GH.


  10. Rob says:

    Flannery has this one hands down.


  11. Robert says:

    Sharon Case and Heather Tom for best actress, I would have to give the edge to Sharon Case, she was the best, brilliant in the bipolar storyline.


    Patrick replied

    oh this smarts….. the press always supports Sharon…. ie: how the writers just obliterated her character… and yet…. Sharon Case, can act her way outa a paper bag… she made do and saved herself… she’s that likeable.

    Heather Tom… for the story submissions… she is STrong….

    my hope…..

    Heather Tom
    Sharon Case
    Kelly Sullivan
    Laura Wright
    Deidre Hall.

    unfortunately… Susan Flannery, to tribute her.
    Kelly Monaco, for her press and DWTS.

    these two may drop out Deidre and Sharon… possibly Kelly Sullivan…


    Al Danuccii replied

    I would love Heather Tom to win again! She is great and can act brilliantly. I agree about Sharon Case.

    Matt replied



  12. k/kay says:

    I like Sharon Case very much and she has had a tough year I am just not to sure about the scene she picked. I think if I had been advising her it would have been the melt down at the ranch. Probably the girls from GH picked the best reels. But then again I have not seen DOL ladies or KP from OLTL.


  13. TinaP says:

    Finola Finola Finola!!!


  14. Tali (not Smith) says:

    Thrilled for Kassie. Really would like to see her work honored.


  15. CTwildheart says:

    No Erika Slezak and no Jane Elliot is just ridiculous.


    lilou replied

    Emmys are not to take seriously anymore you know, it is backstage politics above all and if your scenes are quite good you have it ! This year the one deserving WHO SUBMIT their work are Finola Hugues and Jason Thompson from GH and JT chose the good scene so i bet they are the winner if the emmys folks are not too much dumb…we will


  16. Iakovos says:

    Really? No Jane Elliot as GH’s Tracy? That is a mistake.

    I suppose I can understand not seeing Erika Slezak from OLTL on the list. But her final hours as Erika and the rest of Llanview prepared to end the run were very good. I would put her emotional but level portrayal on a higher platform than some of the more hysterical turns daytime actresses make.

    The B&B writing can be so lame but no matter what is penned for them to do, Susan Flannery, Heather Tom, and Katherine Kelly Lange make it work.


  17. Gillian says:

    Kelly Monaco is so deserving of this! Her scenes were amazing. Heather Tom & Finola Hughes scenes were also incredible.


  18. mo says:

    Well, KKL has to try something diff. I don’t know why she has not been nominated, let alone won. Good luck to my B&B and Days gang. Y&R–I don’t know–it just hasn’t been good in so long.


  19. lilou says:

    meh…some submit themselves in the VERY WRONG category, i mean Peggy McKay as lead..come on..Kassie de Paiva for GH come on..KKL submit herself on supporting, she is a LEAD point blank. And Jane Eliott chose to not submit at guess Finola will have the emmy this year..


    Patrick replied

    yeah, Mamma Caroline…. Hello? Hola? Smelling Salts…

    i’d almost rather see Suzanne Rogers in this category….


    Peggy McKay was on target with her alzheimers’ story… and with Bo…. having said that… she’d have had a better shot at supporting. I love her.


    Finola is a def… shot at winning….

    that would put Jane Elliott for best supporting….

    I’d prefer GH win most…. then Y&R.


    I think some fans may agree with me…. remember all the years it was the Y&R and B&B show…? just saying…. so many other shows over the years deserved recognition.


  20. ces says:

    Finola Hughes definitely!! Days category is weak but I do love the talks btwn Marlena & Will.


  21. jim says:

    I know her return wasnt long, but i wouldve liked the actress who played crazy Alison Perkins nominated for at least best return by an actor. She was one of my favorites during the final weeks of OLTLs network run.


  22. Sam Moon says:

    Katherine Kelly Landg as supportive? LOL that must be a joke,she is the MAIN,LEAD ACTRESS of the show! She deserved to be submitted as LEAD!


    k/kay replied

    KKL made the choice she probably thought she had a better chance as supporting.


    Al Danuccii replied

    I hope she gets Supporting although she should be lead.

    Karen replied

    It almost seems to be cheating — not fair at all to actresses who were really in the supporting roles to compete against someone who’s been a lead for decades.


  23. Ellen Dix Wycuff says:

    Sharon Case or Finola Hughes


  24. Patrick says:


    Eileen Davidson? Kristen.

    Alison Sweeney? Sammi.


    hey, it’s possible. i hope it’s because Eileen Davidson chose to submit next year.


  25. shawn says:

    I love Peggy McCay, but man did she screw herself. She is not a lead actress. She should’ve submitted in the supporting category. Such a shame.


  26. margaret dannunzio says:

    laura wright is great along with the originals, but the story line is getting wierd with vampires.


  27. Blake says:

    Good for Susan and Kassie, those I agree on! And I also agree why no Erika from OLTL??????


  28. JasonWho? says:






    Patrick replied

    I wonder if Tea…. Florencia Lozano? made the cut? she would be great in the best supporting for this story, as well.


    Margie replied

    If only there was a best shrieking category.

  29. Arpi Kay says:

    I think Katherine Kelly Lang submitted as Supporting Actress category to honor Susan Flannery! She’s great as Brooke and she should win in whatever category she’s in! Go Kelly!


  30. kelly-ann jones says:

    no way in hell will susan flannery win anything for theat scene with brooke
    hell that thoguht of brooke getting stephanies shares caused outrage with fans and caused the bb call line to crash

    heather tom is what a joke bb has made ppd a joke i found it insulting

    that gh girl gets my vote connie/kate


  31. Eric says:

    Jane Elliot being snubbed is ridiculous! Her performances post Edward’s death have been remarrkable & heart warming… Could she be nominated in the supporting actress category (albeit she deserves to be in the lead category)?


  32. daring sally says:

    Sharon Case should win it hands down! She delivered in everything that was thrown at her. This has been a year to remember for the beautiful actress. The writers pulled her every which way but loose and she delivered each time no matter what predicament she was placed in. It would be a sad day in daytime soap history if this actress does not get best actress. She is an awesome talent. She deserves some of the best writing the team as to offer from here on out. She lost her child and shortly after that she lost her husband to an attempted murderess and kept on falling from that day forward and continued to deliver no matter what the writes threw at her.


  33. daring sally says:

    I agree that Case should have picked the scenes when she burned down the ranch. She pulled off all of her scenes. I loved that they chose Adam Adamson to play her son. When he told his mother that he would take care of her and stayed by her side, I cried all over the place and I adore this Noah. You are to stick by your mother no matter what. He deserves an award as well. In his scenes he could have really been her son. It was so heartfelt like a true mother-son relationship. He stood up for his mother and defended her in every way. I love the writers for that one as well. Someone saw what I had hoped for all alone. I did not like the other Noahs. They went against their mother for the stepmother that had an affair with the dad and treated the mom like dirt……….who does that? Sharon Case has a chance now. And may this Noah never leave. He is brilliant as Noah.


  34. Patrick says:


    give us your best assessment…. from a fans point of view…..

    who makes the ballot….. give your 5 ladies. Thanks.


    Shawn replied

    Sharon Case (Y&R)
    Susan Flannery (B&B)
    Deidre Hall (DAYS)
    Finola Hughes (GH)
    Michelle Stafford (Y&R)


  35. Sharon says:

    Jane Elliot should not only have been on the ballot for supporting actress this year but should have won it!!!


  36. George says:

    Susan Flannery hands down.

    Greatest actor/actress in daytime history…easily.


  37. susan M. says:

    We need more nominations for OLTL !!!!!!!!!!!! More than just one!


  38. Haitianare says:

    Florencia should be on the ballot IMO. Is it up to the individual actors/actresses themselves and no one else to submit something or is it done by a panel?


  39. Kelly says:

    whether leading or supporting category… Jane Elliot & Ari Zucker should be there for sure!! And Finola was outstanding as well!


  40. Cierra says:

    Kelly Sullivan she deserves to win it all


  41. Danny says:

    New poster here. I am astonished that OLTL’s Erika Slezak didn’t submit herself in this category one more time. If she isn’t in Supporting Actress, I’ll fall over in shock.


  42. Karen says:

    I’d be really interested in hearing what MF thinks of KKL’s submission of herself as a supporting actress. She was clearly a co-lead in both the soap and in those scenes.


  43. John Eric says:

    There are 13 pre-nominees, but only 10 will make it to the actual nominations! What an incredible list! With B&B’s Susan Flannery, B&B – (Stephanie) and Heather Tom (Katie), Days’s Peggy McKay (Caroline), GH’s Finola Hughes (Anna), Kelly Monaco (Sam), Kelly Sullivan (Connie/Kate) and Y&R’s Sharon Case (Sharon), Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) all on the list, having submitted awesome scenes, the 3 I’d have to eliminate would be Deidre Hall (Marlena on Days) because her role was more supporting this past year, Kassie DePaiva (Blair on OLTL) and Laura Wright (Carly on GH), though ALL are powerhouse actresses!!!


  44. DomSmythe says:

    finola hughes deserves the win. i never say this, but it’s a clear choice this year. not even a close 2nd.


  45. Skater Boy says:

    Why in the world is Deidre Hall nominated and not Erika Slezak. Yes, Deidre has been around the block for a while but she is one of the worst actresses ever. she has one of the strongest fan bases but as an actress – she’s not even charismatic. Sami would be a far better choice for DOOL.


  46. Cierra says:

    Kelly Sullivan!!


  47. kelly-ann jones says:

    kkl submitted as supporting because she knows she doesnot stand a chance in lead
    shes a one note actress,
    i love heather tom she brad bell screwed her and made a joke of PPD
    i dont see BB winning anything
    i see GH getting maybe days and yr


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