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31 June 19th, 2014 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Presenters Announced!


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced today the line-up of talent that will be joining host Kathy Griffin as presenters for the 41st Annual daytime Emmy Awards.

In the presenter line-up getting the nods from the soaps are: General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco, Jason Thompson, Michelle Stafford and Donna Mills, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks and Kim Matula, The Young and the Restless Sharon Case and Camryn Grimes, and Days of our Lives Casey Moss and Kate Mansi.

In addition from daytime programming presenters include: The Talk’s Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, plus Mario Lopez, Billy Bush, Brooke Burns, Judge Cristina Perez, Mo Rocca, and Mark Labbett.

Overseeing this year’s event is Executive Producer Spike Jones, Jr., who expressed his excitement over this year’s talent and new categories.  “It’s a double great evening,” said Jones.  “I’m thrilled to be producing the Daytime Emmys with the hilarious Kathy Griffin hosting.  Plus I get to see the debut of the Entertainment News category Award. Access Hollywood going up against Extra? Entertainment Tonight versus E! News – with TMZ thrown in as a wild card. It’s going to be epic.”

This is the first time in its history that the prestigious organization will be utilizing streaming technology, provided by Livestream LLC, to broadcast the awards show, and it does so in the hopes that audiences around the world will be able to engage in an event which celebrates programs that are known internationally and boast a global fan base.

“The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is, this year for the first time, servicing the daytime television community within the context of a modern, multi-screen viewing environment.  We are promoting the extraordinary product and talent available on daytime to the largest possible global audience, ensuring that everyone has access to the Daytime Emmys,” said Malachy G. Wienges, Chairman of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  “Our industry cannot afford the nostalgia of a conventional TV-only broadcast.  I trust that by next year, a progressive, forward thinking network will air the Daytime Emmys as a companion to our successful digital, social and mobile strategy.”

NATAS will also be connecting with viewers through their social media platforms, enlisting the help of several social media ambassadors to capture special moments on-site and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube.  “As the Daytime Emmys embark on this exciting new social and digital strategy, we take great joy in welcoming Brittany Furlan, Jessica Harlow, Meghan Rosette, and Lauren Elizabeth into the Emmy family,” stated Paul Colichman, Executive Producer of the Red Carpet and Social Media.  “These official red carpet and social media hosts not only bring millions of new millennial fans, but they represent the style, warmth and humor of the show.”

The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be available for viewing live at beginning at 5:00pm PDT / 8:00pm EDT on June 22.  Emmy Awards will be handed out for twenty-five categories, including several new ones announced this year.  The official red carpet pre-show will begin on the site at 3:00pm PDT / 6:00pm EDT.

So, what do you think of the list of presenters from the soaps and otherwise for this year’s ceremonies?  Let us know!



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  1. Shawna says:

    I remember when Soap Stars were nearly all the presenters at these awards. I remember when we had so many more Soaps…can’t believe how different the Emmy Awards were even 10 years ago. On Network TV and In New York City at Radio City Music Hall. This is sadness and a travesty because Soaps are a part of Daytime’s oldest genre which has made Television history on numerous occasions.

    They treat Soaps like an After thought…shame on you NATAS.


    Iakovos replied

    Yes, I do recall when daytime’s performers drove the broadcast. In recent years, even the talk show hosts have been absent. It is a shame how daytime dramas have become marginalized. But I will watch. And I will cheer. Just love daytime drama!


    Omar replied

    I agree with you Iakovos..It is so sad to see the award presenters to be so limited and no star power from the daytime community like it used to be.

    It is what it is, so like you say, lets just cheer and enjoy what we got via the internet..Its an end of an era, but we can hope for our remaining soaps to hold still and hopefully a younger generation can help the genre grow more…I am seeing that with GH, hopefully the other 3 will catch that fallowing.

  2. su0000 says:

    I can watch lol
    ” Emmy Awards will be handed out for twenty-five categories, including several new ones announced this year. ”
    4 soaps out of 25 plus several new daytime shows!!
    , that means I’d have to sit through 21 and several more, daytime awards to see 4 .. and I would only care about 1 GH ..

    Me watching – Not going to happen..
    I do not watch nor care about any daytime shows with the exception of 1 soap..

    I would not mind a Soap Opera award show..


    harry replied

    Plus, Su00, you can’t stream that night because it might interfere with the signals the mother ship will be sending you.


    su0000 replied

    LOL Harry..
    no way! I have a direct link to the mothership..

    but still- I’m not going to watch 25-30 daytime presentations for daytime shows I’ve never watched lol

    the after clips/videos for GH, will be all I need :)

    4ever DAYS replied


  3. miscrambler says:

    You’re kidding me, right? ELEVEN actors from soaps are presenting? That’s it? No wonder no one cares about the Daytime Emmys any longer. Obviously the Daytime Emmys don’t care about the viewers either. Will I be watching? Not on a bet.


  4. Fran says:

    Would have like to seen someone from OLTL like Erika Slezak or RS JVD Miss them on my TV/ computer


    Johnny replied

    Forget about Erika Slezak, she was yesterdays news. Hopefully kim Kardashian and kris Jenner are at the daytime emmys. Love the Kardashians, Days of our lives and General hospital. Rumor is kris and Kim are making a cameo on gh next month.


    Omar replied

    The Kardashian are daytime royalty, WTF??? ..DOOL AND GH are awesome with flaws and all. I love them, they entertain…and Long live MS Erika Slezak..She is legendary and I and many other can watch her scenes over and over via YouTube.

    Do not care for the Kardashians..Also think fans of that show are limited and simple..Hi Johnny!
    Just my opinion!

    Fran replied

    She is a very talented and classy lady, and in away I am glad is not involved in the emmys becauset all u have to do to get nominated for a emmy these days is to be on a soap/talk show half of each soap on got nominated so at least ES knows She earned Her 6 emmys . If GH need the Kardashians to watch GH my point is made.

    Lucky replied

    Joan Rivers and Kris Kardashian, they are smart business woman, Joan Rivers is a great comedian. She is so funny. I cannot wait until the daytime emmys, Kathy Griffin is going to be so good as host, she is a funny lady.


  5. Sandra says:

    I really don’t get why they couldn’t have a soap awards show it doesn’t matter that there are only 4 soaps here in the UK we have 5 and we have the British soap awards which gives room for more catogories like best villain, best couple, best storyline etc.but I understand that you used to have an awards show like this. Why can’t they go back to doing that, it’s obvious that soaps still draw a big audience, but it does seem soaps are not as revered in the US as they are in the UK which is a shame.


  6. Shayna says:

    Will it be rebroadcast at later times? I have a wedding to attend that night and won’t be able to watch live. I haven’t missed the show 10 years.


    Dylan replied

    Sandra, NATAs (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) will put the this years Daytime Emmys on their Daytime Emmy YouTube Page.


    Mo replied

    I would think it would be available online later.


  7. Val says:

    There should have been some award presenters from AMC and OLTL!


    Fran replied

    thank u


  8. Tony Polar says:

    Sad. Certainly not what it used to be – with Kathy what’s her name as the hostess, not that she’s not funny in a bawdy burlesque way but I don’t think she’ll add any dignity to this presentation.
    The list of presenters isn’t terribly impressive.
    We can thank ABC-TV for a lot of what this has now become – they axed
    One Life to Live and ALL MY CHILDREN – a grievous error on their part.


  9. mary says:

    When is this going to be air on TV


    SZima replied

    Um, hello? It’s NOT going to be on TV. That’s why it’s on the internet.


  10. DOE says:

    Lets all try to be happy with what”s available to us. Stop complaining and try to enjoy whatever we can get!


  11. harry says:

    Mr. Fairman:

    You ask viewers what they think of the line up of presenters? I will steal my answer from Dean Martin,”How did all these people get in my living room?”

    In other words, who are these people?


  12. Rodd says:

    I don’t get some of these categories Spike, Jr. is trying to hype as being all that. Entertainment news is a daytime category? Not in my neck of the woods. All those types of shows are on in the evening hours here.

    And what’s with the limited number of soap stars presenting? Aren’t TPTB at the Academy listening to what people want? How many years to fans of soaps have to yell that we what more soap stars on screen; presenting, doing interviews, etc??? I get that there are only four soaps left, but if they’re doing on-line/web soaps now, why not them? Many are from some of our favorite TV soaps.

    It’s just getting harder and harder to get excited about the Daytime Emmy, as a fan of the soap genre. Those who have the power to create an exciting evening have either absolutely not interest in doing so or don’t have the slightest idea of what they SHOULD be doing.

    I applaud all those who have been nominated and wish them well. I hope the evening is everything you want it to be. Congratulations on all your hard work! Your fans love all of you!

    I will be watching and hoping that this is a wonderful night for the fans, also.


    Patrick replied

    “…It’s just getting harder and harder to get excited about the Daytime Emmy, as a fan of the soap genre.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with

    as long as Days of OUR Lives.. wins for 2nd year in a row… Best Serial

    Billy Miller : best actor, Y&R
    Eileen Davidson : best actress, Days

    Eric Martsolf, best supporting actor, Days
    Amelia Heinle, best supporting actress, Y&R

    I really feel I could have a 5 out of 5… but… Elizabeth Hendrickson… Chloe, Y&R
    could steal


    for the waning genre…

    if DOOL wins for the 2nd year in a row
    and ED : Kristen, Dool

    should win… I’ll soapbox… loudly and adamantly… like any other year

    LOL : I’d love for the emmy shock and most deserving… Eric Marsolf

    I will be present and accounted for


    Omar replied

    WOW.. You were almost perfect in your picks..DOOL should have won, so you were robbed by one category.

    Patrick you sure know your stuff..4 out 5 predictions is awesome.. Need to consult with you for sports bets or gambling, so I can make serious money, LOL.

    Good job :-)

  13. SZima says:

    Does anyone know if there will be “commercial breaks” for the streaming show? Just curious.
    I usually DVR all award shows then start watching about half way through so I can FF the commercials and MANY of the long, boring speeches, but I guess I’ll have to sit and watch this whole thing. :(
    If it gets to be too much, I’ll maybe watch clips on You Tube and catch the highlights.


    su0000 replied

    They will be streamed through the internet..
    You will need to record via your PC; no DVR ..


  14. Laurie Webber says:

    Really wishing a TV channel picked this up. Guess I’ll have to show mom how to log onto a computer :)


  15. Chaz says:

    Sorry…these red carpet interviewers are awful. Half the time they have no idea who they are talking to……ugh


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