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59 October 29th, 2014 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Set For April 2015!


The 2015 Daytime Emmys Awards have gotten a date! The annual ceremonies will be held a few months earlier than in 2014, with the date next year being Sunday night, April 26th!

NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) also has a few other important calendar dates to note:  The deadline for performer pre-nomination clips must be submitted by Friday, November 28, 2014.  The Pre-Nominations will be announced on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, while the blue-ribbon panel judging will be begin on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, with the final nominations announced on Thursday, March 26th, 2015.

Additionally, some new categories have been added which include: Guest Performers in a Daytime Drama Series, which could potentially mean nomination for the likes of General Hospital’s Donna Mills (Madeline), and The Young and the Restless Ray Wise (Ian).  And as occurred two years ago, the Younger Actor and Actress in a Drama Series category contenders will proceed immediately to the blue-ribbon round of judging.

There is no word yet on where and how the annual Daytime Emmy festivities will be held and whether a TV deal has been finalized, but POP formerly TVGN has been bantered about as one main possibly for awhile as where the show could land, if it can return to a cable or broadcast network, after last year’s online streaming version.

What do you think about the new date of the Daytime Emmys being moved up a earlier in the calendar year? Where do you think the Emmys should air?  Comment below!

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  1. Mbest says:

    Hopefully it won’t be as big of a joke as it was last year.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I agree…it was horrible!!!


    su0000 replied

    it was embarrassing to the soap fans..
    made us look like the looney’s people think soap fans are to have such a ridiculous awards ceremony representing our loved soaps.. LOL

    it was horrible..
    and in a way- that made it strangely interesting.. just how bad could it go

    Nikki replied

    I agree who wants to watch the same old people win or the one’s who did nothing win. I would rather watch a golf tournament.


    joroso replied

    I believe the Daytime Emmys are just as important as any other award ceremony. It should be aired on CBS, NBC, FOX, or ABC. Or at least somewhere on TELEVISION. Bieleve it or not, not everyone owns a computer.


    Marianne Hart replied

    I agree. I saw that this year the Emmys will be held on a channel I do not have. Not everyone can afford extended cable.

    Denise Royer replied

    I totally agree that they should be telecast on a Primetime network. I feel it should be on a channel that shows the show that carry the Soaps. It is good enough to show the soaps but they can not show us the awards. come on people get with it. We had to give up our Soap when you all had to show the March Madness games. We love our soaps just as much as you all love your March Madness. come on people keep it real.

    Thank you for hearing me out.

  2. Angela says:

    Can we please have people who know and love soaps doing the red carpet interview? I would rather see a lottery for soap fans to do this rather than the so called “personalities” they had last year. It was so degrading to our amazing actors and actresses to have total morons pretending they knew what they were doing!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wont watch if they cheapen it like last times…nothing is classy anymore!!!


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I totally agree. Those women were AWFUL. Exactly who were they and why were those selected to interview soap actors when, collectively, the gals appeared to have about 5 minutes worth of exposure to daytime television.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    POP is were i wouldve said…well, i guess i just did…lol


  4. Cynthia says:

    The two red carpet hosts were a joke to me. That was really bad…hopefully this years red carpet hosts will have more class and know who they are talking to!


  5. Eileen Centrone says:

    I know many people who still love to watch the Daytime Emmy Awards
    What does it take to get it back on a national
    network?? Should we start a petition? There are plenty of useless programming on
    TV. I can not see how once a year they can not give the Soap Opera fans
    a night on Network TV?? I think April 26th is great. Award season. Possibly get more viewers!
    Let’s see what the Neteorks are willing to do for us?
    Let us know what we can do to help??


  6. micheleroberts says:



    Wendy Hart replied

    I would greatly appreciate the Emmys being televised on Global this time around. I have missed it for years because it was on a channel I did not get. I also hope that this year they pick a professional to host the show. Last year was a disaster.


  7. Iakovos says:

    It is good to see an awards plan that recognizes the best of 2014 before 2015 is half over.

    Hope the awards find a broadcast or cable home and producers that can craft a solid, classy, sophisticated program worthy of the talents of those in drama, talk, news, information, and children’s programming. We are overdue for that.


  8. brenda says:

    For 1 I hope we don’t have the same red carpet ppl do the interviews,it should be on a channel that everyone who is supporting by watching should have it!!!!


  9. Mary SF says:

    April is still within the awards season, so it should do better there then the end of June like last year, so that is good news. But it really needs a decent cable or network to broadcast it. The live streaming was a mess. And as much as people grumble against network censorship of language, etc it is there for a reason. Censorship protects not only the viewers but participants from making fools of themselves like they did last year.

    And finally, if they can’t do a proper, respectful red carpet they should skip it and just broadcast the award ceremony.


  10. Tricia says:

    I certainly hope that the soap opera press will be there, especially on the the red carpet doing the interviews.


  11. Leanne says:

    It needs to be on TV I had a heck of a time watching it on on my phone .


  12. diane says:

    I hope it will be telivised . I watched last on line but did not like it..and those two idiots on the red carpet…get someone who knows about soaps..


  13. Omar says:

    It needs to be on TV..Not Online via streaming that was horrible and disrespectful to Daytime TV..It still bothers me that not one , NOT ONE, not one of the 3 networks, will give this show the time of day, yet they broadcast talk shows, food shows, judges show, cartoons, game shows and of course soaps, and make millions and millions of dollars, BUT none of these show are deserving of a network award show..If no primetime slot is worthy then at least show it on daytime hours..Networks need to show some respect to Daytime TV..It not only about Soaps but its about the whole Daytime World!!


  14. kathy says:

    I certainly hope they get it on TV this year. Last year was the worst I’ve ever seen. The previous year was bad but last year was awful. Those girls were a complete joke! They made fools out of themselves and had no clue who they were talking to. Let’s hope for a better show!!


  15. Dan says:

    Doesn’t matter when they have it, or on what network, I won’t be watching. They turned the whole thing into an embarrassment. The nomination process is a sham. The nominations aren’t a reflection of what shows, and what actors and actresses do the best work, but a reflection of which shows stuff the ballot box for their own people.

    And don’t even get me started on that disgrace of a production they put on earlier this year, between the pre-show and the show itself. What a debacle that was.

    My feeling is if you’re gonna do a Daytime Emmy show, do it right, or don’t do it at all!


  16. Holly Tuell says:

    Hopefully, they will not do a live stream presentation this time!!! It was awful. It kept timing out…or the feed would get stuck. Also, the girls they had this year, working the Red Carpet, and the room where the stars were gathering…PLEASE do not use them again!!!! They were using gutter language, focusing on the actresses’ breasts, and making lewd remarks in general….their interview technique sucked!!! I cannot believe they dragged the Daytime Emmys down to this level…what a slap in the face for the actors and actresses, as well as the fans. I feel the fans should have a say in how it’s done…and many comments I read after the Emmys reflected much of the same I just gave…and it seemed that the general concensus was to televise it in 2015, not live stream…if it’s a case of where to televise it, I would suggest Hallmark, Lifetime or TV Guide Network…though I can’t figure out why ABC, CBS or NBC wouldn’t want it.


  17. Josh says:

    I hope Kathy Griffin hosts the Daytime Emmys again, she was hilarious as the host. I love her comedy, she is a funny lady.


  18. su0000 says:

    I do not care to watch the daytime game and talk shows awards, I care less about them, I do not watch them.. but ALL daytime are in the awards/boring..
    There should be just soap opera awards, a half hour is all that is needed..


    Nanci replied

    I totally agree.
    And what a great idea – just a soaps awards show,
    separate from the boring game show/talk show awards.
    Those are a big yawn.


  19. Tina Pearson says:

    I think that having the daytime emmy awards in April is great, I also think that the awards should be shown on the cable channel like it use to be, It sucked last year that we could not watch it. That was very disappointing to us viewers that we could not see the awards being given and the whole show. Please bring it back on Cable TV


    Lou Piikes replied

    If you had the internet, you had access to the daytime emmy’s. Why didn’t you watch it?


  20. Mark says:

    They should bring it back to daytime and preempt dumb shows like the chew for a change


    brownigirl53 replied

    OMG The daytime shows that are on now are jokes,some of those talk show hosts are so boring! That chew has got to go the people on there are,well I don’t want to be mean.You know even Dr. Oz is ? !! Bring back the good old days of good talk shows,Games ,and good old Soaps.The awards show would be great on TV!


  21. Laurie says:

    Yes, let’s hope they are televised this year, but it seems like they should be nailing that down..April’s not very far away. Daytime sounded interesting but I have no idea how network scheduling works so I don’t even know if that’s possible.

    Dare I say Donna Mills’ current run on GH is even more fabulous than the last. Her zingers are amazing! These writers have the best sense of humor I’ve even seen so consistently in a daytime show. “The Donna Mills” has fabulous timing & snark! I’m very glad they added Best Guest Appearance in a Drama.

    In the name of everything that is good and holy, please let Michelle Stafford and Alison Sweeney PUHLEEZ be nominated. And has anyone ever been nominated w/o dialogue? Just their eyes? Lol Billy Miller’s Jake Doe’s eyes were absolutely full of fear and confusion when he first woke up from his car crash alone in GH. His fear was palpable.


  22. CG says:

    These actors deserve a Nightime, TV or Cable spot. They work their butts off all year, and to be dismissed to streaming is a disgrace. These actors work just as hard, if not harder than any primetime, cable or movie actor. So bring it on, and give them the respect they deserve. This come comes from a fan that has watched daytime since she is 5.


  23. Jackie says:

    Does it really matter they favor Y&R anyway so just give the Emmys to the cast of Y&R


  24. dmr says:

    Guest Performer: Donna Mills (please)!
    I miss when the awards were broadcast on a major network.


  25. Mo says:

    Can we bring Betty White back to B&B so she can put in for best guest performer?

    Anyone going to televise this year?

    I hope they learnt from last year.


  26. Rodd says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the show finds a TV home, that people who actually know about soaps/the industry put the show together, that they get a host who respects the genre, that the presenters are more soap stars than “other” stars and that they allow time for clips. These are just a few of the items on my wish list for the Emmys.


  27. Derrick says:

    Why April?


    4ever DAYS replied

    April would be good if the emmy producers would allow a May sweeps preview reel for each of the four soaps!!!! It would be honoring the future of the soaps as well as the past, possibly drawing in new viewers to the soaps!


  28. Tina Gray says:

    As long as they broadcast the awards, I’ll be happy. Perfect scenario? It’s back in New York and I get to go……..


  29. Gia says:

    All three networks has at least one to two daytime soaps on the air. I still think that the three major networks need to get together share the cost of production and air it on CBS, NBC or ABC…


    Fox replied

    Doubtful any of the big three networks would broadcast this on Sunday, April 26, 2015. May Sweeps begins April 23rd, so the following Sunday night will be filled with first-run, prime time dramatic fare leading into all the season finales that air in May. – jmho


    dg replied

    So true! Thanks for the intelligent response. So many viewers think that networks are still as invested in soaps as they were 20 and 30 years ago and that’s couldnt be farther from the truth.

  30. dg says:

    The live streaming looked great on my PC. The problem was those idiotic hosts they chose that had no daytime background. They were airheaded bimbos who embarrassed themselves, the actors and the genre in general.
    Also TVGN offered them a deal that they missed out on.
    If they are smart they will take the deal this year.
    They need to realize that network TV is not dedicated to soaps like back in the 80s and 90s because they don’t make that kind of money anymore.
    They arent going to go all out and spend hefty bucks to celebrate this genre anymore. Like it or not thats the fiscal truth.
    They need to take what they can get and make the best of it.
    And they need to produce a show that doesnt insult the fans and the workers in the industry. We all deserve so much better. SMH


  31. Sandra Caarnes says:

    Earlier is good. Definitely a broadcast network!


  32. patricia says:

    It does not matter when the Daytime Emmy Awards air as long as there is an announcement about it and it airs on TV ; preferably CBS.


  33. Xanna Don't says:

    I’d like to see Mr. Fairman and Dan Kroll of SoapCentral working the red carpet. We need knowledgeable people greeting the stars, not those inappropriate teenagers from last year.


  34. Jason Francis says:

    I completely agree with everyone who thought last years show was a absolute joke and an embarrassment to all of us who love soaps and daytime television period. What I want to see from this years show is to have the show back in NYC and be back on network tv.

    I don’t mind the change of when it’ll be, but it has to be a whole lot better than that debacle from last year.


  35. Debbie says:

    The new date is fine with me I just hope they air to on TV so everyone can see it. The network doesn’t matter as long as I can see it with Dish. Pop network would be great!


  36. Leslie says:

    They should be broadcast that everyone gets. Like abc, nbc, cbs, fox, tnt etc.


  37. Sherry says:

    I hope the daytime emmys is aired on TV this year. I watched it online last year and I thought it was a horrible presentation. I do not like Kathy as a host. She is very rude and has a terrible mouth, which is not a big funny. I thought the entire show was a joke last year, mostly due to the fact that they could not give the actors the show they deserved.


  38. susan says:

    last yr when they made a tragic mistake and put this fiasco online it was such a total disappointment and a slap in the face to the many fans who are very devoted to daytime tv. lets hope they come to their senses and broadcast this show on tv like its always been,


  39. Helen Burns says:

    POP/TVGN is fine. Or, “E” would be good also.


  40. Marlene Armstrong says:

    I live in Canada and I eventually found it , but it was awful! It needs to be on regular cable, IN CANADA, TOO!!! It is too much to expect the “powers that be” to highlight the technical Emmys, but my SON has been nominated, for the SECOND time and I wish I could “see” something of it!!


  41. Joy says:

    Time Warner does not have TV GUIDE NETWORK, where else can I watch the DAYTIME EMMYS?


  42. Teresa says:

    Will the soaps awards be on any Canada channels this year?


  43. Stacy says:

    I remember when it was in NY and I used to go in person and watch from the audience. Now I can’t even watch it on TV. It makes the fans feel like we’re not even important. I find it disgraceful that I haven’t been able to watch in years.


  44. Mina says:

    I am soo upset that the Canadian fans of the soap opera world cannot see the award show this evening. What in hell is the pop channel and why can’t Canada get it. We are a huge part of the success of the stars, the shows and we are loyal fans… This is sooo unfair…. Tell me why my friends and I should continue to watch our soap operas…This is a big slap in the face for the canadian fans…Trust me there are alot of us..

    Very angry fan..


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