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9 May 9th, 2016 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys: B&B’s Don Diamont, Heather Tom & Katherine Kelly Lang Talk Katie/Bill/Brooke Triangle & More!

Photo Credit: Courtesy NATAS

The Bold and the Beautiful’s trifecta of Don Diamont (Bill), Heather Tom (Katie) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) were presenters at the  recent 43rd Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmys, where they were on hand to support those hard-working teams and individuals behind the camera who help make daytime programming come to life.

Following their presenting duties, they stopped by to speak with NATAS official host/interviewer for the evening, Michael Fairman, where the trio had some fun dishing about: working with one another, their thoughts on the revisiting of the Katie/Bill/Brooke triangle, why the Logan women have battled booze when they have been involved with Dollar Bill Spencer, and more.   From what we can tell there are plenty of twists and turns ahead in the triangle, and speaking with them it’s no doubt why these three have been an enduring staple of the most watched television show in the world.

Watch Don, Heather, and Katherine’s interview after the jump! Then weigh in  …  are you rooting for Bill and Katie, or Bill and Brooke to end up in each others arms for the long term?  Comment below.

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  1. k/kay says:

    do you call three drunks in a triangle?? Boring


  2. Melissa Sommer says:

    Bill and Brooke all the way. They are Soul Mates. Bill and Katie are more of a father daughter relationship just like Caroline and Ridge. Bill and Brooke love each other for who they are not what they expect each other to be. Bill and Brooke belong together.


  3. LucyT says:

    Look at the sweetness Don and Kelly are divinely Brill all I want is to watch a Brill story unfold and lose myself in their charm. B&B’s Super Couple Soul Mates the way they should have always been!


  4. Susie says:

    Bring on our Brill. They are a brilliant coupling…hated each other in the beginning, became friends and were there for each other through their tough times, and then fell madly in love knowing this should have been the forbidden love. The unfolding of their love story was captivating; please let this loving couple be together again!


  5. Biancanerina says:

    Katie either bores or annoys everyone. The heat in the room with Brooke and Bill. TeamBrill all the way!


  6. ccc says:

    Bring on someone new already for Brooke. Katie is boring with every guy she is with. The show should be renamed Bold & Beautiful Triangles.


  7. Nikki says:

    Any story line is great besides Rick trying to take over the company and telling Ridge he’s not a Forester.


  8. Mary Papcun says:

    Love Bill and Katie Brooke is too old for bill


  9. Nat K says:

    What a fun interview!! Love DD, HT & KKL. It is great to see they are enjoying playing out the current storyline. I’m glad they are revisiting the Brooke/Bill/Katie storyline because it’s far from finished. Brooke and Bill have amazing chemistry and they belong together. Bill married the wrong sister, Katie is too young and needy for Bill. I wish Brooke and Bill will just tell Katie the truth rather than blaming her so they can all move on with their lives. I can’t wait to see how this all goes down as long as Brill is the end game.


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