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6 April 14th, 2016 43rd Daytime Emmys: Watch Outstanding Actor In A Digital Drama Series Nominated Reels!

Five men will be vying for the Outstanding Actor in a Digital Drama Series at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys. With these online series giving an opportunity for further inclusion of the acting community these very well-known and well-regarded gents are in the running.  Nominated are: Kristos Andrews (Pete) The Bay, Van Hansis (Thom) EastSiders, Rick Hearst (Mr. Ryan) Youthful Daze, JD Pardo (Jesus) East Los High, or Kevin Spirtas (Dominic) Winterthorne.

So will Spirtas win after his Indie Series Award victory for Supporting Actor in the Actor in the Digital Drama Series at the Emmys? Will ATWT alum Van Hansis finally get his long-deserved Daythime Emmy Award?  Will Rick Hearst become a performer who has won both in the Supporting Actor and Younger actor category thoughout his career, add another category to his list?  Or, will Kristos Andrews win an Emmy for his work in front of the camera, even though he has won an Emmy a producer for The Bay last year?  Watch this year’s Digital Drama actor nominees reels after the jump.  Then let us know, who you think should take home the gold?


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  1. Patrick says:

    i’ll make this quick

    this category is loaded with APPEAL…

    who doesn’t MISS Kevin Spirtas from DAYS of OUR Lives !

    Rick Hearst…it’s a given… Talented ! GH is wasting him

    Van Hansis…. Hello As the World Truns alumni


  2. Melissa Clark says:

    I agree this nomination is loaded with appeal!!! Many I have seen throughout
    the years!!!. For about 5 yrs or so, I have watched The Bay and have seen what a
    phenomenal actor with power house performances by Kristos Andrews ( aka- Peter Garret)and
    I can’t wait to see more!!! Congratulations to all nominees!


  3. Hilary says:

    I love that we get to see all the reels! Thank you, Michael! Pete’s face when Daniel tells him Janice was raped. D’oh! Kristos Andrews’s eyes were just … oof! I also love his straight man stuff to Eric Nelson’s Daniel in the pool. Pfft! Good stuff.


  4. LCC says:

    All are impressive, but I’ve got to go with Kristos Andrews for the win. Excellent work, very moving. Here’s hoping Kristos brings home the gold.


  5. Nikki says:

    Kristos Andrews was by far the best. I hope he get the win. The second runner up would be Rick Hearst who always is good at what he does.


  6. Ces says:

    Digital what? where does one find digital performances anyway?


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