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20 April 12th, 2016 43rd Daytime Emmys: Watch Outstanding Guest Performer In A Drama Series Nominated Performances!

This year at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys, the Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series features some heavy hitters who delivered powerful performances during the 2015 soap opera season Nominated are: Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne) The Bold and the Beautiful, Obba Babatunde’ (Julius) The Bold and the Beautiful, Adam Leadbeater (Dr. Malcolm) Days of our Lives, Dee Wallace (Patricia) General Hospital, and Frank Runyeon (Angel) The Young and the Restless.   

So who will take home the gold when the Daytime Emmy in this category? Will it be Horsford’s Vivienne, who during her transgender daughter Maya’s wedding to Rick, faces off against her husband who objects to the union?  Babatunde’s Julius, who has an epic showdown with Maya during the wedding and refuses to accept her and the marriage? (Note: both Horsford and Babatune’ submitted the same reel and scenes).

Leadbeater’s Dr. Malcolm who is about to get tortured at the hands of a revenge-ridden Hope for his part imprisoning the late Bo?   Wallace’s Patricia Spencer, who reveals the truth of how she covered up Luke’s accidentental killing of their mother and the murder of their father, and then after reuniting for the first time in years with her siblings (Luke and Bobbie) passes away?  Or, Runyeon’s Angel, who is first seen in “heaven” with Nikki, and then revealed to be counseling her in a special episode of Y&R?

Watch the nominated performances after the jump, and then let us know who you think should emerge victorious?

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  1. su0000 says:

    Dee Wallace (Patricia) General Hospital
    nuff said-
    Dee Wallace (Patricia) General Hospital


    nancy dillingham replied

    Hey, su0000, can anyone believe this–I agree with you for a THIRD TIME on this blog–must be a charm–lol!


    nancy dillingham replied

    With one caveat–not because of the writing–but because she is Dee Wallace!


    Dan replied

    Agree 100% Su, Dee Wallace for the win! She was fantastic in her short stint on GH. It was a shame they made the decision to kill off Patricia so quickly. I understand it was necessary for the story they wanted to tell, shoe horning “Val Chops” as Shay calls her into the show, lol. But I thought there was so much untapped potential story there if Patricia had lived.


    Shay replied

    Thanks for the shoutout, Dan! Alas, I’m not allowed to use my favorite character monikers anymore, but I’m so glad they’ve not been completely forgotten!…LOL. As for Dee Wallace, you are so right! She was phenomenal as Patricia and richly deserves the Emmy for her far-too-brief portrayal, even if I haven’t forgiven her character for foisting her obstinate daughter on the canvas to nearly destroy the Falconeri’s marriage. ‘Twould have been far better to have kept her longer to explore the Spencer family history, than to leave Val orphaned(?), bereft and lusting after her cousin’s husband!

    Patrick replied

    for ALL the hoopla still being felt… resonating….

    LOL… will he or won’t he …. show up… and “supplant” with, his 9th Oscar

    Anthony Geary… COULD very well – be – the MOST CELEBRATED ACTOR

    any way: for ALL the oohing and aweing of the 50th black and white gala premiere… meh?

    Dee Wallace Stone was the most interesting part


    Patrick replied

    ie: I read , either here…. or elsewhere…

    “…Among performers, Cloris Leachman is the all-time champ with eight prime-time Emmy Awards. ”

    *Anthony Geary has 8 and is nominated for an all time record, 9th

  2. Mo says:

    Anna Maria.

    Obba is my second choice.


  3. irene says:

    Ana Marie and Obba from B&B are the best. Well done and relevant


  4. Derrick says:

    Obba is gonna win!


  5. Joe says:

    Dee Wallace.


  6. Ces says:

    What a pointless category.


  7. jaybird369 says:

    I want Anna Maria Horsford to win.


  8. Rose says:

    Sentimental choice …Dee Wallace. But Obba and Anna were excellent.


  9. Mo says:

    I’m a little confused on the eligibility for this category. Anna Maria and Obba have been in several episodes for B&B and I would classify them as recurring rather than guest stars. Anyone know what the rules are for this category? Thanks.


    Rose replied

    Mo… Good question. I would also include Ray Wise as Ian Ward in Y&R. How would he fit?


    Patrick replied

    there was a three way tie in this category , last year

    LOL imagine that

    Sally Kellerman (ex-Constance, Y&R)
    Donna Mills (ex-Madeline, GH) — WINNER (tie)
    Elena Tovar (Rosalie, GH)
    Fred Willard (ex-John, B&B) — WINNER (tie)
    Ray Wise (ex-Ian, Y&R) — WINNER (tie)


    whew! can WE ALL just look the othe way… blinders on….

    and minimally have a two wy tie…. for BEST LEAD ACTRESS

    Mary Beth Evans, Kayla; DAYS
    Kassie DePiava, ex-Eve; DAYS

    or heck…. 3 way tie

    add in Finola Hughes, Anna; GH

    sounds good to me

    Kim B replied

    They are now recurring. During 2015 they were guest stars.


  10. Nikki says:

    Dee Wallace is by far the best. I thought a very close second was Obba Babatunde. All of them we’re good but I thought these two we’re the best.


  11. RICKIE says:

    Being completely objective here (I don’t watch any of the surviving soaps regularly): It’s definitely Obba Babatunde. It’s great to see Frank Runyeon again (loved him as Steve Andropolous on “As the World Turns”). And I adore Anna Maria Horsford (not only did I love her on “Amen” and “The Wayans Brothers,” but also as Holly Thorpe’s cellmate Clara Jones on “Guiding Light” in the late 1970s). She’s my sentimental favorite. But Babatunde’s performance towers above the rest. Dee Wallace was wooden, and I never took anything from “Days of Our Lives” seriously since the 1970s.


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