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13 April 7th, 2016 43rd Daytime Emmys: Watch Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series Nominated Performances!

Five women are vying for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in Drama Series at this year’s 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys to be handed out by NATAS on Sunday night, May 1st. Nominated are: Lauralee Bell (Christine) The Young and the Restless, Jessica Collins (Ex-Avery) The Young and the Restless, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) Days of our Lives, Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) The Bold and the Beautiful, and Peggy McCay (Caroline) Days of our Lives.

Of the nominees only Bell has previously won an Emmy, but that was not for an acting performance, but in 2014 for her short series mI promise in the category of Special Class – Short Format Daytime Program in which she was the executive producer.

So will it be: Bell’s Christine who tries to come to terms with the loss of her baby following being hit by a car?  Collins’ Avery who has it out with Joe when he hopes to seduce her? Reeves’ Jennifer, who finds her son in bed with her arch-enemy?  Godfrey’s Caroline, who admits to her husband that the baby she is carrying is fathered by his son? Or McCay’s Caroline, who has visions of her late husband Shawn, is hospitalized, and then is reunited with her son Bo?

Watch the nominated performances after the jump! Then let us know which gal should take home Emmy gold?

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  1. su0000 says:

    Well .. hmmm ?

    Jessica Collins/Avery / Y&R..
    was very good..

    My bitching of it-
    Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series;
    Not one from GH.. GH has a very powerful cast, the best of best..
    I would have thought someone from GH would have been nominated..

    Just on of other reasons I have always seen the daytime emmy’s as a waste of time, bunk..


  2. Mo says:



  3. Nanci says:

    Jessica Collins gets my vote!


  4. Mateo says:

    This category is probably the worst of them all. The ladies selected by the members of the academy who vote were so poorly chosen. Of the candidates I’m forced to deal with I will have to go with Melissa Reeves. This was the scene we had been waiting for — for MONTHS — and she delivered. The anger, the disgust and the pain she felt were perfectly delivered. Melissa Reeves has coasted through this role for such a long time that she has become routine but here she shone like a diamond. All the other ladies over reached. Lauralee Bell? She is such a horrible actress. She knows one emotion. Anger. That’s it. In a love scene, she’s scowling. In a hospital room she’s scowling. In a country club she’s scowling. Just bad acting all the way around. Lindsay Godfrey was okay but the writing on B&B kills the emotion. They don’t let the impact hit cause they are always REACHING for a manipulated emotion. Peggy McCay? I seriously throw my hands up on this lady. She is awful. Her ridiculous story and her canned emotions. She is just painful to watch. How she gets nominated is a mystery. There are so many other actresses worthy of that nomination and they were ignored. I don’t know maybe perhaps a check is being written? I just don’t get it. Jessica Collins is a solid actress. She did a great job as Avery on Y&R but I am not feeling her. So with some hesitation and confusion I give it to Melissa Reeves. The only sincerely acted delivery. On to the main categories.


    Patrick replied

    Mateo : Thank you for couldn’t have said it better myself”

    “… Melissa Reeves has COASTED through this role for such a long time that she has become routine but here she shone like a diamond. ”

    I’ve posted before… that she owes her resurgence… to Kassie DePiava

    i’ll leave well enough alone… i’m hoping… for a good return… to see if ; Melissa Reeves can truly deliver… ie: her dependence on prescription PAIN killers should be any time now… just how hopped shes spinning and twirling


    jaybird369 replied

    RIGHT ON, MATEO!!!!! To me, this category itself (for this time around, anyway) is such an EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!! Y-U-C-K!!!!!



  5. Soaphound says:

    These are mostly worthy nominees, though Ms. Bell is a monotonous actress for me. Jessica Collins, however, was absolutely stunning this year, particularly in her scenes with Scott Elrod (Joe Clark…another good character treated poorly like Austin & Courtney, et al). When she confronted him with her accusations, it was literally breathtaking. The Emmy would be a great send off gift for her…and might even leave open a return?


  6. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I said Melissa Reeves who did an outstanding job in these scenes!


  7. Mary SF says:

    Often it is the subject matter that wins the category and for that reason alone I think Ms. Bell might have a shot. Also her scene partner was strong which helps when viewing reels. If I was handing out the hardware I would give it to LG—scenes with a good mixture of tears, anger, vulnerability usually do well at awards time. Missy went the angry route, but I fear those over the top moments of her wrestling Eve might come off as too soapy for the Emmy Award. Of course sometimes the Academy members go sentimental and if they do Peggy has an outside chance. Jessica’s the dark horse, she is no longer on her soap and that might hurt her chances, but if the reel is strong enough that will not stop her from taking the category. So I don’t know who will get the award, but I do know I did enjoy all those performances when aired and seeing them again now.


  8. Nikki says:

    Plain and simple “Linsey Godfrey. All the others we’re ok but she came through with fling colors. I don’t understand how they pick, who does the picking or how it is judged but Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) from the Y & R should have had her reel put in this as Justin’s was where she confronts Justin Hartley in Victor’s office. Also was this not around the same time Camryn Grimes (Mariah) was trying to drive Sharon crazy? Where is her reel? Or Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) during the time she was talking at the graveyard? Really this is why I feel people don’t take these awards seriously. JMO.


  9. Patrick says:

    “Oh, that Jennie Bear”

    I read that endearment… on…. I tried to research it…

    I’m assuming… perhaps that was Jack Pet Name for his nearest and dearest

    Oh it just tore at me some… how the disdain for this storyline… did not let up

    “I was enthralled” and yes… it’s because… it’s the first time… I really GOT and became fascinated… with Ms. Kassie DePaiva… and i’ll go their… what’s not to love about Casey Moss

    Kudos to the lovely True O’Brian… as Paige Donovan !

    I am just delighted… that all those associated with this storyline… ARE NOMINATED

    Jennie Bear gets a hug !

    so… this story ROARED in the finale… and culminated in tour de force ACTING CHOPS REAL

    Congrats to Melissa Reeves… she should be hopped up more than we know…

    LOL… haven’t seen Jennifer in quite awhile…


  10. Dylan says:

    Melissa Reeves for the win!! The character of Jennifer has been treated horribly by the past few regimes, with writers who did not understand or know how to write for the character. I loved her rage, and her disgust, and her hurt. When she smacked Eve, it was just great soap. I hope she wins, as she deserves it, and it would be a nice reward for her 32 years in daytime. I was also impressed with Lauralee’s reel. It was actually very sad, and stirred my emotions, which Y and R rarely does. Jessica is a pleasant actress, but Avery was an ill defined character that never really found her niche on the show. Lindsey is a capable actress, I just don’t get the character’s throughline or motivation, so it’s hard to invest in her. And Peggy, poor Peggy…I think that’s enough said.


  11. louisa says:

    Melissa Reeves has my vote too! This was one of the most memorable scenes of the year and expectations were high. She surpassed them! Hope she wins.


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