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26 April 14th, 2018 45th Daytime Emmys: Watch Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series Nominated Reels: Who Should Win?

Five of daytime’s most talented actors are in the running for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at this year’s 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

A few of them have taken home the gold before, but which gent will take home the prize on Sunday night, April 29th?

To help you figure out who may have the best chances to win, check out their nominated performances via the reels they submitted for the blue-ribbon round of competition.

Nominated are: Billy Miller (formerly Jason, now Drew, GH), Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R). Michael Easton (Finn, GH), James Reynolds (Abe, DAYS), and John McCook (Eric, B&B).

Watch these powerhouse performances after the jump! Then let us know who you think should win come Emmy night via the comment section below!

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  1. Angelwings says:

    IMO Billy Miller has the best reel am’s should win. He shows amazing range and captures my very favorite emotion – laughter through tears perfectly at the end.


  2. Satan says:

    I’m not sure if James Reynolds is on Days enough anymore to qualify as a “lead”, but he definitely deserves the Emmy for the Theo shooting storyline. Probably the most material he’s had to work with in years, and he knocked it out of the park.


    Jimh replied

    Yes…he was really good there…


  3. Kalle says:

    James Reynolds is my favorite.


  4. Joel says:

    James and only James. I mean really!


  5. Mateo says:

    I love Billy Miller, any one that knows me, knows I LOVE that guy. However this storyline killed the power of his skill for me. Billy can make lemonade out of lemons for sure but right now my vote goes to Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott. That man is really an excellent actor who can convey so much emotion on many levels. The rest of the nominees were good. In fact very good but most of the scenes they submitted were overacting. And that makes me uptight. Be sincere in your skill. Peter Bergman is an amazing actor who has had 2 years of solid excellence even when the stories were a little tilted. He deserves some serious recognition for it. If Peter does not win, then Billy Miller deserves it. Like I said, Billy has massive ability. He has won the Emmy 2 times previously and deserved it for those submissions but this time, the story made me forget his strength as an actor. Applause to all the nominees. Kudos to Billy Miller for remaining excellent even in a bad story. Kudos to Peter Bergman for your greatness. I hope you take that well deserved prize home.


    Cathy replied

    Nicely stated. I agree.


  6. Michael says:

    I would like for it to be Peter Bergman, but my gut tells me that James Reynolds from Days will get it.


  7. Linda says:

    I vote for Billy-a great actor and asset to GH!


  8. su0000 says:

    The one and only—–

    Billy Miller !

    1st– He was Jake Doe

    2nd– He was Jake/Jason

    3rd– He was Jason

    4th– He is now Drew

    (5th to come- who is Drew)

    Billy Miller, he slid from one to the other smooth as silk.

    ALL his performances have been above all the others.



    Soaphound replied

    Oh, su000, how right you are. A few months back, I’d never have imagined that SB’s return would be the best thing to happen to our Billy. But for me, it has. He’s got a brand new man to create and has done it with class, generosity, and brilliance. I still remember those wounded eyes when Sonny, Carly, Robin, et al, turned their backs on him. He’s taken this chance and soared with it while, sadly, SB and Jason languish in dullsville and stand around waiting for Sonny’s latest dirty job to be done or Carly’s newest drama. Second choice is the great Peter Bergman’s brilliant work as the flawed, guilt-ridden Jack. No surprise that Mr. Bergman spotted Billy Miller’s talent early on and helped him find the role of Billy Abbott. These two are a perfect match of talent, creativity, and dedication.


    dmr replied

    Agreed. Billy Miller or Peter Bergman are my picks. Also, agreed, regarding Steve Burton-such a shame, so much talent and he is forced to be Sonny’s mob dog or Carly’s therapist.

  9. Lew S says:

    Peter Bergman


  10. Phil says:

    Billy Miller! Still wish Maurice Bernard and Billy Flynn were in this category!


  11. Lisa says:

    Billy Miller


  12. heidi says:

    Billy Miller


  13. IRENE M ADAMS says:

    James Reynolds. Like Camryn Grimes, he broke my heart.


  14. k/kay says:

    James Reynolds started with this soap in 1981 he took two small breaks in 1991 & 2003 I think this man has earned his stripes I would like for him to get the Emmy and I do not watch the soap anymore. I think it’s way past time to pay respect for this very fine man and actor.


    k/kay replied

    I believe the last time a black actor won for daytime lead actor was 1985 Darnell Williams and since Hollywood tells the rest of us out here in the real world that we are racist etc then put your money where your so vocal mouths are and prove us wrong that you are not what you accuse of us being and give the Emmy to a man of color since you are so hung up on skin color and a good actor he deserves it. Yes I get on my soap box but if you are going to preach to me in your tweets then I am going to get in your face


    JMER replied

    That’s a great point and really sad it has been that long. I find it sad that the 80s were a more open minded time on our soap screens. James’ story and reel is perfect. Give it to him!


    K/kay replied

    Don’t worry it is all a popular juggling act JR deserves it if PB gets it I won’t be that upset because he is good all the time and respected but I will scream if JR gets it he is a lovely man

  15. jaybird369 says:

    John McCook and Billy Miller. As for the other 3…nope. Sorry…but no dice.



  16. JMER says:

    There is a lot of very good material being written for men it seems in this women’s genre, which isn’t so bad if the women’s material would’ve been good as well. Peter Bergman is best in emotional range and skill followed closely by James Reynolds and they both had strong stories, it seems. And John McCook’s was good too.

    Michael Easton was in a supporting role in his story with Hayden so while he is fine in it especially paired with her, I’m not sure why he’s in the lead category especially when GH is extremely clear about who they put on contract as lead players. And if they aren’t impressed enough with any of their leads, besides Billy, to put them forth as nominees (or the voters aren’t) then they should shift around who is lead on the show so the audience and voters aren’t bored to tears watching the same repetitive stories.


  17. moviegal says:

    I think Michael Easton had the strongest scene with his cold turkey addiction……but I think that John McCook had the best chosen reel.


    Shay replied

    @moviegal…..Even though I abhorred the whole Finn drug thing, Easton did deliver great acting in his portrayal of addiction. As I’ve always enjoyed this man of multi-GH roles, I would be quite pleased to see him take home Emmy….she would certainly be a step up from Alexis!!!! (Hey, just for Finn maintaining a modicum of dignity and a straight face with that cringeworthy romantic farce alone, I have to say give that guy a trophy! He truly deserves it…with Billy Miller a close second….I also adore this actor, but was not at all taken with the copious character revisions that he was forced to undergo in the “Q a Deux” scenario!)


  18. Kelly says:

    As much as I want Billy Miller to win because he is the most awesome actor, I really feel that James Reynolds, on my fav soap DOOL, deserves to win this year for his much deserved screen time with Theo’s shooting. He was just excellent! Sometimes I wanted to hate him, but as a parent you sympathized and cried along with him❤️


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