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43 April 3rd, 2018 45th Daytime Emmys: Watch Outstanding Younger Actor In a Drama Series Nominated Reels! Who Should Win?


Who will take home the gold in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama series category at this year’s Daytime Emmys on April 29th?

Best way to try to figure it out is to go to the videotape!  NATAS has released the video submissions in the category for soap fans viewing.

Five young men are vying for the prize: Days of our Lives’ Casey Moss (JJ) and Lucas Adams (Tripp), former The Bold and the Beautiful star, Rome Flynn (Ex-Zende), The Young and the Restless’, Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed), and General Hospital’s Hudson West (Jake).

After the jump take a look at the nominated reels and then let us know who you think should win in the Outstanding Younger Actor category via the comment below!

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  1. rpm says:

    If Casey Moss loses this it would be a crime


  2. Mark Y says:

    Tristan impressed me as soon as he arrived. I wish him well.


  3. Mateo says:

    Plain and simple, while all actors were great in these clips, Casey Moss stole it. That young man’s acting chops are natural and pure. He is stunning as JJ Devereaux. No shade to any one else involved in this process but Casey deserves the prize for his EXCELLENT work.


  4. tony says:

    Casey should win but his reel was poorly assembled. It’s slow and plodding and doesn’t include his best scenes from the shooting story. Lucas Adams’ reel is much more captivating. I think if Casey wins it will be because of the nature of the story they were telling about white on black copy shooting.


  5. su0000 says:

    Younger actor, younger…
    there are 2 that I’d consider Younger;
    Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed), and General Hospital’s Hudson West (Jake).

    The other 3 are not young as in young..
    I’d date them ..


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    The age limit for the category is 26, su. (Or it used to be. I think it still is.)

    Now, maybe that’s the wrong age limit, but the Daytime Emmys have never been very logical. . . .


  6. Helen says:

    Casey gets my vote!


  7. Ray says:

    I just watched Casey Moss’ tape. This was tough to watch again. Best of luck to Casey!


  8. Joel says:

    Hudson or Casey.


  9. Jimh says:

    Casey Moss…what a fine actor he has become!!!


  10. eddie says:

    casey moss,he is the next justin harley


  11. Llanviewer717 says:

    I am pulling for Casey Moss. I think he is terrific playing all the facets of JJ. The suicide episode was riveting. All of his work during the Theo shooting story was outstanding. Good luck Casey!!!!!!!!


  12. DAVID Mycheals says:

    Casey Moss


  13. Steve says:

    Probably the easiest category to pick — Casey Moss in a runaway


  14. Matthew says:

    Hudson West (Jake, General Hospital)


  15. Satan says:

    Gotta go with Casey Moss here. JJ’s been through a lot of shit in the relatively short time he’s been in Salem, and he usually knocks it out of the park, especially this recent storyline with Theo’s shooting. (and the after effects of that whole mess – Lani’s pregnancy and all that – might already have next year’s nomination wrapped up for him)


  16. ChandlerFan says:

    Gotta say that Casey Moss was riveting in his portrayal of someone contemplating suicide.

    Lucas Adams lights up the screen in every scene, even if I don’t agree with some of the decisions that he has been forced to show his character making.

    As a side-note, I guess it’s only fair for Chandler Massey to leave some of these awards for other actors occasionally. ;-) (I’m also wondering what the heck happened to the chemistry that Chandler clearly showed in every scene with every other actor during his previous enlistment.)


  17. Mo says:

    Casey Moss!


  18. Beverly Woodard says:

    I vote for Casey Moss JJ from days of our lives


  19. Jovin says:

    Hudsdon West makes me wish they had a Child Category. He is SO good, and very reminiscent of the young guy who played Brandon on Santa Barbara whowon an Emmy in this category. These young categories, with only four soaps, are so weird because they are filled with young people, some of whom would never be nominated in a million years if the playing field wasnt so small. I REALLY like Tristan as Reed. Although he hasn’t had major story, he just has that IT factor that separates young actors from future stars. Casey had some very challenging material and delivered it well, although I feel he should have won in this category a few years ago. This category is entirely incomplete without Kyle who played Theo on Days. In the aftermath of his shooting and coma he delivered some amazing and heartbreaking work! He made some understated and unusual acting choices. He played his part with heart and sincerity that brought me to real tears more than once! He was robbed and should have won!!


    Patrick replied

    “… This category is entirely incomplete without Kyle who played Theo on Days. ”

    absolutely – the “firing” of Kyle.. because of an immature leak and/or mistake… was simply that

    I’ve posted – NO ONE CARES what leaked… WE, THE AUDIENCE, just want, GOOD story. that has been asked and answered… DAYS is ON top.

    simply put… our mindset, in this industry…. just want the show to go on. Firing Kyle Pettis , is WRONG. he is an excellent actor

    NBC / Sony / DOOL – have their standards ? LOL sigh

    Kyle was not even in the pre-nom list. so that answers that.

    what a mistake. any way… like you… I teared up multiple times.

    I MISS Lexie son : Theo


  20. dmr says:

    I’m really only familiar with Casey Moss (JJ) and Hudson West (Jake)-both are great. Casey Moss has definitely grown as an actor; and Hudson West has more talent in his pinky than most of the adult actors on the show. Best of luck.


    Celia replied

    Hi, dmr,
    I wish ‘they’ would have a separate category for children actors/actresses. Choosing between an adult, albeit a young adult, and a child is sort of discombobulating….does not jive.
    Little Hudson is a natural….quite a dilemma. This child is on his way to greatness, as an actor, if he sticks to it.
    He’s a baby….the world is open to him and his to take… many roads.
    Yes, my friend, you are sooo right; Hudson does put some adult actors to shame. He never steps over his lines…..never looks ‘staged’ or prompted….his lines flow naturally and flawlessly.
    I’m for either, Casey or Hudson. We shall see.
    Casey could win simply on his looks, LOL….Hudson on his cuteness. Nah, just kidding…..
    Those who ‘select’ the ‘winners’ can be capricious…so, it’s a toss-up, I guess.


  21. Jules says:

    It’s Casey Moss’s to lose. He was brilliant in that Christmas episode, and IMO, his reel didn’t even do his entire performance justice (because of all the splicing). If he submitted full episodes like they used to do, the magnitude and the impact would have been even more compelling.

    Still it doesn’t take away from what a phenomenal fourth quarter Casey Moss had in 2017.


  22. Carole says:

    Casey Moss, for sure. Not only has the actor come a long way personally, but his acting has improved 100%!


  23. Nikki says:

    The one that should win is (Jake played by Hudson West) General Hospital.


    Patrick replied

    lil’ Jake , broke me, when he first heard that Drew was not his father. in that moment he didn’t want Jason to be. every since that moment… before and after

    GH can drop that sugary sweet syrupy run. OK Jake we get it.

    I’ll take James Nigbor for shade and because he’s cuter.


    Nikki replied

    OUCH!!!! Both are cute!

    rebecca1 replied

    I adore Hudson West! Absolutely adorable/lovable!

  24. Soaphound says:

    Well, young Mr. West is outstanding, especially in his scenes with Billy Miller (Drew), but to me, this is Casey Moss’ award by a long shot. He’s gone from teen eye candy to an accomplished actor who can handle heavy material. The others are good also, but the story and the gravitas brought to it should bring Casey the prize.


    Rebecca1 replied

    I agree, Soaphound. Casey was so moving during the whole Leo story and his suicide attempt. But Hudson is so darn cute (as is the actor who plays Danny. Love these kids!)


    Celia replied

    Hi, Soaphound,
    Oh, yeah….Casey for the award!! Do you remember how we were soooo ‘iffy’ about him when he first stepped onto the Days’ stage?
    Well. He certainly made a rewarding and literal transformation as an actor and as an upstanding Salem citizen. His talent actually ‘grew’ right before our eyes.
    I must admit I wasn’t really into JJ ( but always appreciated Casey—gorgeous!!)……and, I thought he would always remain the brat; the angry teen; the trouble-maker….but, wow!! What a jump and leap into maturity he made. I think Paige had much to do with it as JJ came into his own….his revelation into manhood, leading him to recognize who he really was as a person, came after his fling with Eve…..that was disgusting to me; but it did help JJ grasp what it was he was looking for!!
    I love both the actor and the character. Go Casey!


    Celia replied

    Evolution, not revelation, LOL.

    Soaphound replied

    Celia, dear, you summed it up beautifully. But I gotta say…though I was also put off by the Eve affair, I’ve never wanted to change places with another woman more in my life! God, even his shoulder blades are sexy!

    Celia replied

    HaHaHaHa….you got me chuckling, my friend….you are as observant as I….yeah, Soaphound; his shoulder-blades, the shape of his head, his neck, his arms….hmmmmm….everything!!
    My husband gets a kick out of this….he keeps asking me if he should worry? LOL.


  25. blake says:

    Casey Moss (JJ, Days) should win the Best Younger Actor Emmy just for the Christmas Eve scenes alone!


  26. Rob R says:

    How could Casey Moss lose? No one can compare to his reel.


  27. Patrick says:

    Lucas Adams – “Tripp” son of Steve Patch Johnson… step-mom “Kayla Kayla Kayla”

    I love this young man foray in to acting… he’s doing a bang up job. his job is only going to get that much better…

    in scenes with HOT off the track, nuErica Kane herself, Cierra Alice LIVES

    in scenes with dad Steve… battling his blindness

    in scenes with Kayla – this one I want … because they have wild chemistry as mother and son… who are off the tracks and finding their way back. with dad beset with going blind… this will UNITE Mary Beth and Lucas to work magic. Kayla and Steve NEED that familial bond.. and it’s worth all the effort getting their.

    I congratulate his emmy nod. this nomination is warranted. KEEPER


  28. jaybird369 says:

    DOOL’S Casey Moss…HANDS DOWN!!!!! As for the rest of them, well…never mind.



  29. Cindy says:

    Casey Moss 100%


  30. Patrick says:

    Taken from Wiki : Moss began his acting career on May 3, 2013, by joining the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

    from the get go he turned -

    it was he that kept his family forefront: mom Jenny Bear, and sis Abs.

    he was electric with Kassie DePaiva : what ? daresay you ? this young buck with megawatt Kassie DePaiva . go their… it was that HOT.

    JJ is now back in the drivers seat… Thanks to , Ron Carlivati.

    he’s a riveting act. let’s call him James Dean. that sensitive portrayal of , shock and hurt, hard knocks of “that” cop who shoots an unarmed man. his betrayal from Lani.

    yeah, he can act. loved him from day 1. I look forward to the emmy excitement , for : @DAYS of OUR Lives. YES !


  31. Patrick says:

    ” .. and the emmy goes to;” “Casey Moss”


  32. Alan says:

    The winner is clearly Casey Moss.


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