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26 February 10th, 2014 50 Shades Of Dollar Bill? B&B’s Don Diamont Previews Quinn and Bill’s Sex Romp!

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

Now, here’s a spicy twist for daytime! According to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan be on the lookout for things to get kinky in the bedroom and who knows where else,  between none other than The Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill Spencer and Quinn Fuller as played by Don Diamont and Rena Sofer!

Previewing an upcoming February 21st on-air plot twist, looks like after a night of drinking and the collapse of his relationship with Brooke  (Katherine Kelly Lang), Bill heads for a sex romp with none other than off-her-rocker Quinn, and the results?  Something that resembles something out of Fifty Shades of Grey with a touch of soapy S&M … whips and all!

Diamont reveals to TVG, “We’re not cable but we certainly take it as far as we can – and I don’t think there’s ever been anything like it in daytime.  Suddenly, our crew seemed to double.  I was, like, ‘Who are all these people?’”  The actor also details how Bill’ s past flame and the mogul end up in this ‘situation’: “Quinn suddenly shows up at his house. Bill’s feeling sexually vulnerable. The party’s on! He’s gotta get laid and he makes no bones about it.”

So what do you think of this little piece of scandal about Dollar Bill and Quinn? Will you be tuning into see what happens when these two get kinky?  Let us know!

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  1. DjLevel9 says:

    lolol am I reading this D.D I knew he was alway’s Strange even in real Life , ok there a few Tid Bids i can’t show the General Public lol But will Show Michael lolol


  2. Mo says:

    Sounds interesting.


  3. jaybird369 says:

    HELL YEAH!!!!!


  4. Roberta Stark says:

    Love it…can’t wait!!! They are spicing things up from the boring Hope/Liam/Steffy, Wyatt/Hope/Liam, Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, Brooke/Ridge/Bill triangles fans are sick of! Quinn is my favorite new character. They needed a villainess to spice up the show. And she’s beautiful & scary at the same time!


    Mo replied

    I like Quinn a lot too.

    Shut up, Donna. LOL


  5. Daisy Day says:

    What “TID BITS” are too racy for FB?

    Can’t wait for this S&M segment! Too much fun for all especially for Bill and Quinn. Brooke is just plain slutty and outside the box sleeping with sons-in-law and daughter’s teen boyfriends, getting knocked up by father and son…etc.


  6. ML says:

    I actually don’t think much of this interview at all. I actually feel a littl embarrassed for DD. Seems like he’s been doing a lot of interviews lately, first pushing the disgusting relatioship he formed with Brooke…then another one about how Bill is Brooke’s true destiny, not Ridge….now THIS?
    One of the many reasons day one viewers like myself stopped watching B&B is because the show has become a shell of its former self. Ridiculous storylines like the one above, plot contrived garbage and nothing is character driven aymore. What a shame….too bad because I watched a bit when TK showed up, but he’s being wasted in another Logan trial. This show is done for me.


    ML replied

    Sorry…..meant to type “another Logan TRIANGLE” above. Thanks.


    Old fan replied

    I agree, it used to be about the fashion world! With the fashion houses competing with each other, but all that has gone by the wayside for repeating shallow story lines. I am out as well.


  7. Jules says:

    Well it seems it will be more interesting then the Brooke/Bill pairing. BRILL is so disgusting I think it’s a better move to put Bill w Quinn! It seems she will be the only woman to put Bill in his place! QUILL love it!!!


  8. Joyce says:

    I think it is a match of the Titans..the cray cray Quinn and the sexy, down-in-the-dumps Bill..cover your eyes’s not your mother’s soap opera…lol


  9. Mary SF says:

    Okay, now that Brad Bell has opened that door– with his love for triangles is a three way far behind???? Actually that would solve all these problems of who should be with who– just everyone hop into the same bed — a good old fashioned orgy — now that would be a soap first LOL.


    Mary SF replied

    On second thought with so many family members involved in these triangles that three ways with them would be too kinky and icky for daytime- or primetime or cable. LOL.


  10. Jonathan says:

    BB has become Boring again–is there anything else they can come up with besides incestual triangles that never get resolved?


    tracy replied

    I agree. I miss the old bold and beautiful. I no longer watch as well.


  11. mary papcun says:

    I like Katie with Bill Quinn is trouble .
    If not Katie than Brooke would be better. I really would want Katie with ridge if not Bill


  12. Mark Y says:

    I like Bill and Quinn. I HATE Ridge and Katie. No more siblings marrying each other’s exes. It’s just to grimy.


    jaybird369 replied

    Mark…MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!! AGREED!!!!! More and more, the siblings marrying each other’s exes is getting WAY TOO RIDICULOUS!!!!! I know that B&B is only a half-hour show. I get that. But…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! And, Mark…I like Bill and Quinn, also…LOL!!!!!


  13. Merima Tropoja says:

    I don’t minds the racy plot, American daytime soaps and American soaps in general are to Conservative imho. But There will be no Bill and Quinn, it’s just a drunken Dirty One Night Stand that Bill will regret right after, Bill is completely in love with Brooke and Thinks Quinn is a headcase.


  14. LCA says:

    Not sure what to think about this, except it seems they are possibly setting up a future “Fatal Attraction” type SL for when Bill rejects Quinn to go back to Brooke…. and we know Brill will be back. DD says it is just a booty call for Bill, but who knows what crazy Quinn thinks it is? This would be the second time Bill rejected Quinn …. so will Quinn boil a bunny … or two? lol!


  15. Engrady Pind says:

    I’d like to see Quinn maneuver a takeover of Spencer Publications, ousting Katie and Liam.

    Is Quinn going to be the dominatrix to Bill’s unlikely sub? Hope so.


  16. Harlee says:

    I can’t wait for this! Having DD being naughty.. My kind of game…


  17. Lia says:

    Please…..I’m bored already. Bring on someone Bill can fall in love with.


  18. cj (jo) says:

    Love what Quinn brings. Whoever hired the actor deserves a bonus!
    Her and Dolla gonna be dynamite, very intense and a wild ride ! Kinky I can do without, but like them both.
    Nothing dull about Quinn, no baby talk, baloney, and who likes baloney anyway?!
    I’d like to see Quinn and Dolla, Ridge and Katie, and Brooke a single spinster, please not with Eric.


  19. caza9160 says:

    Its only going to be a one night stand. Brooke will find out about Katie and Ridge before the wedding and call it off and will feel justified in going back to Bill. The only reason Brooke is latching on to Ridge now is so she can keep her promise to Katie not to get involved with Bill again. Bill is right when he says that his is Brooke’s destiny and not Ridge (especially as RM is no longer Ridge – Just don’t see it with TK). Go Brill…….


  20. vikkye says:

    yesss!!! i cant wait!!!


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