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6 July 18th, 2013 65th Primetime Emmy Nominations: House Of Cards Gets Historic Nod! Downton Abbey Scores & Nashville’s Connie Britton!


Early this morning in Los Angeles the nominations were announced for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards with the televised ceremonies to be held on  Sunday night Sept. 22 on CBS, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the star of  How I Met Your Mother!

There were several key developments this year and some breakthroughs, which could also foretell the future for shows such as All My Children and One Life to Live who know have first-run episodes online on Hulu, for next year’s Daytime Emmys.

Netflix’s House of Cards received 16 nominations in total and scored a nomination for Best Drama Series, the Kevin Spacey – Robin Wright political drama, also earned those two performers nods in the Best Drama Acting categories as well.  House of Cards announcement as Best Drama contender represented the first time that a series distributed via the Internet, not television, was nominated for the television industry’s most prestigious statue.  Over all, Netflix picked up 14 Emmy nominations: nine for  House of Cards, three for the revival of Arrested Development and two for Hemlock Grove, a horror series that had its debut in the spring.

The soapy British period drama Downton Abbey once again scored in major categories receiving 12 nominations in all including: Best Drama, Michelle Dockery for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Hugh Bonneville for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Jim Carter for Supporting Actor and Maggie Smith for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series!

And for ABC’s nighttime soap set against the backdrop of the country music industry, Nashville, the drama landed Connie Britton a nomination for the Lead Actress in a Drama Series competition!

You can view the complete listings for the 65th annual Primetime Emmys by vistiing here!

So are you encouraged by Netflix’s show of strength at the Primetime Emmys, that next year AMC and OLTL should be given equal consideration as online shows with the blue-ribbon panels and score breakthroughs in the soap competition categories?  Are you thrilled that Downton Abbey’s cast scored big on nomination day? What about Nashville’s Connie Britton? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. bc says:

    Quality of downton abbey has really suffered though. downton’s storyline abt thomas coming out and mrs. hughes being his ally must have really appealed to hollywood. Storylines abt accepting gays is really liked by hollywood. Yet tolerant hollywood loves to bash Asian americans. downton abbey has only cast 1 African character. But it took them til season4 to create this character. it’s bec racial minority chars are not prioritized compared to gay chars. There are still no Indian characters even if it would be very realistic for downton abbey to have many Indian characters. Only maggie smith is worthwhile on this melodrama w/c lacks racial diversity. Everyone else acts like they’re on a bad soap opera. That’s especially true for shirley macclaine who’s filmography sadly had her portraying an Asian american woman and donning yellowface to change physical features of her face. That was literally eons ago yet hollywood still whitewashes Asian americans. Is downton abbey going to write well for their only African char? Is he going to be given the same priority that thomas is given? They better not mess up their only racial minority character. Nope to anything from kevin spacey after that racist movie 21 w/c was abt Asian american students and an Asian american prof from MIT. Yet spacey of course cast himself as the prof and cast majority white actors for the roles of Asian american students. This racist film whitewashed Asian american representation and replaced them w/ white actors. Is it bec white actors really lack leading and supporting roles from tv and films? Giggles. What’s worse is that these Asian american students and Asian american prof from MIT exist! They are not fictional characters. But of course tolerant hollywood has to cast white actors. One of whom is jim sturgess who is british. Tolerant hollywood had to hire a dialect coach for british sturgess. Pathetic hollywood would rather cast a white actor who’s british than an Asian american actor to portray an Asian american character! Such tolerance.


  2. Patrick says:

    The absolutely stunning camera loves her… Vera Farmiga – Ms. Norma: “Bates Motel”

    and, have to give props… Ms. Jessica Lange – Sister Jude: “American Horror Story”

    two great actors nominated in different categories.. both for Best Lead Actress.


  3. bc says:

    Scandal’s dan bucatinsky got nominated? What the heck kind of nomination is that? He and whoever portrays huck are the worst actors on scandal. Of course bucatinsky’s role is completely contrived too. The gay partner of cyrus happens to be a journalist who figures out the election rigging after 1 episode! And of course fitz gets shot to stop the reveal of election being rigged. Of course cyrus and whatever the name of his partner is are portrayed as part of the washington elite. hollywood wouldn’t have it any other way. There are 2 gay chars on scandal and yet not 1 Asian american cast member. Was it really necessary for ginger mcbeal to be white? Kerry’s nod was expected bec of scandals’ high ratings. She and whoever portrays flotus have their moments. Actors who portray harrisen and fitz are adequate. But everyone else is horrid on scandal! Even the guest actors manage to make the show even worse. Scandal is really successful only bec of the storylines and kerry’s charisma. How awful were those nominations though? Of course the bible gets 1 nomination. hollywood is perplexed that a religious themed tv show is successful? That’s hollywood’s brand of stupidity. Only don cheadle for their token African american actor nod. Bec hollywood loves racial diversity!


  4. Shay says:

    Maybe the last installment of Downton was not quite as excellent as the previous ones, but it was still beautifully done….it is quality television, and a joy to behold!!! Best of luck in all the categories for which it was nominated, particularly the acting!!!! Absolutely love Dame Maggie, Michelle and Jim’s characters….As for the ethnic “criticisms” leveled at the “Abbey,” I say that it strives for an accurate historical portrayal of the times, not a pc-revision of the past, which is what Hollywood usually produces to appease our disgruntled segments of society. It has been such a pleasure to watch a realistic drama capturing that era, and I really hope that future episodes of this fine program do not conform and bow to the now-common special-interest pressures that most entertainment entities have already capitulated to on this “side of the pond!!!!” As for why this masterpiece has received its much-deserved critical recognition in the States is open to conjecture, but it is very gratifying to see true class and artistic achievement appreciated alongside so much of the socially-engineered drivel that is far too often promoted and lauded in this country.


  5. su0000 says:

    Netflix has some great original series..
    House of Cards is top notch, better than most TV shows and that includes HBO.
    the internet is booming with great series and is the future, no doubt of that.
    I like internet shows and the fact they can be very expressive, as the internet is not censored.
    AMC and OL would be placed in the drama series category on the internet and would have some very tough competition.


  6. Tali says:

    Kudos to Connie Britton, Nashville and Derek Hough of DWTS!! Love’em both!


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