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40 March 30th, 2017 A Martinez Says Farewell To DAYS In Heartfelt Message

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It’s time for us to have to say goodbye to Daytime Emmy winner and critically-acclaimed actor, A Martinez who is wrapping up his run in April as Eduardo Hernandez on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

Martinez, who became best known to soap audiences as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara and since then appeared on One Life to Live, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital as well, is being written off the canvas in Salem.

On Thursday in a heartfelt post as can only be written with such poignancy by Martinez; he shared this with his fans, friends, and colleagues: “As Eduardo is taken ‘off the canvas’ on Days, I want to express my gratitude to all who’ve supported him – and me – over the course of these last eighteen months. It’s been an honor to come to Salem on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of a show I have followed and esteemed for more than thirty years.

The work itself has been a consistent pleasure, partly because of the deliciously wounded guy I‘ve been playing, but mostly because of the multitude of excellent people who pass their days in the ongoing labor of love that is the making of this beloved show.

My pleasure in this process has grown steadily over the time I’ve been at it – and it’s about to come to a memorably emotional peak in the climactic beats of my pivot away. The scenes of failed atonement with Galen, Jordi, Camila – and Lauren – were among the most wrenching of my life, in the most wonderful way possible. Two final thoughts: For the record – Eduardo is not dead. If you care about him, you may choose to remember him.

And further, for those who’ve felt disappointed that he hasn’t conformed to their expectations as a ‘villain’ – I’ll just say that it has never once occurred to me to approach him that way. What I most clearly carry in him is the knowledge that he was deeply broken as a boy, and that he has done his level best to recover – ever since. That he has fallen short is regrettable, but not a negation of his humanity. I kinda admire the guy, actually.  Meanwhile, much love to everyone in the Days community, going forward. May we all continue to prosper as best we can, and seek to deal in kindness along the way.”

Will you be sad to see A exit DAYS? What did you think of his post via social media? Comment below!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    Such a class act of a guy!


  2. Linda says:

    I’m shocked about this news! I am sad to see him go. I don’t understand why he is leaving though. Sad. Very Sad. Best of luck A. Hernandez in your future endeavors.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    The writers seemed not to know what to do with his character….


    Dani replied



  4. Deb says:

    I have loved and followed Mr. Martinez since his time on Santa Barbara. He is one that if he is on a particular show, I will watch it. God Bless and keep you, and thank you for all the joy you have brought to my TV screen and I look forward to your next project.


  5. Willa Sargent says:

    i loved him on Santa Barbara,,his coming on the show 18 months,,was a delight knowing A Martinez would show his outstanding’s really hard seeing A leave in April..he made Eduardo stand out! i wish A will be on Tv shows very soon!


  6. Kelly says:

    Will miss this wonderful actor! Watched him on Santa Barbara, in Longmire and now on Days. He has nailed each and every role he has been in. What a loss to Days! Class act he is for sure. Will miss him


  7. J says:

    Yes. I have been a fan of A since Santa Barbara. He is a fine actor and I am very sorry to see Eduardo leave DOL. He was a complex,interesting character – an assassin with a heart and a family. If John loves him, there has to be some good in Eduardo. Please bring him back.


  8. Dean_Morgan says:

    He is such a talented actor. Like many of you, I have followed his career his days as Cruz on “Santa Barbara”. I wish him well and know he will continue to work. I am excited to see what Ron Carlivati has in store for us.


  9. LeeAnn says:

    I loved him on Santa Barbara, He is a great actor, but he never really clicked for me on Days. I wish him continued success. He is a class act indeed.


    Steve replied

    Totally agree with your sentiments. He didn’t hit the mark on GH either, but it wasn’t his fault. The character (Roy) never should have been brought back from the dead.


  10. Ray says:

    I think the show did not take advantage of his tremendous talents. It seemed he and Vincent went back and forth being a good guy or a villain.


  11. Gina PB says:

    Once again no one seems to know how to honor this man & his skills. I think the last time he got to really shine was Profiler and that was cut way too short. He has such integrity and is so interesting, his acting choices are always so unique and he has EVER been easy on the eyes. He was so good on SB, he has the ability to have electric chemistry with a costar. I just hope that he keeps working so maybe someday we get that lightening again!


  12. NIK says:

    He is such a great guy and I have enjoyed him on DOOL and looking forward to see him again. Best of luck to him.


  13. James R. Poissant says:

    I like Eduardo and anything he had to do with anybody on the show especially Lauren Koslow. I don’t get why they have to write him off but maybe someone will change his or her mind and keep him around. I’m pulling for him!!!


  14. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is a very kind and positive message. Mr. Martinez is clearly a very classy gentleman. Too bad TPTB didn’t know what to do with his character. I wish him the very best in the future.


  15. mark says:

    He was great on Santa Barbara


  16. tsuds says:

    He is a great actor… Days have been very boring lately and have been not watching the shows… I am just waiting for the new writing to show up soon… These characters that I used to love in the past.. Just feel no connection or caring about now a days…..


    John Gordon replied

    “boring” is the word – this show used to be kind of interesting when they had Will and Sonny, threw Paul into the mix, had EJ and Sammi – and now, I don’t know, it’s just not all that enthralling. Is it the bland writing or is it the fact that the characters just aren’t connecting – I’m not exactly sure what the missing component is.


  17. Dani says:

    I don’t understand why TPTB bring in TOP NOTCH ACTORS…only to not have a clue how to use them?! 1st Vincent Irrizzary…now A… Funny, I viewed Eduardo kind of like, A did, I never saw him as a VILLIAN…and I think there was CHEMISTRY with Drake/John Black…but due to Drake’s injury, that had to take a back seat to this storyline that is “ridiculous” in my mind’s eye. Best of luck to you A in all your endeavors. As always, you were a delight to watch…thank you..


  18. Callie says:

    Such a class act! The character had potential but I agree that the writers didn’t seem to know what to do with him. I hope Ron brings him back, A is way too talented to not be on a soap.


  19. Jann Rand says:

    A, I shall miss you on DAYS. Still look forward to seeing you on FACEBOOK ❗❕❗


  20. Rodd says:

    A very gracious post.


  21. Mary SF says:

    I was thrilled when they announced that they were finally addressing Rafe’s family– but they totally screwed it up– from his father being a forced assassin and Paige’s father after she died–to the mother never living up to her potential either– to putting Rafe onto the sideline as Hope’s love sick puppy dog slave to his brother now taking over most of the screen— and I hate that Gabi is being rewritten as some kind of saint– did Chad forget how Gabi kidnapped his girl friend Melanie so she could be with him? This whole family was badly thought out, is constantly being rewritten to suit whichever writer at the moment wants– and although I think it is important soaps have more ethnic families– this one, might have outlived it usefulness storywise


  22. Joan Faist says:

    I love A Martinez. He is such a talented actor. He will be missed.


  23. Mister Media says:

    That was a tremendous message. He is just the latest victim of Days’ inability to create compelling new characters and write long-term story for them. Meanwhile, some of soap’s most brilliant, iconic actors get shown the revolving door. Days – it’s not enough to just make a prestigious hire. You have to follow through with STORY.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I could be wrong, but my understanding is A was given a contract, then requested recurring status because he has other irons in the fire. His availability was limited, so it was hard to focus on a character and storyline for someone who isn’t available full time.


    Mister Media replied

    Point well taken. I just wish that overall the writing was better and more consistent. The powers that be must agree as they have hired a new head writer.

  24. Nicole says:

    I really enjoyed you performances on Days, It is a shame that you are leaving. I would have hoped that you would stay. Your acting is fantastic. The very best of luck to you in whatever you are going for. You will be missed, thank you for entertaining us on Days.


  25. Brenda Shepard says:

    You have done a wonderful job! Best of luck to you.


  26. Frances Wright says:

    Sorry to hear this news…I loved A on Santa Barbara & have enjoyed watching him as Eduardo…’s such a shame that Days is letting him go. Surely they could come up with more storyline for him. First Vincent Irizarry & now A…..who’s next? They also had the wonderful Kassie DePaiva & wrote her off. Although they brought her back a couple times, they were only for brief moments. C’mon Days…hold onto these fantastic actors! I wish the best to A & hope to see more of him soon.


  27. Carolyn Estes says:

    I am heartbroken to hear this news. A Martinez is a fantastic actor. He was incredible on Santa Barbara and also on Days. I deeply love the character Eduardo and will miss him terribly. Surely hope he returns some day.


  28. janet says:

    we will miss you. Best of luck to all you do,


  29. lecia says:

    Days is Days. It will always let a good opportunity go to waste. So many of us were thrilled when Days finally brought diversity to Salem but having finally done so they don’t know what to do with the characters. It has to be kumbahyah Disney all the time. Now Eduardo is leaving after sending Mama Hernandez away previously. The diverse characters on Days never face any discrimination or struggle. so they are just boring. Sonny should be aware of Chad’s relationship with Ari and should be pushing for formal adoption of his child and getting major blowback from the Brady, Hernandez and Horton families. Julie should be struggling to relate to a biracial grandson. Ann should be hooking up with Roman or with Eric and bringing some interfaith diversity to the tube. Paul should be demanding a committed relationship with Sonny. Aint happening because Days lacks imagination. A leaving is another wasted opportunity.


  30. Susan Underwood Wallace says:

    Loved you portral of Eduardo almost as much as Cruz I will miss you


  31. Mo says:

    They never integrated his character well and the storylines they gave him were not good.


    Mo replied

    Please take Dario with you.


  32. Lee says:

    He is a great actor and can only do the stories the writers give him. The only thing I didn’t like about him was the beard, shave it off. Would like to have seen him hook up with Kate, she loves bad boys. I thought he used his “mean boy characteristics” when the time was needed. There is also being “too mean” ! Look at Demois, he goes too far (poisoning, and was waiting to watch them die). They finally added diversity with this new family, now they are taking it away. Glad the mom is gone, she looked way too old for Eduardo. Anyway, good luck to A.


  33. Jaime says:

    For me Days is sinking fast. misuse of good actors, now new writer bringing back the Sami hour something that totally destroyed the ensemble nature of Days and turned it into just all about Sami and a few extras given well left overs with minimal air time and some with none.

    Once Sami takes over again I will end up doing what I did years ago and cancel Days. Sad, I had such hope for a revival but now I feel like the writers are just BS’ing us and bringing forth just another diva act. I never liked that and never will


  34. xmascarol says:

    The guy really didn’t have that much of a story to be honest I think his character was boring,i do like the actor but no loss.


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