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18 June 28th, 2015 A MILLION HAPPY NOWS: The Official Trailer Starring Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia!


The tremendously talented Crystal Chappell has been hard at work over the last year and more on her first feature film for her company Open Book Productions company and Perfect Features.

The motion picture, A Million Happy Nows has been talked about on social media by Chappell and her team for quite some time, but Sunday night in conjunction with, and to support  CNN’s showing of the Glen Campbell biopic, “I’ll Be Me’, the trailer for A Million Happy Nows has been released!

A Million Happy Nows shares a common theme with the Glen Campbell film, shedding light on people struggling with the effects of  Alzheimer’s disease.  And for fans of Guiding Light’s Otalia, Venice the Series, and The Grove, it gives them a new vehicle to see the undeniable on-screen chemistry of longtime scene partners, Jessica Leccia and Crystal Chappell.

The synopsis for the new film reveals that Chappell stars in a role written specifically for her – that of actress Lainey Allen – who is tired of being sidelined for younger talent on the soap she has starred in for twenty years.  Coupled with finding it harder to retain her lines, she decides not to renew her contract, and she and her publicist and partner, Eva Morales (Jessica Leccia), move to a beach house overlooking the ocean on the Central California coast. The move highlights some small changes in Lainey’s personality – mild depression that Eva puts down to leaving the show. But when Lainey starts to forget more than can be attributed to stress, Eva insists on a visit to the doctor. A Million Happy Nows chronicles Lainey and Eva’s changing relationship as they struggle to deal with the diagnosis of Lainey’s Early Onset Alzheimer’s, the prospect of an indomitable woman’s future of dependence and her single support system – the woman who was once in awe of her, became everything to her, and will now look after her.

The cast includes other soap opera notables including: Hillary B. Smith, Dan Gauthier, Robert Gant and more!  Now after the jump, watch the first official trailer of A Million Happy Nows and then let us know what you thought of it in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I started watch the Glen Campbell doc on CNN
    people struggling with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
    ohh gezz that stuff is so depressing and I don’t want those thoughts in my head.
    A horrible thing to have to think you might get that, I do not want to know that stuff..
    I’d rather live and not think about Alzheimer’s ..
    Seeing it is not a cool thing to see what could be.. I tuned out, quickly.


    k/kay replied

    I agree it is not a pleasant situation that you really want to sit and watch saying that however I have a family member who was diagnosed last Sept takes no medication refuses to admit that they have it have moved three times since then we finally have them close to us. We are going to see a neurologist for a third consultation probably still won’t help if this web series can help one person understand what a horrible disease it is then my hat is off to them.


    Patrick replied


    I too am scared about this… I have the documentary recorded

    I was raised by my grandparents…. my grandpa had to have had this…
    this went untreated… he was of the mindset that he wouldn’t go to doctors or wouldn’t listen…. couldnt have

    wow… to see someone degenerate… that’s in your heart

    to wonder if this is hereditary… boggles

    at ease helps

    carry on

    @K/kay… my sincere empathy… I hope for you and any one

    the one character that comes to mind and tugged mightily

    Laura Horton : played by the great… wish she was back …. with Bill
    Jamie Lyn Bauer : LOVE HER to bits


  2. Aden says:

    Several things come to mind upon hearing that these two are acting in yet another project…things like the well has run dry….beating a dead horse….stick a fork in it….etc. We get it…for whatever reason, Otalia was a popular story for GL. Personally, I found watching two middle aged straight women becoming Lesbians quite unenjoyable to watch. Since then, these two actresses havent exactly had casting directors knocking their doors down…so they keep making these lesbian themed Web shows trying to capitalize on that popularity. Now this…Lesbians with dementia. I dont get it. Nothing against Lesbians, I know some great ones!! Its just…these two actresses, both claimimg to be straight, sure seem to enjoy playing lesbians and collecting a paycheque from primarily that audience. Branch out…try something new. You have been trotting out the same stuff for over 6 years. Surprise us!!


    Jamie replied

    Clearly you’ve never heard of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Spencer Tracy and Kate Hepburn!!!! Maybe you should understand the medium your talking about before you criticize!!! Why don’t you go to the movies, I’m sure Dum and Dummer is playing somewhere!


    Aden replied

    Um…I want 1500 milligrams of whatever youre on!!

    Teresa replied

    It seems as though you know quite a bit about these two, from ‘Guiding Light’ > ‘Otalia’ > to ‘Venice’ and to ‘Many Happy Nows’.
    I find it a bit disconcerting for someone who finds ‘watching two middle aged straight women becoming Lesbians quite unenjoyable’ only to watch ‘yet another project’ from them. If the ‘well has run dry’ for you, find another well. As for putting ‘a fork in it’, be careful you might bleed to death. I hope the drugs you requested help you with ‘Your Denial’.

    in…4 3 2 Action!

  3. Jamie says:

    I can’t wait for this film to be released!!!! I am the caretaker of someone going through this. We need as much attention drawn to this as possible. There can’t be a cure until they find out what causes it.


    k/kay replied

    Rent the movie if you have not already Sill Alice I watched three times the book and the movie helped a lot our biggest problem is my sister is in DENIAL the word Alzheimer’s is a dirty word. Good luck to you it is tough .


    k/kay replied

    Still Alice

  4. Maria says:

    Looking forward to watching this movie. I watched the Glen Campbell show. Very sad to see this happen to any individual. Glad the writer developed this story with the ladies in mind. I never get tired of these two actresses.


  5. dmc says:

    The trailer makes you laugh and cry in less the 3 minutes. The chemistry between Chappell and Leccia bring out the caring, patience and love needed to stay with and watch someone with early onset Alzheimer’s keep moving forward while not knowing when or what the future might hold. Regardless of the relationships involved this issue impacts all types of individuals all in the same way – it does not discriminate.


  6. Lisa Taylor says:

    Looks like a really great story, can’t wait to see it in theatres! I hope it does well.


  7. Judy says:

    When is the release date! Can’t wait to see the movie


  8. Tara Proctor says:

    The trailer is fab and i can’t wait for the film to come out.
    Please let me know when the release date is as i will definitely be purchasing a copy.
    Many thanks, Tara


  9. adele casoria says:

    cc and jl are actresses and if they cater to the lesbian audience so what,i love when homophobes say ‘I’m not against gays,i have a lot of gay friends’ but, bulls##t if it troubles you to watch these very fine actresses work don’t watch, you have a choice.and you don’t speak for the thousands of people gay and straight who enjoy anything these ladies undertake


  10. Jan Newberry says:

    When will we be able to watch the full movi


  11. Missy Hunter says:

    A more beautiful, exciting and talented cast you could not find! Great series full of love, drama and laughs.


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