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25 November 7th, 2015 A One Life to Live Reunion On CASTLE: Fillion, DePaiva, Watkins & Vogel Filming Upcoming Episode!


While we can’t have our One Life to Live back, but we can now see some of our all-time favorites on an upcoming episode of ABC’s hit series Castle!

News broke Friday night courtesy of Kassie DePaiva and Nathan Fillion on Twitter!  First, DePaiva noted that she and none other than Tuc Watkins were currently in production on an episode of Castle.  Fillion followed up with a tweet stating: “22 years ago, I was 22 years old, and working my ass off with these two. Thanks for doing this, you guys.”  In addition, Darlene Vogel who played Dr. Lanie McGiver in Llanview also appears in the upcoming episode, and she also tweeted about the One Life reunion with a photo (see pic right) and related:  “Coming soon #OneLifetoLive #reunion #Castle @KassieDePaiva @tucwatkins @NathanFillion”

DePaiva, of course played Llanview’s infamous Blair Cramer Manning, while Watkins played bubbling ex-con man David Vickers, and Fillion played Erika Slezak’s (Ex-Vikiu) son, Joey Buchanan!

TV Line also related some intel on the Castle episode in which the Llanview foursome appear noting: “Ahough unconfirmed by ABC, it appears that Watkins and DePaiva will appear in Episode 10, “Witness for the Prosecution” as Roger and Joanna Mathis, marrieds who get pulled into a murder investigation. Roger worked as a cameraman for the deceased, while Joanna turns out to be a fan of Castle’s books. (Vogel’s role is unclear at this time.)”

So what do you think of Nathan Fillion welcoming Kassie, Tuc and Darlene to Castle? Excited to hear the news? Will you be checking out the episode? Comment below!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Cool. Will break my ABC boycott for this!


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I may also MBmomof3. I’m not sure since I don’t trust anything done by the alphabet people. Still, it’s great to know all of them working again. I’m so sorry Kassie DePaiva isn’t going to be on Days anymore. It’s such a loss to the show. I have really missed seeing Tuc Watkins. He’s great.

    Oh, how I miss our beloved One Life to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Jay Keaveny says:

    Bogart and Bergman would always have Paris. We will always have Llanview.


  3. louisa says:

    Never watched the show–but for this–yes! I’m there.


  4. Beth says:

    I continue to be impressed with how Nathan Fillion and the people at Castle remember and respect Daytime actors and find guest spots for many of them. I was thinking of the soap opera-themed show they did a few years back with Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison. I know alot of Y&R actors have done Castle, and A Martinez once guest starred on it as well. I love Tuc Watkins and Kassie DePaiva and I’m looking forward to seeing them on Castle.


    TnT 2.0 Forever replied

    I agree. Nathan Fillion is pretty special.


  5. Brenda says:

    Loved OLTL miss the cast will be fun to watch on Castle


  6. JLH says:

    I’ve never seen Castle but that episode just became must see for me.


  7. Trish says:

    I am so happy to see that they are branching out in other shows we watch, it will certainly up the ratings. Plus I get to see some of my favs from the OLTL crew.


  8. Belle says:

    I will try watch that episode. I wish I had the date.


  9. Shelly says:

    Very Cool! Will have to catch it!


  10. lynda w. says:

    I will have to also admit, that I will break my ABC boycott and watch this one episode! Will be nice to see these guys all together, even though they are not playing our beloved characters from OLTL! I wished Nathan Fillion could pull this off more often with other OLTL characters. Vicki, Dorian, Bo! Oh how I miss OLTL!


  11. Torqumada says:

    I miss Llanview, Springfield, Bay City, Pine Valley…


  12. Steven says:

    There are two people missing from this reunion: Robin Strasser (ex- Dorian) and Gina Tognoni (ex-Kelly)!


  13. CeeCee says:

    I watch CASTLE regularly….so, this will be such a treat….love these guys!!


    nancy dillingham replied

    Me too! And I won’t miss this nostalgic one!


    CeeCee replied

    Thank you, for your direct post, Nancy. I still feel so shamefaced for my misunderstanding. So, I think you have forgiven me? I hope?
    I am glad we will both enjoy seeing these beloved actors.

  14. I love gh says:

    Can’t wait to watch it!


  15. jimbo says:

    perhaps a spike in the ratings for this particular episode might resonate through the halls of ABCD daytime?


  16. blake says:

    That is great they are together again, and it’s great that Kassie got another big gig. She deserves a better character than Eve.


  17. Rose says:

    Love Castle…goes back to Nathan Fillion being in some of my all-time favorite shows Firefly, Serenity, and Buffy Vampire Slayer…and bringing some of the in-references and actors from these series into Castle. And then there was his stint as boy-toy to Dorian Lord. And speaking of the soaps. If you look at all the guests over the years on IMBD you have tons from current (Jake/Jason& Hayden) and past GH as well as other soaps…probably an ABC perk. But even Nikki, Ray Wise, Stepphie, Adam and others I don’t know of because I’m not as up-to-date on all soap characters/actors like many MF commenters are. And then there’s Susan Sullivan who plays Castle’s mom.


  18. Lou Piikes says:

    Who is Vikiu? And how did Vicky hook up with this character?


  19. Fran says:

    where’s Erika at


  20. Jarie Brockman says:

    I am ecstatic. I miss OLTL more than I can say. I would give anything to bring it back. I also like Castle very much, & of course love Nathan. He was gr8 on OLTL, & even more so on Castle. I love that he is bringing some of his former castmates to appear on his show. I love seeing all of them acting together again. Thank u Nathan & Castle. Keep up the awesome work on the show. Looking forward 2 more soap opera stars guest appearing on this amazing show.


  21. Elhu says:

    Great! Looking forward to it! Castle is a favorite in my household, and this brings an extra special element to it. Kudos to Nathan Fillion for NEVER forgetting his soap opera roots, as he so often has soap stars on his wonderful show. I look forward to the OLTL reunion with Cassie, Tuc and Nathan!


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