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11 October 20th, 2012 A Very Spixie Weekend! Watch Kirsten Storms & Bradford Anderson’s CUTE Promo Video!

Now this had us with a smile on our face!  General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) decided to make this little ditty of a promotional video that they posted to You Tube to promote the duo’s upcoming appearances: November 16th in Connecticut, November 17th in New Jersey, and November 18th in New York as part of their A Very Spixie Weekend!

So, if you are fan of Maxie and Spinelli, and we know you are out there,  check out Coastal Entertainment Productions website for club locations, and ticket information to see Kristen and Bradford on their east coast swing next month!

To get you in the mood, Kristen and Bradford released this video where Bradford attempts to belt out tunes with the words “Friday”, “Saturday” and “Sunday” in the title, while Kirsten helps out in her own unique way!  Check it out after the jump!

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  1. Joan faist says:

    Love this couple, so glad Kirsten Storms is back. She and Bradford are so darn cute together.


  2. Pat Mitchell says:

    So very happy to see Kristin Storms back she was really missed, and now things seem back the way they should be. The story line has gotten sooooo much better in the last few months, now I really love GH again !!! Thank you writers and all.


  3. Elhu says:

    Very cute. They are great together on-screen (as a couple) and off (as friends). If I were still on the North end of the East Coast, I would be more than happy to go see them, so here’s hoping they make it down to the Southeast!!!!! Good Luck with your appearances!


  4. heidi says:

    Love SPIXIE!!! Want more SPIXIE! These two are so adorable together! GH please get them back together again! Make more video’s together! One of my favorite shows was 12/23/08 when Spixie went around Port Chuck helping Santa! Priceless! More SPIXIE!!!
    I missed Kirsten so much… wish I was on the east coast! Come to Minnesota!


    Michael S. replied

    Totally agree. Come and visit Minnesota!!!!


  5. Beth says:

    The writers really need to play a bigger comedy angle with these two. Which could then spill over into a little bit more of the GH canvas.


  6. Robynne says:

    Very cute, thinking about going…


  7. Troy Turner says:

    VERY cute-I bet she’s a riot in real life. I’m thrilled that GH did the right thing by Kirsten, but I miss Jen Lilley as Maxie


  8. ELENI says:

    Kristen storms is adorable she is maxie .we all knew Jen lilley would be there temporarily. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future .


  9. Tammy says:

    Please come to Florida havent seen you since super soap weekend love you guys


  10. Patrick says:

    Spinelli & Ellie. Cute – Story.

    whomever, this Ellie is…. for a newbie… she, with Spinelli, are a bright spot… add some Fun… to the canvas…

    if you compare her to the two newbies… tired nurses vying for Dr. Patrick. this is not a good storyline.


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