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29 May 4th, 2014 Aaron and Griffin Kunitz Departing Days of our Lives!


According to The Salem Spectator via Jane Kunitz, the mother of  twins Aaron & Griffin Kunitz who play Johnny DiMera on Days of our Lives, the boys are also leaving Days of our Lives since their TV parents Alison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EJ), are leaving the show this month as well.

Saying “it’s been an amazing 5+ years”, she also tweeted what the next projects for her boys: “Griffin will be in a few episodes of Dog with A Blog which is a kids Disney show…Aaron has a DISH commercial coming out in May.”

The Kunitz twins made their debut on Days of our Lives back in January 27, 2009.  There has been an outpouring of love, support and congrats for a job well-done on their Twitter account for the twins, since the news broke of James Scott’s departure from the series, as well as the kids.

So, what do you think about the news that Aaron and Griffin are wrapping up at DAYS?

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  1. Cathy Borruso says:

    Wow everyone is leaving!


    Patrick replied

    I can bear this


    This child actor : is unlike any on screen

    a natural take after take… just supplanted

    Cierra is a hoot
    but this kid…

    beats Emma and spence : GH


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Best chidlren actors in daytime…imo! The character of Johnny will eventually return late next year as an adult older than J.J., Rory and Bev…lol


    Mary SF replied

    It would be funny except it might actually happen, sign.


    4everDAYS replied



    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    4everDays…the adult Johnny will be played by Chaz Bono…lol

  3. Reagan says:

    Those kids were so cute! I’m guessing Ally will be staying with Lucas… that is if Day’s head peeps remember that Lucas is around.


    Patrick replied

    doesn’t it just rankle you some

    Lucas is a riot : a laugh out loud with : you care about this guy

    the same goes, for : Mary Beth Evans’ Kayla….. hidden gems… that, not matter how long the wait… just lights up our screens

    for all the mish mash’ing, wallowing thru dreck at times Daniel and Jenn

    the remainder of the cast aplomb… delights

    Give me Justin and Adrienne… MORE please

    let s see Maggs and Victor hugging and kissing

    I’m ready for Aiden to have at Hope

    Will Kate relent and bode well with Man Stefano

    whats on the horizon with Theresa and Brady…. Kristen’ coming… next month

    how will Eve turn men around…

    i’m waiting for the axe to fall on thee man : Blake Berris… I need him

    i’ts been such a smash hit after hit… DOOL rules!


    Patrick replied

    I have to add in…. hidden gems…. see them when we get them

    T (Tad) he works the bar, his eyes have a life of their own… they just sparkle, plus he’s a good character actor… they should feature him some story

    Anne: for all her one-dimensional Mean streak…. she carries herself… full load, in charge, and doesn’t give a cahoots who stands taller… would love some back story and flesh her character… she has the chops

    Bev : could be the nuSami in the making… the ripe Talent… to bitch and mean it up…. to get what she wants… yet defend her choices… with lotsa love for JJ

    JJ is worth the wait

    Tom84 replied

    You’re so right about Bev! Whilst she’s getting a bit over the top with her clinging to JJ, she’s been such an entertaining character! All the makings of someone we could grow to love, just like Sami way back when… Would love to see her entangled in another storyline.

    BTripp replied

    Hoping so! Maybe Lucas will get more story now that EJAMI is not on steeling all the screen time.


  4. andrew hass says:

    Since the actors who plays Johnny’s parents are leaving it makes sense that the twins who play Johnny will also be leaving.With or without EJ with her i’m thinking when Sami leaves she’ll take her younger kids with her.However if Lucas stays on the show Allie might stay with him but that might be to be determined.


    Patrick replied

    don’t you just hate this : diminishing screen time…. I mean, for Lucas… to interact

    Sheryl was so good for him : I think Sami…. who would defer… for once… a child… and give, from her heart… to Lucas

    wouldn’t that be a bang up job… to see

    sad…. well up emotion… for Sami


  5. Rose says:

    So sad, they are adorable!


  6. Barbara says:

    The boys were a great addition to the Ejami family . They are great actors and will go far. I will like to see them on another program or movie they are very good. Maybe be with Alison or James or together. Good luck to two talented little boys.


    Patrick replied

    it’s the truth… the one time… I say… give these STARS a shot at prime time… complete with these twins….

    have to tribute and thank them

    even tho I want for DOOL


  7. Mary SF says:

    Most of the time soaps have children around as part of the scenery– they are seen but rarely heard from– but once in a while one comes along who can actually act and then if they are lucky the show will give them a chance to shine. These boys obviously have talent and certainly were given more screen time than the little girl(s) playing their fraternal twin sister Allie. And speaking of Allie why did they cast a girl who looks so much older that her brother– it drove me nuts– but I digress.

    I wish these boys well — lets hope their future turns out better than Lindsay Lohan who played Ally Fowler as a child on AW many moons ago—


  8. MARI R R-EM says:



    Karen replied

    People already knew about James leaving at this point when his TV sons (Aaron & Griffin…aka…Johnny DiMera) made their announcement about leaving the show with their TV parents this month. Alison’s announcement was in January; James’s announcement was last Friday (before the boys’ announcement); and the boys announcement was a couple days after James’s announcement. Looks like their mother may have waited until James made his announcement about leaving and then she made the boys’ announcement about them leaving after their TV dad (James/EJ) did his.


  9. lulu says:

    I will miss them so much..let’s hope we saw them pretty soon in other projects, they are so cute and natural. Love you Aaron and Griffin !


  10. Mo says:

    I love them. They’re adorable and I’ll miss them, but it makes sense for them to leave too. It’s not like Stefano would be raising the kids. Guess Johnny will return in a few years as a teenager.


  11. Mo says:

    I wonder about Ally. I guess Sydney will be gone too, not that we see her much.


  12. RLeternal says:

    Why are so many characters (actors) leaving the show. Is this a sign of bad times ahead for DOOL. It will be devastating if DOOL is added to the list of axed shows. Why did they hire DC as Aiden (the lawyer). Every soap that hired him went down the drain in a year or two. I still hate that ATWT killed off Reid to give Chris a second chance at life; and broke up Luke and Reid to prop up Katie and Chris at the end of the show.


    Patrick replied

    I hope not

    Alison Sweeney : is doing the same thing that Eileen Davidson did… taking time off to be a mother

    I just can’t fathom… that… AS would leave entirely… and that a respite…. from the grind… is all thats needed… and that she’d step right back up to the plate… when she’s ready… I certainly hope this

    it would seem… like James Scott decided to take time off… I think, these two… know… how invaluable they are to the canvas and production

    I would just love it… if they recast.. Sami… for Kelly Sullivan… just to give her a shot… and back on our screens

    since ED’ Kristen is only back for a story arc… of 3-4 months….

    the DiMera’s are once again lacking….

    I think they should have recast Peter Blake… me thinks Vincent Irizarry
    ot Trevor St. John

    or : geez! simply make Jack alive
    rehire Peter Reckell
    recast Bo : Ted King

    I will always want… that Joseph Mascolo’ Stefano… have a family


  13. Rj says:

    They are adorable boys and great actors, too! :) . Will miss them. Wish them much success in their lives.


  14. Gmbenet says:

    The next time we see Johnny DiMera he will be all grown up.


  15. Karen says:

    So going to miss Sami & EJ, James & Alison, and Supercouple Ejami’s family together and all these little ones that play their children. DAYS really lucked out and found some good child actors and matching looks and features to their t.v. parents James & Alison/EJ & Sami.

    But I’m so happy for all of them getting to get away from daytime soaps and getting to get away from some of the craziness and the crazy people in the viewership at times and not having to be used as game pieces between so many ships for their t.v. parents and their characters of EJ & Sami, and not having have their t.v. family and parents go through that any longer. So, hopefully Johnny, Sydney, and Allie will finally get to have the family they’ve always wanted with their daddy EJ and having their family together and getting to leave and travel together with their mommy Sami and daddy EJ!

    Wishing these little cuties and good little actors nothing but the best of luck for their future and their future projects!

    Thanks little Aaron & Griffin for playing the little son of the GREATEST Soap Opera Power & Supercouple ever in daytime, your t.v. parents EJ & Sami and James & Alison! Those little boys did a great job playing EJ & Sami’s little son and a little DiMera and future heir to the DiMera Empire! They’re so cute and adorable and will miss them, but so happy that they are getting to leave with their t.v. parents Supercouple EJ & Sami and with their family!

    Good Luck on your future projects Aaron & Griffin! And stay available just in case there’s a spin-off show for your super talented and beloved t.v. parents James & Alison and EJ & Sami!


  16. Lynda Jacons says:

    Really do hope in the future E. J. Returns and finds his sons and returns to Salem! The boys Aaron and Griffin is a must. They are excellent actors for being so young. Congratulations Boys and to your mother also.


  17. Susan McDonnell says:

    So sorry to hear all of thiese people are leaving Days. Sami IS the show. I hope she comes back! I may not ever watch the show again. Noone else interesting on there. It just wont be the same without Sami!! Good luck in your futre endeavors


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