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20 November 6th, 2013 ABC Buys Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos New Comedy POOR PAM!

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Are cutie patoodie duo, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, formerly of All My Children on a roll or what?   The husband and wife creative partners have sold another show to ABC via their Mijolo Productions company!  And this one is called … Poor Pam!

Exclusively revealed today via , “Ripa and Consuelos have teamed with writing duo Andrew Leeds and David Lampson, creators of last season’s pilot Brenda Forever, for a half-hour comedy project with a female protagonist, Poor Pam.  

The shows centers on Poor Pam, that friend everyone feels bad for.  Single, unemployed, almost broke, living in the shadow of her famous sister — everyone has it better than Pam. But that doesn’t get her down. Poor Pam always looks on the bright side of life, and she’s always ready to go another round, no matter how many times she gets dropped on her ass.

Leeds and Lampson will write the script and executive produce with Ripa and Consuelos. The project was developed internally at Ripa and Consuelos’ Milojo Prods with Albert Bianchini, who oversees the company’s projects. This marks Milojo’s second sale to ABC in the past month. The company, also as previously reported, has a multi-cam comedy  written by former General Hospital: Nightshift head writer Sri Rao.”

So, who should play the title role in Poor Pam? What do you think about hot television executive producers, Ripa an Consuelos?

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  1. Joshua says:

    For viewers: POOR US


    Kim Huck replied

    Love Kelly Ripa like I love Sharon Case :)


    Jo replied

    What is wrong with ABC? She stinks on that dreadful talk show and was even more horrible (if that’s possible) on Hope & Faith. She even said she has no talent of any kind. And her idiot husband, what can you say here that won’t be deleted? IMO they were never cute, nauseating is more like it. There are so many more talented people to choose from, like everyone else. More money for the chronically over paid and terminally un-talented. What does she get for that talk show? $40 mil? Does she need the money to do ads for Electrolux appliances. I doubt she even knows how to use a kitchen. What is wrong with Electrolux that they would even consider hiring her. I wouldn’t buy their products just because of their lack of good judgment. LOL


  2. Charday says:

    Boring! If Ripa is involved, no doubt it will be awful.


  3. su0000 says:

    The name/title- ”Poor Pam” did it for me, I’m out..
    (sounds silly lame) .. Another one of those lol


  4. Patrick says:

    neither were pivotal characters on AMC

    she, was in the right time at the right place….

    its nauseating and syrupy – her lack of – real humor… as she ‘deadpans for laughs

    I mean really…. Regis knew


    Paddy replied

    Yes..Hayley was pivotal on AMC…that said…I liked her on Regis & Kelly…I can’t stand Kelly & Michael or whatever it’s called…I did like her sitcom Faith & Hope or Hope & Faith..whatever it was…I think she’s just a likable enough person who’s made it during the time period she wanted to make it..that was the plan…and she wanted to get away from being in front of the camera at some point…which I thought was coming about now…so …I think Mark Consuelos is very smart when it comes to business…and the two of the together were funny when hosting Regis & Kelly when Regis was off…but Kelly & Michael…don’t like it…


  5. samantha says:

    Kelly ripa is very annoying. i never liked her at all. she has no talent. and is.a blonde has been.


  6. Johnny says:

    WHAT is with all the Kelly Ripa hating posts on here?????? She was one of the most popular and beloved heroines on AMC for 12 years. She has since gone on to great things and has always honoured her soap background. I hope all her new ventures succeed. I just can’t believe how needlessly mean spirited people can be!


    jamilla replied

    wow I have to agree with Johnny. I don’t get all the Kelly hate. she was a very beloved heroine as Johnny mentioned, there was always a Poor Hayley moment back in the 90′s and she was paired up in some great pairing back then too. In any case as for not well known characters? SHe was Adam Chandler’s daughter for goodness sakes! It has been fun watching her and Mark transition from Soaps into other things. that’s not always easy and I commend them for their continued success. can’t wait to see what they will accomplish in the future


    Paddy replied

    agree. I just don’t like the Kelly & Michael show. But Hayley was pivotal on AMC…and I think she and Mark Consuelos are an example of a celeb marriage that seems to be working…and I think he’s very smart…he’s got a great business mind…she said she wanted to get away from being in front of the camera when her children hit their teens and they’re there except for the youngest…so………who knows…

  7. SZima says:

    What’s with all the Kelly HATE?

    I have quit watching her show because I don’t like her with Strahan, but I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much.

    I won’t be watching these comedies because I don’t like any comedies anymore…EXCEPT Modern Family. To me, the rest of them are too stupid to waste my time with.

    But I say, “Congratulations” to Kelly & Mark for their apparent success with their production company.


  8. Tim says:

    They should cast a real life sister of a famous actress who can act.


  9. Debbie Hamilton says:

    Sorry to say this but ever since Regis & Kelly stopped being Regis & Kelly and the show became Kelly & Michael her sweet demeanor ended and out popped this “My Show, My Way.” Always playing with her hair and whats this coming out every day dancing. LOL Give it a rest, you can’t dance!


    Johnny replied

    Hi Deb. The fact is…it is her show. She was second banana for over a decade to a man who had long ceased to be relevant or entertaining anymore. I think she earned it. She is funny, self deprecating, enthusiastic, and charming. I just don’t get the hate. Lol.


    Paddy replied

    She was better paired with Regis…I liked the way they worked together. I think she and Mark were very funny when they hosted together. But she and Michael—not so much. I don’t think it’s right to say Regis stopped being relevant or entertaining…he and Kelly together were great fun and it just worked. What is there to be relevant about in a morning show..with light host chat and entertaining guests…I mean what is relevant about that? It’s light entertainment. Not meant to be Meet the Press.

  10. Kate says:

    No to all things ABC! I will never forget AMC!


    Paddy replied

    YOU AND ME BOTH, KATE!!! YOU AND ME BOTH!!!! I will NEVER forgive ABC or Disney…and btw I followed Jacob Young to B&B and now Thorsten Kaye is taking on a major role on B&B…so…that’s great…but I am SO sorry he is not returning to AMC via TOLN. I DO hope it returns..I thought the first season was wonderful…loved it…I thought it worked really well!


  11. Terry says:

    Kelly and Mark must be doing something right. They are on the air, unlike AMC and OLTL. So get over it ladies. You all wish you had 10% of the talent these 2 have.


  12. maryjolocke says:

    I will would like to see Kelly Sullivan in new comedy I love Kelly a lot I miss her


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