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9 May 13th, 2011 ABC even cancels nighttime soap drama, “Brothers & Sisters”!


Looks like the continuing soapish drama and saga of the Walker Family. ABC’s Brothers & Sisters starring Sally Field and a stellar cast just got the boot from the alphabet network too! So is this another casualty in the network’s decision to move away from scripted soap style drama programming? Maybe, maybe not. However, budgets and the bottom line look to be the culprit.

According to, “Barring any last-minute miracle, it looks like this is the end of the road for ABC’s veteran family drama Brothers and Sisters. There had been a serious effort by ABC and producing studio ABC Studios to find a price point at which they could bring the show back for an abbreviated sixth and final season. There have been talks with star Calista Flockhart to return for six episodes next season. Last May, Brothers and Sisters clinched a last-minute 18-episode order that was subsequently expanded to 22 episodes. But the indications are, with so many drama pilots scoring high in testings and screenings this year, ABC is ready to say good-bye to the Walker clan.”

Another great show on ABC bites the dust!

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  1. Rob says:

    Ehhhh, stick a fork in it. Im still more upset about OLTL!


  2. Elizabeth J says:

    ABC is going to lose it’s viewers if they don’t stop this craziness. Save our Soaps!!


  3. heidi says:

    Bummer that is a pretty good show!


  4. lisa says:

    As much as I loved Brothers & Sisters when it came on…I watched diligently for the first 3 years – but it has lost it’s appeal for me.
    And I’m with Rob on this one -more upset about OLTL.


  5. Andi says:

    What is ABC doing? One Life to Live, All My Children and now Brothers and Sisters. For those who have taken the time to watch Brothers and Sisters it is a genius show. It makes you laugh out loud, laugh and learn a few life lessons along the way. It emphasizes family in both the conventional and unconvetional families exsist all around us. I will miss this show.


  6. Sean says:

    I am sad it’s going off, although like Rob said, “more upset about OLTL.” At least with Brothers & Sisters, i was more warned. I loved the show but it had a nice ending. Lets hope the soaps don’t have cliff hanger endings. In a way it’s a good thing because it’s just another thing i won’t be watching on ABC. I will be dancing in the streets when i find out that Brian Frons is kicked to the curb! Can’t happen too soon for me!


  7. Jennifer McQuaid says:

    I am also upset to see Brothers and Sisters to be dump buy ABC. What is wrong with ABC? People want scipted drama’s not reality tv. I thought maybe they would start listening after they canceled our beloved soaps. Im wrong. The only good thing about this is Im having less reason to tune into ABC. Now the only other shows I watch is Grey’s, and Private Practice. When AMC and OLTL are gone I guess Im going to have to make a choice and its looking like no more ABC programing.


  8. Kristin says:

    I can’t believe this network cancelled another great night time drama show. TV viewing has become so lousy, I don’t even know why I watch it anymore. First the daytime soaps and now night time soaps as well. I am not interested in reality shows. They are too stupid and dump. To expose so many not so smart people on national television is absolutely ridiculous!!! I watch drama tv to take myself out of the real world and its problems. I am not an internet junkie and to be forced to be on my computer so much to watch tv is utterly wrong. I enjoy life and being outdoors and not being addicted to the tv or computer. These shows are some of my pleasures and I do not watch too much other tv. And certainly not reality shows, food shows or continuous news. Things in moderation. As one or more have said, I will also be boycotting ABC.


  9. Robyn says:

    ABC SHAME ON YOU..why cancel amc, oltl. If we want to watch bull crap we have cable. Thank goodness I have cable because I surely won’t be watching that stupid chew show. Atleast I thought watching the soap channel at night I wouldn’t have to be subjected to that show, however WRONG! please like I stated earlier we all have cable and if we CHOOSE to watch other CRAP we can and we DON’T so why change the format! Look what happened to Oprah? she is coming back with a show! Atleast she realized she made a mistake! ABC is making a really BIG ONE! These stories have been on for years and we all relate to them. What a waste of air time! The Chew and know this new show of cast off’s from Extreme Make Overs & others shows that we don’t even know, well that is the first strike! Good Luck ABC! Hello Cable!


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