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5 July 26th, 2011 ABC plans to move Katie Couric’s new talk show into OLTL’s New York Studios!

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Ugh! This will not sit well with soap fans. The Los Angeles Times this afternoon had a piece on the update on the Prospect Park deal and their statement released yesterday which addressed where the company was at in terms of moving One Life to Live and All My Children online.  PP stated,  ”We are in the process of working out the essential terms of our proposed collective bargaining agreements with the appropriate guilds and unions.”

However in this L.A. Times piece they reported this bit of hard to swallow news for Llanview fans! “Besides trying to sign up the cast and crew — likely for less money — Prospect Park probably would also have to find new homes to shoot the soaps. ABC is planning on using the New York set of One Life to Live for its Katie Couric talk show launching next year.”

Now remember, Couric’s talker does not launch till September 2012, but still!

So then where on the planet earth will One Life to Live will be produced out of  when it continues online?  Will they put them in a smaller facility in New York City more in-line with moving the show to the web? How would OLTL have the same look and feel as previously announced? Would they start at their current studios and then be shipped out once Katie takes over the place?   So many questions!

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  1. Brian says:

    Just great, just great… see, all the people who believed that all this good news was to good to be true, are right. and looks like we all have been to quick to “trust” in ABC !!!


  2. Rob says:

    I think the viewers are going to get the last laugh anyway, Katie Couric couldnt pay for viewers when she was on every evening on CBS. I dont foresee anyone wanting to see her every afternoon. ABC just dumped 2.6 million OLTL viewers on someone who noone cares about anymore.


  3. wednesday says:

    I don’t understand why that troll keeps getting job offers?? She not interesting at all, ugh, go away!!!


  4. todd says:

    I hope they move to Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. It is where Boardwalk Empire and Damages are filmed.


  5. david says:

    Fine, let Katie film in the same building, but remove ALL of OLTL’s beautiful set design and props to another location. What would Katie want with them anyway? Surely, she will want a new and different set design for her show. If OLTL is to continue on the internet, maintaining the interior design of the homes of Llanview’s prominent citizens would be helpful.


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