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21 September 17th, 2012 ABC Releases Official Obituary for John Ingle! GH’s Leslie Charleson & Frank Valentini Share Their Thoughts On His Passing!


ABC late today released their official obituary on the sad passing of General Hospital’s John Ingle, which included some quotes from Ingle’s long time scene partner, Leslie Charleson (Monica Quartermaine) and the last executive producer at GH that Ingle had the opportunity to work with, that being Frank Valentini.

Here now is the Obit:  “Best known for the role of patriarch Edward Quartermaine on ABC’s General Hospital, died surrounded by his family in California on Sunday, September 16 after a courageous battle with cancer.  His beloved wife of 57 years, Grace-Lynne Martin, passed away earlier this year on February 11, 2012 of natural causes. Ingle is survived by their five daughters, Jessica, Jenny, Carey, Melanie and Chrissy, and nine grandchildren.

“John Ingle achieved great joy from playing the role of Edward Quartermaine,” said executive producer Frank Valentini. “In our brief time working together, I have enjoyed getting to know a great man who embraced life, cherished what he did and, most of all, loved his family. He is already truly missed by the General Hospital family.”

“He was genuinely interested in people and everything that was going on… his dressing room door was always open, and many of us would find our way there to pick his brain and, in turn, he would lend an ear and offer his wisdom,” said longtime fellow General Hospital cast member Leslie Charleson. “Always the professional, after his first surgery he was worried about whether ‘Edward’ would wear a cap. I for one, will miss that cap, because he wore it well. But above all I will miss him, and especially his wonderful smile.”

Ingle last taped General Hospital this year, on August 24, and his final appearance aired September 11, fulfilling a wish to play Edward one last time. And with a simple “I love you, too,” a thumbs up and a smile, we say goodbye to John Ingle’s indelible depiction of Edward Quartermaine. His bigger than life portrayal will live on in the hearts of countless fans.

While Ingle described Edward Quartermaine as someone who “likes to think that he’s taught everyone around him how to be ruthless,” Ingle himself was a great nurturer. He used his talents to encourage, and was regarded as a beloved and respected teacher, having founded the performing arts departments at both Hollywood and Beverly Hills High Schools in 1955 and 1964, respectively. For three decades he taught drama before he began his successful career as an actor. Among his stellar students were Albert Brooks, Nicolas Cage, Richard Dreyfuss, Joanna Gleason, Barbara Hershey, Swoosie Kurtz, Stefanie Powers, David Schwimmer and Jonathan Silverman. Ingle retired from teaching in 1985 and began an acting career the same year. He joined General Hospital in 1993.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 7, 1928, Ingle’s family moved throughout the Midwest before settling in Tujunga, California, where he finished high school. His thespian pursuits had begun years before, in elementary school, and followed him until he attended Occidental College to study theater and journalism. He received his theater degree in 1950 and got his teaching credentials the next year.

In 1951 Ingle met Grace-Lynne Martin, an accomplished singer/actress. The couple married in 1954. The next year he began teaching at Hollywood High during the day and at Los Angeles City College at night. He also taught afternoon classes at UCLA for 15 years. After nine years at Hollywood High, he moved across town, where he eventually spent 21 years teaching at Beverly Hills High.

Ingle’s acting credits include the feature films Batman and Robin, Death Becomes Her, Robocop II, Heathers and Senseless.  Children and adult audiences alike know his voice as Cera’s dad on the animated feature film Land Before Time (parts I-VIII). His television credits list Days of Our Lives, Beverly Hills, 90210, Cheers, Dallas, Doogie Howser, M.D., Night Court and many others. He also enjoys the distinction of being kissed by supermodel Cindy Crawford in two Revlon commercials. In addition, Ingle had a recurring guest-starring role on the ABC hit television comedy, The Drew Carey Show.”

And to John Ingle, may you rest in peace, from On-Air On-Soaps -  your fans and colleagues have spoken today and boy, do they love and respect you!  A life and job well done our dear friend!



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  1. ethel says:

    wow – i was absolutely devastated when i heard the news of his passing………he was just so awesome in the craft that he loved so well – my thoughts and prayers are with his family & loved ones……………
    tptb @ gh better not even try to do a recast because john ingle is edward quartermaine because he owns that role!


    AL replied

    John Ingle was great and will be missed, but Mr Ingle wasn’t the first Edward. John Ingle replaced the late David Lewis, who had played Edward since the 70′s. As much as I loved and will miss John Ingle, it was actually David Lewis who truly “owned” that role.


    Helen replied

    David Lewis may have originated the role of Edward but John Ingle enhanced it with his charm til the end.

  2. Debbie Stuart says:

    R I P John. You will be missed on General Hospital.


  3. BOnnie says:

    Thank you Michael for the wonderful article.


  4. Tali Smith says:



  5. nancy says:

    a lovely obituary for a lovely man. He will be missed


  6. Britany Wylie says:

    I am sooo sorry to hear that John Ingle has passed away on sunday. I had given my condolences and prayers and my thoughts to his famliy for his wifes passing. And I am now doing it for Mr.Ingle. My Thoughts and Prayers and Condolences are with the Ingle famliy and Friends and as well as the General Hospital Coworkers. Edward Quartermaine will never be the same and will be surely missed and so will John Ingle and General Hospital will never be the same. I remeber seeing him as Mickey Horton and how awesome he was and when he was casted as Edward Quartermaine it just showed his multilayer personality that was him. He was playing a role he was actually playing himself on General Hospital. He Totally emboided Edward Quartermaine. Rest In Peace Mr. John Ingel.


  7. Christine says:

    Very moving. Thank you, Michael for sharing this with us. I really appreciate how your site is not just about shock and awe, but about human nature and more touching posts.


  8. boes says:

    What a loss, expected or not. We’ve been very lucky on daytime to have been able to pass so much time and see such wonderful performers for so many years, like John Ingle.
    And before him, on GH, Anna Lee, John Beradino, and Rachel Ames, among others.

    RIP and thanks for the memories.


  9. Dawn Faddish says:

    I was saddened by the news and I will always remember his brilliant portrayal of Edward. I was so pleased that he was in the 9/11 episode. The image of his thumbs up is etched in my minds eye as he seemed to be saying soooooo much in that shot.


  10. Marisa says:

    RIP. I enjoyed watching you on General Hospital. A true talent.


  11. PATTY says:

    I loved Edward Quartermaine when on saw him on Sept 11 I new that would be the last time I would see him on the show.
    to his family he was a wonderful actor and I am sure a great roel model. he will be missed by all
    God Bless you and John rest in peace


  12. Shannon Hatch says:

    wow…I cannot believe it, I loved him as Edward. I have been watching GH since I was 11. I am now 33. I loved that last episode, where he gave Emma the only dose of serum to live, the thumbs up and smile…didn’t know it would be the last time Edward would be on the show. I knew John was ill, but hoping he’d make it. You will be missed so deeply by us fans all over the world!


  13. krktoday says:

    my daughter read somewhere there wasn’t a dry eye on the set the day he filmed his last scene because everyone knew he was dieing and wouldn’t be back. So many good year’s from this man. Now he is with his wife and probably happier than he has been for a long time.


  14. Alley says:

    A great man…a great loss. RIP Mr. Ingle


  15. Pat says:

    John Ingle will be missed so greatly. He was a wonderful highlight to the show and I looked forward to seeing him every day when I tuned into GH. He played the role of Edward in the same fashion as the late David Lewis. Thank you for this wonderful article Michael.


  16. Edith says:

    John I will miss u so much, I loved u on GH. Been a fan of yours and GH for a long time. My prayers going out to your family. R.I.P


  17. Robin Desowtiz says:

    I can’t believe I actually just found out that he died!!!! I have watched GH literally my whole life for over 46 years….. my mother used to watch it while she fed me my bottles when I was a baby and I just grew up watching it……… Edward will be greatly missed!!!


  18. Alma K says:

    What can I say? John Ingle was a great actor and will surely be missed. I felt heart broken when I saw him in a wheelchair on the last episode of General Hospital that he was on. He left us with good memories of that unforgettable character Edward Quartermaine. May he rest in peace.


  19. James Carlton says:

    His Jamaican fans love an miss him dearly, only him alone could play the role of Edward Quatermaine, he was so amazing to us (fans). Such is life.


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