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5 November 5th, 2014 ABC Reveals Midseason Finale Dates For NASHVILLE and REVENGE!

Photo Credit: Peyton Hoge

As the holiday’s fast approach, ABC has released their fall finale or midseason finale dates for many shows in the dramatic line-up! As for the primetime soaps, Nashville and Revenge, look for some major cliffhangers to unfold as we head into the holiday TV break, which is coming a bit earlier this year.

Nashville will finish up its midseason on Wednesday, December 10th and Revenge will follow on Sunday night, December 14th.

As to the dates for the second half of the season, and when they will return, we expect sometime in January, and will keep you posted as soon as dates become available!

Are you enjoying the current seasons of Nashville and Revenge? Glad you won’t have to keep up with your favorite shows during the Christmas and New Year’s break? Comment below!

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  1. Harry says:

    This just in–special report. Nashville is suffering from flash floods caused by Jonathan Jackson’s constant down pour of tears.

    Seriously, Nashville has been GREAT! Last week was really interesting and I didn’t hate Rayna for a change.


  2. Christine says:

    I know the actors need time off to rest, but I wish both shows could continue every week without breaks. They are both sooooo excellent!!! I’am so hooked on Nashville, I never thought I would love country music but Nashville got me forever…… And Revenge is so delicious I wish I could be there in person to help Emily/Amanda take down Victoria………


    Bonnie Feldman replied

    I agree with you, I never thought I would like Country Music until this show came along. But at least we do not always have full songs to hear!! Great storylines, great acting! No blood, just great entertainment!


  3. jonboy says:

    I thought Nashville was having its best season….until last week. The Gunnar “baby daddy” story is a yawn as is Savannah and the homeless man.


  4. Elisa says:

    Love both shows.


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