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11 November 24th, 2014 ABC Scraps John Stamos New Soapy Drama MEMBERS ONLY Before It Airs!

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Former General Hospital favorite John Stamos, who was a center of a mini-controversy when the the ABC soap tried to get him to reprieve his role as Blackie Parrish during the show’s 50th anniversary season, got some bad news over the weekend!

Stamos new primetime series Members Only which was to be soapy drama about the upstairs/downstairs of a country club was axed by ABC even before it aired!  According to The Hollywood Reporter, he cast was informed Saturday that the network did not want to move ahead with the series starring Stamos and Breaking Bad‘s Betsy Brandt.

The series was ordered straight to series, when American Hustle‘s David O’ Russell and Erin Brockovich‘s Susannah Grant were attached to co-write and executive produce the 13-episode drama. But later, O’Russell bowed out from what was to be his  first TV project which was originally titled, The Club!  The drama also co-starred Natalie Zea, Boris Kodjoe and Luke Mitchell.

What do you think of the Stamos soap drama getting canned?  Were you looking forward to seeing him on a TV series once again?  Comment below!

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  1. Mark says:

    LOL back to yogurt commercials!


    Adam replied

    Yes good one. LMAO.


  2. Lou Piikes says:

    It ain’t easy peasy in Hollywood. You book a pilot, pilot not picked up by network execs. Series picked up by network execs, the writer bows out of the project. Talking about an unstable work environment, geesh!!!


    su0000 replied

    I’m not surprised..
    the series ‘Members Only’ is not what the networks are looking for..
    It was DOA..


    davlestev1 replied

    And thank goodness they had you to CONSULT. .LOL..obviously they had some interest.

  3. Darren says:

    John needs a pay check, please come back to GH .


  4. Mo says:

    It doesn’t really sound like a good premise, so not too surprised.


  5. Elite Advisors says:

    Always a nice guy… never got to the point of getting past GH or Jesse…. few roles over the years… too bad really but the competition is so great out there… sometimes actors get pigeon holed and can never get out of that.

    I wish he could have come back to GH over the years, but maybe someday…. I hated when they brought in Ron Moss for GH 50th and not Blackie! How absurd…and they still bring his name up…who cares about Ron Moss in GH land…not me! LOL!


  6. Troy Parkins says:

    ABC-TV is getting what they deserve – they don’t give ANYTHING a chance and they are a Network in trouble. Since they cancelled both One Life to Live and All My Children, nothing would surprise me.
    Now there is talk that their new night time series, RESURRECTION, will soon be cancelled. ABC needs to do some re-thinking ~


  7. brian says:

    I would have watched it for Natalie Zea. She is one of my faves !


  8. Allen Saint James says:

    He deserves another hit show! Hes tried so many times.


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