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8 November 28th, 2011 ABC Soaps In Depth Year End Issue featuring stars favorite storylines & their favorite co-stars performances!


It’s hard to believe its almost the end of the year, one more month to go soapers! And it has been a very difficult year for any one connected with the soap genre and for you, its loyal fans.  However, ABC Soaps In Depth has on newstands now its year end issue! And in it it, they ask some of the ABC Daytime performers, what was their favorite storyline of the year? And, what performance do you think was a standout on your show during the year?

You can check out the responses from many AMC cast members including Vincent Irizarry, Michael Knight, Darnell Williams, GH cast members including Lisa LoCiero, Maurice Benard, Bradford Anderson and OLTL stars, Josh Kelly, Kristen Alderson and Kassie DePaiva!

But the one response that captured our fancy was from One Life’s Farah Fath (Gigi) who had this to say about what performance she felt stood out on her show this year.  Farah stated,  “I’ll tell you who my favorite breakout star has been. His name is Patrick J. Gibbons, and he plays Sam. He is such a scene stealer. He is gonna be a huge star. OLTL broke the mold when they found this little guy. He makes me so happy, Every time he’s in a scene, I have to rewind and watch it like, five times. He is just tremendous. I love him and I think he should be in every scene and I think every show should book him. He’s the breakout star for 2011.”

And who doesn’t love little Sam!

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  1. Brian says:

    He is a scene stealer!! Who can forgot the black sunglasses at the pool scene?


  2. Blake says:

    Sam is cute, I think he’s funny and loved watching his scenes especially with Todd. Too bad we haven’t seen him much since the summer.


  3. aria says:

    he’s adorable, and i agree, he’s a scene steeler and alway a pleasure to watch.


  4. Elhu says:

    Farah is spot on! Sam/Patrick J. Gibbons does steal every scene that he is in, and he also always makes me smile. He is adorable and so real. What a find he is, it is just too bad that we will not be seeing much more of him on ABC Daytime, along with all of his wonderful costars. I am sure another soap will try to recruit him (sad that no other soaps film in NY any longer, where I am sure he and his family live), and would be lucky to get him. He truly is a scene stealer, and I could not agree with Farah more.


    david replied

    Yes, he always made me smile too, even when I didn’t feel like it because of the cancellation. I couldn’t stop myself.


  5. david says:

    He is irresistibly cute. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed Spider Man rescuing Dorian from Echo. In another scene, Blair brought Sam to Tea’s house, and Sam presented Tea with a picture he drew of his father Victor and Tea together, after Victor had died. It was touching and heartfelt.


    Elhu replied

    I love the Sam scenes you mentioned as well David! I also enjoy the dynamic between Sam and Todd. It is nice to see the soft side of Todd when he interacts with Sam, and the fondness Sam has for Todd aka Man with the Scar”.


    david replied

    Spider Man saves Dorian:

    Blair, Sam, and Tea:


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