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6 August 7th, 2013 ABC Stars Meet The Press – TCA Cocktail Reception Photo Gallery!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

On Sunday, the stars of ABC participated in the All-Star Cocktail Reception immediately following the conclusion of a busy and long day as members of the TCA (Television Critics Association) attended panels on all the new shows for the fall season that the network is rolling out and has high hopes for!

But while many new shows were unveiled,  several of your favorites from daytime’s General Hospital including Finola Hughes, Brandon Barash, Kirsten Storms and Jason Thompson, and nighttime soap favorites from Revenge, including Emily Van Camp, Barry Sloane, Nick Wechsler, Josh Bowman, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann and Christa B. Allen were out in full force in support of their series!

In addition, Nashville’s Sam Palladio and Scandal’s Kerry Washington all posed on the red carpet arrivals line before entering the cocktail reception to meet the press and hang out with their peers and network executives.

Take a look at our photo gallery of the ABC stars after the jump with our captions, and let us know, who was your favorite from the photo gallery? And tell us what show are you looking forward to most in the fall season on ABC? Revenge, Nashville or Scandal?  And, we assume you will continue to support and watch General Hospital throughout the fall too!


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

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  1. Aria says:

    Love my GH!


    susan M. replied

    Triple ditto!!!!!!


  2. heidi says:

    Kirsten, Brandon and Jason… and Finola… of course! Love GH!!! Can’t wait for your video interviews!!! Love Revenge too… Nolan is my fave!!!


  3. SZima says:

    Most of the ladies & gents looked lovely, but why can’t some of the younger actors from GH dress a little nicer when they go out for these press junkets? Kirsten S. is adorable, but why couldn’t she have worn a dress? Jason T. looked sloppy in his jeans. At least Brandon B. wore a jacket with his sloppy jeans.
    I’m sure it’s just me, but I appreciate it when the stars take a little time to look their best when they make appearances.
    Go Finola! She looked gorgeous!


  4. susan M. says:

    I will continue to watch GH! And support GH all threw the fall,winter, and so on !


  5. bc says:

    Scandal is the best night soap opera right now. The storylines are fast and soapy. Scandal has some of the best directing bec it enhances how storylines unfold and the directing is polished. Scandal’s flaws though are casting for huck and atty general and fitz. They should recast huck and atty general bec they’re horrid actors who deliver their lines w/ such bad acting. While fitz is not attractive at all. Only good thing from that is it makes kerry even look more pretty when she’s w/ him. Giggles. Scandal’s should have cast fitz w/ a handsome actor bec it’s a night soap opera. At least actor who portrays harrisen is handsome and not light skinned. And it’s great that olivia’s love triangle is w/ a handsome and really dark skinned senator. Kerry’s red carpet dress was great. Scandal’s getting its own capsule collection bec the show is known for its style like how racist drama mad men had a 60s capsule collection w/ banana republic. And yet more traditional soap opera revenge has no capsule collection. Yet another failure for revenge. No capsule collection. They get rid of their only racial minority cast member ashley madekwe/ They kill off their recurring Asian american char takeda yet he should be better than white char when using samurai weapon. Lower season2 ratings. And now the entire cast are white chars. Scandal really should encourage more tv shows for racially diverse night soaps where the leads are people of color. It’s successful bec of kerry washington and actresses that portray verna thornton and vp sally langston and the racially diverse cast w/c could benefit from even more racial diversity and fast storylines and expensive looking directing.


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