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1 July 2nd, 2011 ABC to air encore episodes of AMC, GH & OLTL on July 4th!

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The fireworks won’t only be out your front door, over an ocean, or over your favorite family park on Independence day, but also on ABC Daytime, when it airs some high-profile episodes in special encore presentations for the holiday. From Erika Slezak’s 40th anniversary episode to Luke’s intervention to some Kendall and Zach and Ryan and Greenlee…check out the listings for the 4th below.

All My Children #10497 (original airdate 11/11/10)–Kendall and Zach go down memory lane and the history of their relationship.  Jesse learns that Natalia and Brot have been dating.  Ryan and Greenlee grow close while on a mission to find evidence that will clear Greenlee’s name.

One Life To Live #10917  (original airdate 4/27/11)–This is the special Erika Slezak episode in which Viki wakes up trapped in her subconscious mind as Niki prepares for Ryder’s custody hearing.  Viki argues with Jean as she searches for a way out and watches what Niki is doing in the courtroom.  Natalie and Joey suspect Viki is really Niki and are convinced when Niki tells the judge she can’t take care of Ryder.  Jean takes control in the courtroom as Viki confronts Niki inside her mind.  As Joey and Natalie confront Jean, she collapses and both Jean and Niki regard an unconscious Viki in her mind.  At end of day, Viki tells Jean and Niki she is stronger than both of them and opens her eyes in the courtroom, once again in control.

General Hospital #12294 (orig. air date 4/28/11)–The Spencer family conducts an intervention for Luke’s alcoholism.

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  1. ethel says:

    what else is new – they do this every holiday & it makes no sense to me!!


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