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10 December 17th, 2013 Adam Gregory Responds To Being Removed From Updated Opening Credits Of B&B!

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Today, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful worldwide have been noticing that several cast members are no longer in the new updated opening title sequence.

The new sequence features: Thorsten Kaye, Ashlyn Pearce, Darin Brooks and Rena Sofer, but among the missing is Thomas Forrester played by Adam Gregory!

The fact that this caught so many people’s eye made Gregory take to his Twitter account to share what his status is with the show.

Adam stated, “Retracted my last tweet cause I’m not gone, I’m actually back soon! I”m just not a regular and my career is taking a different direction.  Thank you to all my #BB fans for sticking by me through this whole time! You guys are all awesome! I do miss my #BB family”

So, are you wishing B&B would have more story for Thomas and Adam Gregory?  Let us know!

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  1. Mark Y says:

    Sorry we’re seeing less and less of Thomas. He’s always been a good character and well played by Adam and his predecessor. Plenty of story potential in man with his pedigree.


  2. Kristen says:

    Miss Adam terribly! The Thomas character has so much storyline potential. And Adam always delivers when given the opportunity. Happy for him and his family, as he takes on new adventures.


  3. Mfarris70 says:

    This is an example of why I stopped watching B&B, besides the neverending love triangles– fine actors are suddenly never seen again with little explanation. Couldn’t the writers have a few lines between characters discussing how Taylor took a job out of town or Thomas went to visit his father in Europe, etc? The writing staff needs to look beyond what’s happening on the show now and plan the next story!


    Iakovos replied

    Team B&B is not the best when it comes to character continuity. The absence of Taylor now and Aly all these years is dumb storytelling. We may not see the characters but explain their absences and give them some off-camera life. And they also hire some great actors for nothing more than cameo roles. I would embrace this series more if Team B&B did not milk the life of the endless love triangles and put storylines on endless repeat. (Example: Brooke needs to learn some new tricks! Was hoping for so much more for the character following Stephanie’s death than another husband grab and surprise preganacy. ZZZZZZZ)

    SORAS-ing children means too many characters on the canvas and no room for people outside the family. That leads to the near incestuous pairings and lack of storyline for winning actors and characters.


  4. mo says:

    Wish there was story for Thomas. Wish there was story for Felicia, Thorne, and others. Don’t need Hope, Liam, and Wyatt everyday. I like them, but don’t need everyday. And I dont like the actress playing Aly.


    mo replied

    Well, there is story, Brad just won’t write it.


  5. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m not surprised. Story isn’t there for Thomas. Plus, I never liked Adam in the role.


  6. Sara smith says:

    I miss him he is great eye candy


  7. mia korn says:

    It’s been too long – thomas was ridge’s son and now not even mentioned?! Bring him back, it’s best always to keep some continuity/credibility in the show


  8. Ellen says:

    Yes bring back Ridges children and Thorne !!!!!


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